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1 - The Boy With No Name


That was the first thing that he had noticed: the blinding light of the sun as it set over the horizon.

A manor.

It was looming behind him, blocked off by a large iron gate, and seemed to give off an eery feeling, though it looked vaguely empty. He stared at it for a moment, then turned his back to it.

In front of him was a huge grove of trees, so densely packed together he couldn't see anything beyond it but more green. Green. What a weird color.

Standing there, his back to the large manor and facing the grove of trees, he heard nothing but his own breath.

He stood there, gazing mindlessly at the trees, for hours. Or was it minutes? He really didn't know.

Just then, a large black smoke appeared before him, a hooded man stepping out of the smoke shortly before it dissipated. This caught him by surprise, but he just stood there, staring at the man and said nothing.

Nothing. Another weird word.

The man was much taller than he was, and was wearing a black hooded cloak that covered his entire body. The hood was quite low, covering the man's face in its shadow.

"You seek answers..." he said in a low, uncaring voice.

After pausing for a few seconds, the man put his arm up and conjured floating letters before the boy's face. To the boy, it spelled AROS, but he knew the letters were meant to face the man, so it really spelt SORA. Sora... The word sounded strange, but vaguely familiar...

"I can give you purpose..."

The man then waved his hands, causing the letters to spin around, rearranging themeselves. After a few more seconds, the man put his hand out again, causing a large X to appear before the boy.

Using pulling gestures, the man arranged the other letters so that the X was in the middle.

The word, to the boy, now spelled SAXOR. Remembering where the word was facing, he read it right-to-left. After doing so, he realized what the word was.

"Roxas..." the boy said quietly, rehearsing his new name.

The man then looked up, revealing his stern face and grey hair.

"That is right" he said to Roxas. "The new you."

"New... me...?" Roxas was dumbfounded by this statement. "Who... was I... before...?"

The man made a strange 'ha-ha' sound. "That... is of no use to you."

This further confused the newly-born boy. How could his previous life (which made no sense to him) be irrelevant?

Looking down at Roxas, the man realized his confused face.

"If you will join us..." he said, slightly alarming Roxas, "We will give you purpose to live."

A purpose to live? It still made no sense to Roxas.

"What shall be your answer? Even if Luxord can freeze time, I've not the patience to wait, boy."

Thoughts flooded Roxas's mind. It had all happened just too fast. The man, his name, a decision. No, not a decision. The decision.

"...Yes..." he finally said weakly.

"Wise choice. I hope you will like the Castle. But first-"

The man was interrupted as black smoke appeared beside him - exactly the same that had appeared when he entered unexpectedly.

As the smoke disipitated, another man in an identical outfit stepped out, but he looked drastically different from the first man.

In contrast to the first man's dark gloomy expression, the new man had a cheerier look, smiling sleekly. His red hair was spiky and pointed out in all directions. Under his eyes was black make-up shaped like triangles. In his hand, he wielded what looked like red, spiked sircular objects.

"Well, if it isn't the new guy. You sure are fast, aren't ya, boss?"

The "boss" turned around and looked at the other man grimly. "And what, tell, brings you here when you have a mission to take care of?"

The other man smiled even more. "Well... I was thinking that maybe I could show the newbie around a little, you know... To lighten him up a little? I mean look at him, he looks like he's been out in the sun too long." He made more of the 'ha-ha' sounds, but his sounded... stranger.

"And what of your mission?"

"Already taken care of."

"Hmph. Very well. Just don't dawdle too long, or you and your colleague will be in the sun too long."

"Okay, sir. Got it, sir."

The first man looked at Axel for a few more seconds, then back at Roxas. "Hmph." He put his hand out, causing more of the black smoke to appear. He stepped into it, and when the smoke had dissipitated, he was gone.

"Well," said the remaining, cheerful man, "let's get down to the basics. You know what my name is?"

Roxas shook his head weakly. "No..."

"Heh, I knew you'd say that. The name's Axel. A-X-E-L." He then pointed to his forehead. "Got it memorized?"

Roxas nodded. "I think so..."

Again the man made those 'ha-ha' sounds. "You're alright for a zombie, kid."

A few minutes later, the two were sitting atop of a tall clock tower, gazing at the beautiful endless sunset and eating sea-salt ice cream.

Axe hadl taken Roxas through the grove to a small town. As they walked past, Roxas spotted three children around his age, running around, yelling and making more 'ha-ha' sounds. Axel just put his hand on Roxas's shoulder and told him to just keep walking.

At a small store near the tower, Axel bought both of them 'sea-salt ice cream'.

"What's this...?" Roxas had said.

"Sea-salt ice cream. It's food. Very tasty food." Axel said happily.

"Food... You mean... We eat it...?"

"Of course. Maybe you'll even like it."

Up on the clock tower, Roxas gazed out at the sun and orange sky. Soon he felt something sticky in his hand. Axel noticed this and faced Roxas.

"Hey, c'mon, eat your ice cream. It's already melting."

Roxas looked at Axel, then down at his the ice cream in his hand. Slowly, he raised it up to his mouth, and took a small bite.

"How's it taste?" asked Axel before taking another bite out of his own ice cream.

"It's sweet... But salty, too."

"Good, isn't it?"


"Well, I'm sure this won't be the last time you'll be tasting it."

With that, they both took a bite of their ice cream and gazed wonderously at the setting sun.