This is another collab I am doing with Luv is Forever. Go check out her stories! This story is based off of something that is happening to me. There will be some things that are made up, some won't.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns the characters except for the ones I and Luv is Forever make up.

My Dad drove me to school like any normal day.

Except in Homeroom…it all changed.

Edward Cullen walked in. Sat two rows behind me on the opposite side of the class room.

I turned around Nate, my boyfriend, shrugged as I turned and faced the board as Mr. Herber wrote the date on the board.

Then and there I knew my life was going to change. Good or bad? I didn't know yet. Maybe I do now, maybe I don't. I'll find out.

Tomorrow I'm breaking up with Nate. I don't like him anymore. Teen Angst. Damn you.

I will be doing Bella's and Luv is Forever is doing Edward's.

Review and tell me what your fav line was and what do you think will happen? Why do you think Bella's life is going to change?