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I woke up the next day excited to see Edward. I got dressed in a hurry and ran down stairs. Charlie drove me to school and I walked over to Emmett, Rosalie and Alice. Jasper had band practice. It was sunny out and was in the 70's.

"Nice outfit." Alice commented.

"Thanks." I said smiling. I was wearing brown shorts and a blue long sleeve shirt with my brown Converse.

"No problem." She said. She did her little nose twitch thing whenever Edward was around.

"Hey Bells." He said. I turned around and grabbed his hand and pulled him next to me.

"Hi." I said back.

"Bella, my mom bought you some scar thing for you." Emmett said handing me a packet.

"It's a sample size." He added. I nodded. I dropped my book bag on the ground, sat down, put my left leg up and rub the white gel onto my scar. I got back up and hugged Emmett.

"Thanks Emmey."

"No problem." He said. Ms. Fonda opened the doors and let us in.

I walked to my locker and got Biology, Reading and Writing. I walked to homeroom.

Edward was there waiting for me, "What happened to your leg?" He asked,

"In second grade, I tripped over my mom's ottoman. Renee put a staple in to keep the fabric up on the one side. The staple cut my leg and I needed 7 ½ stitches. She called my Dad from work and he took me to the emergency room. Ask Dr. Hale about it. He remembers the whole story." I said. He nodded.

Classes went by quickly. Lunch arrived. I got pizza and sat down with Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Edward.

We talked about random things. I said something about WWE Extreme Rules and Emmett laughs and Jasper bangs his head on the table.

"Cena won and Orton loss." Jasper said, he's a Orton fan. I nodded. Emmett and I high fived.

"The Draft is tonight." I said. Emmett nodded, Jasper grinned. Edward, Alice and Rosalie groaned.

The bell rang and we went to our classes.

Edward walked silently behind me.

Math class was well Math class. Algebra isn't my best subject but I try. Edward was well silent and awkward.

I walked to Geography as fast as I could so I wouldn't be late. Mr. Flak teaches too much.

It went by quickly. Africa. I could care less right now.

Honestly, I could care less about writing a poem.

I began writing.

My name is Kiki. I live in Somalia.

Bell rang and I booked it out of there to Spanish. I sat there with Sharrod, Rosalie, Kiera, and Vinnie.

Class ended and I went to my locker and started walking home with Noah.

I tried to finish writing this chapter but my heart wasn't in this chapter today. I don't know why.

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