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She clicked her perfectly manicured nails annoyingly against the top of her desk.

She grimaced as she watched the raven, haired girl from across the opposite side of the room.

It just isn't right, was her thoughts as she narrowed her devilish eyes.

It had been only a few days since the dance-the day everyone's dreams came true except for, of course, her own.

Why was it that the girl she despised the most got everything she desired but Stacey could never truly get what she wanted?

Sure, she got a smoking, hot boy in the end but she was still humiliated and beaten up in the process.

It was not the fact that she wanted the boy that was in love with the girl she felt hatred towards, no, but that Kuki Sanban had ruined everything for her that night.

It was supposed to be a dream come true, a night to remember. Oh, she remembered it all right, but not for the reasons she was hoping.

Her ego and nose were so badly, bruised that she could not even attend school until many days after the dance had ended.

She was relieved that she did not have to face either Kuki or Wally for that period of time, but also annoyed all the same since it was their fault she ended up missing school in the first place.

She frowned bitterly.

She could only guess what havoc they probably committed while she was not present.

Stacey glanced all around the classroom. Most of those rotten, students she hated were in the same class at that very second.

Her eyes first lay on the bald, Brit boy who was staring down at his desk in sadness.

What is with him?

Stacey did not think too much about it, figuring what ever was his problem, was most likely something irrelevant.

She, then, noticed the red, frizzy haired girl from a distance.

She appeared extremely nervous about something.

Stacey was surprised by this, since she knew Francine Fulbright was hardly nervous about anything.

"What am I gonna do?" Fanny mumbled under her breath as the Blonde could hear her thick accent with those words.

From the corner of her eye, she could see the dorky, goggle eyed boy who stared down at his watch with a frown and a hint of worry.

He looked anxious to leave the classroom as soon as he could.

Stacey rolled her eyes at him.

Wally really did have weird friends.

"Bartie, is something the matter?" the teacher questioned in wonder.

Out of all the students in here, she asks him? Stacey thought to herself.

"Uh yeah…can I be excused? I really have to go," He said, having a look of utter concern plastered onto his face.

The teacher thought for a moment and then gave a small nod.

She was friends with Bartie's parents so there was no need for her to assume he was leaving for a wrong reason.

He muttered a small 'thank you' then retreated out of the door.

What is with everyone today?

Stacey then saw Kuki once again.

Kuki was giving an uneasy expression on her face at the time, gazing low into her schoolbook.

Stacey cocked her eyebrow in wonder as she took notice of Kuki's odd behavior.

Something was not right.

As much as this delighted Stacey, it also made her very curious.

Why would Kuki be upset after what had happened at the dance?

The truth of the matter was that none of the teenage friends of hers' from the dance was feeling all too happy anymore too. It was all too bizarre. One day they are all laughing and dancing with each other and then days later they look like all of them are having big problems. The question would logically be-what happened since the dance?

Kuki heaved a low, exasperating sigh as she appeared to have her mind on other things.

A smirk formed on Stacey's pink, glossy lips.


Okay, so this was basically just a preview of what is to come in the sequel. I must note that this does not actually happen in the sequel, I was just more or less explaining how the others are feeling in an interesting way, without giving too much away. Lee or Sonya were not present because they go to a different school. Also, the story has a lot more happy parts (not just sad or nervous like they were shown) like The Dance did but I wanted to show the feelings that related to the summary.

I have shown this once before but I will repeat this summary again:

A few days after The Dance, everyone starts to get used to their new lives. Wally and Kuki have a very opposite reaction to their new relationship. Abby's Ex-boyfriend comes back into town, which causes mixed feelings inside both Hoagie and Abby. Fanny tries to find the best way to introduce Patton to her dad. Nigel is hiding something from Rachel but Rachel is not sure what it could be. Lee and Sonya start to feel very NEW feelings for each other that they have never felt before. Patton must now suffer the consequences of his dad. Bartie and Virginia's relationship grows only to be tested more when a tragic accident occurs.

Does it sound interesting? Did you like this chapter and looking forward to the sequel? I hope so!

Now, before taking off, I have to explain a few things first. I posted this so you all would know that I WILL be making a sequel; however, it will probably not be up right away. It will be taking some time. I wanted to get at least MOST of my other stories out of the way first (like Making Things Right, Final Mission, and/or KND Holiday) before starting the sequel so I can put my whole focus on it. Wouldn't that be better than having to wait on every chapter and my other stories even longer?

I just hope it will be worth the wait. This also gives all of you the opportunity that, if you want, you can give me your opinions on the summary and you can give out ideas that you want to see if you want. I probably will not use some but it depends on what it is.

For instance, do you think I should have flashbacks? Do you think I should have flash forwards? Is there anything you want to see happen? Is there anyone you want to see in the story? Do you want long chapters or short ones? Would you like to see a bit more teen missions? Do you think Stacey or Danny should take revenge, not appear at all, or have minor appearances? Would you want more reviewers coming into the story at special events? What should I name the story? You just name it and I will see if I can make it happen.

Thank you for all of your time! Please review and I hope you enjoyed this small "chapter"!

Wally: Chapter? Is that what yah call a chapter?

Kuki: Wally, that isn't very nice.

Wally: I wasn't even in it!

Fanny: No wonder it was so great…

Wally: :/

Hoagie: No one was cheating off my homework this time! :D

Wally: what? I do not cheat off you!

Abby: Then why do you always tell Hoagie to move his hands from his paper?

Wally: …Because he would smear the writing.

Abby: Riiiight…

Hoagie: That is only with pens.

Wally: Is not!

Patton: B)

Wally: …

Kuki: why do you think everyone is so sad in the story?

Hoagie: I'm telling you, when I do not tell my jokes, it is always sad.

Abby: No, it is just sad every time you even mention a joke.

Hoagie: -_- You guys are just jealous.

Bartie: …of?

Hoagie: I am funny and you all do not want to admit it.

Wally: Bob!


-Everyone looks at Hoagie-

Hoagie: what?

Rachel: Wally just said the B word…

Hoagie: …

Patton: *rolls eyes* She means Bob.

Hoagie: Oh, right, I heard.

Wally: and you did not cry?

Hoagie: He is in a better place now. Besides, I got myself a new pet.

Everyone: WHAT?

Hoagie: Yup. It even has a special name.

Nigel: What name?

Hoagie: It's name is-

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