One thing Felix Tombs always knew, but didn't really register until he was dead: his best friend was an idiot.

It was annoying, really. He was glad that Weevil was being driven to vengeance on his part – and he had a point; if Echolls had stabbed him he would have gotten off scot-free for being another 09er pretty boy – but he was seeking vengeance against the wrong person. Dumbass. Felix could see Thumper manipulating everyone, becoming the new second-in-command, convincing everyone Logan Echolls did it, undermining Weevil's authority, worming in with the Fitzpatricks – son of a bitch.

Felix missed Molly. She was alone, and terrified, and felt guilty. All he wanted to do was go back and hold her and tell her everything was going to be okay. He couldn't say that would be a hundred percent true, given she would still be stuck with her homicidal family who could take her out at any second, but still – he never could bare to see her look broken like that.

He wanted Weevil to find her; find her, and eventually she would tell him what she knew. About her family. But Weevil was still an idiot, so he kept chasing the case against Logan freaking Echolls – who had once not murdered Weevil's girlfriend (that they shared) and once not murdered Weevil's best friend; how determined was Weevil to have a reason to hate this guy?

But eventually, it sunk in. That something was up with the group. That Logan Echolls probably didn't do it. They still really didn't like each other, but they were the ones trying to figure out who really killed Felix – he never really knew Logan Echolls, and from what he could see Echolls was a selfish son of a bitch just trying not to be sent to prison, but still – and he just sort of waited for them to figure out the truth.

Weevil did find Molly, and he said it was her fault. That she never loved Felix. He could have punched Weevil for that, but his heart was in the right place, and it did convince Molly to spy on her family. The Fitzpatricks practically confessed to ordering his death – big shock – but it wasn't enough for Good Ol' Don Lamb. And from having known Weevil since they were kids, Felix kind of knew this was about to go badly.

How badly? Weevil set Thumper up to be murdered by the Fitzpatricks. Felix wanted the bastard who killed him dead as much as the next guy, but he'd kind of prefer that blood not on his best friend's hands, directly or indirectly. He couldn't exactly suggest what he would rather have Weevil do, however. The sheriff couldn't be bothered with the case, and the gang had already chosen Thumper over Weevil. Maybe this was the only option.

Felix knew that Weevil was, at heart, an idiot.

But it didn't matter. They were friends, comrades, brothers in arms.