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Warning: Slash! Of the strangest sort. JabberWockyXVorpalSword.



Wind Alias


They were flying.

He bent over the wide back of the dragon, pressing himself flat against the smooth scales. With each twirl and shift in position he shifted as well, and it was this thought, the idea that he was one with the dragon, that gave him a high that not even their altitude could compare to.

Clouds crept in from the North, black and pregnant; and even at their distance he spied a fat, black smudge looming forth.

The dragon dipped. The motion sent him into a roll, tumbling backwards until he caught onto the jagged tip of his tail.

The idea of falling should have struck him, but instead he just raised his head high and laughed, eyes widening in delight.

"I swear, sometimes I think you're suicidal," a gravelly voice grumbled. The young man rolled his eyes as he pulled himself back onto the dragon's back, wincing slightly as a particular scale rubbed along his arm the wrong way.

"Oh, whatever Dracolyn." He said, leaning over the dragon's back. Dracolyn twisted his neck to stare into the man's beaming face. "You know you love me."

"Sometimes I wonder, Emanuel." The dragon glowered darkly, straightening out his neck. The clouds were much closer now; Emanuel could taste the precipitation on his tongue. "Sometimes I wonder."

Emanuel grinned toothily, leaning back in his spot on Dracolyn's hide. "Oh really?" he purred, stroking his chin ponderously. "That's not what you were saying the other day."

Even from his position, Emanuel could feel the inner warmth that was most definitely a reflection from what was burning on Dracolyn's scaled cheeks.

"That's what I thought, you big lug," Emanuel murmured against Dracolyn's shimmering body.

With a roar, the dragon plummeted through the sky.

Emanuel crowed in the seat, whipping his head back with rising elation, blonde hair slapping against his cheeks.

And as they fell through the sky, the distant Underland rushing closer and closer, Dracolyn snorted.

"Sometimes I wonder…"