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I hope all you guys enjoy this! The first chapter might not be the best. Note: I am planning on changing all the spelling, grammar, and etc. (Just did this chapter) I am not changing any of the story that has already been written at the moment.


Chapter 1: Whoa, Back to Reality

The school dance is in two weeks and I can hardly contain my excitement. There is just one itsy, bitsy, teeny, weenie problem . . . my date. The guy of my dreams, that I've loved since I was like six, the bravest of the brave, the toughest of the tough, and the guy I want to take me to the dance . . . Wallabee Beetles. My heart soars when I think of his blonde, bowl cut hair that just barely covers his eyes. Not to mention, his strong, muscles and the way he- whoa, back to reality! Like I was saying, I've always wanted him to take me to the school dances that we have, but he is the kind of person that thinks they're cruddy and lame. Just once I wish, I had enough bravery, like he has, to ask him if he could go to the dance with me or even tell him how I feel. Sadly, I cannot, and if he really wanted to go with me, he'd ask me, right?

Wally's POV

The stupid, cruddy, lame dance is in two cruddy weeks. Man, I hate those cruddy dances! Every time they come around people are always rushing to get dates. I remember the last dance we had; seven different girls asked me if I wanted to go with them. Obviously, I said no to them all, but what freaked me out the most was the fact that three of them didn't even go to our cruddy school or even our country . . . weird. I mean, don't get me wrong those girls were hot and all, but not anything like kuki. Kuki Sanban, one of the hottest, and the smartest (go figure) girls in school. Her gorgeous, silky, raven colored hair and her giant smile that is always on her face. Not to mention her-whoa, back to reality! MAN! She would be the only girl that I would ever take to one of those cruddy dances. If only I could tell her how I really feel, sadly, I cannot. Sure, I've gotten smarterer, taller, stronger, and more handsome, but that doesn't change a thing, I am still Wallabee Beetles the guy who can't express his feelings.

Hoagie's POV

WOW! So, the dance is coming up in two weeks and I am sure I have gotten everything. My tux, my ride, and my curfew raised, but I feel like I'm missing something.



I have the perfect girl in mind . . . Abigail Lincoln. I know it is weird, but after what happened last week it really changed my perspective on her. Bizarre, I know. It's just I've never really thought of Abby as more than a friend. Her pretty chocolate colored, smooth, skin; and her beautiful, black, braid running all the way down her back. Also, her-Whoa, back to reality! This is so CRAZY! Wow.

Abby's POV

Wow. I cannot believe Abby's saying this but I think I actually have a crush on Hoagie. Did I just say crush? No Abby, you can't have a crush on one of your best friends, that's just crazy! Oh, who is Abby kidding? Who ever guessed that I, of all people, like likes Hoagie P. Gilligan? Sure he's still a big yipper card nerd and tells the lamest jokes, but he's actually not that bad. He's brilliant, kind of tough, and got some muscle going on. He lost all of his baby fat (or should I say kid fat) and now he's a hunk. Let me rephrase that, he's cute. All Abby's got to say is Hoagie is such a good-Whoa, back to reality! I kind of hope he asks Abby to the dance, unless he's a chicken like Wally (but he'll deny it). Abby thinks Hoagie's different, though. Wow.

Rachel's POV

TWO WEEKS TIL THE DANCE! I finally don't have to worry about looking for a date! Nigel's the best and he's so sweet too. A few months ago Nigel returned from the Galactic Kids Next Door, joined us teen operatives, and before we knew it we had fallen in love. To be honest, I've liked Nigel since we like first met and he's still the same, only taller and more handsome. Even though he's bald and a bunch of people say he has a big butt, I still like him. I love how those sunglasses of his twinkle in the light and how-Whoa, back to reality! Can't wait for the dance! YAY!

Nigel's POV

YES! I finally get to go to my very first school dance, and with a girlfriend! That's right, GIRLFRIEND. About three months ago I returned from the Galactic Kids Next Door, and in that time; I've regained my friends, became one of the TND, and got a girlfriend. Also, since I have a girlfriend I don't have to stress out like all my other friends! Rachel is so perfect! Like the way she understands me; and how we respect each other and our relationship. She has the most attractive, brown eyes and I love how her long, wavy, hair blows in the breeze on a windy day. Also the way she-Whoa, back to reality! Wait a second . . . she is my reality, COOL!