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As Bella sat on the windowsill looking out at the rainy weather of London she brought her knees to her chest and sipped the cup of tea a tall handsome man had just handed to her. As she lifted the hot cup to her lips she flinched as the heat scolded them, the man giggled.

'The waters hot you know, that's the point' he chuckled.

'Oh shut up Edward' she snarked, she still hadn't forgiven him, it was his fault she was in London, it was his fault she'd spent an entire months wages on flights, wages that she didn't actually have, and for what? Why had she chased him all the way to London?

Bella snapped out of her daydream as she felt Edward kneel down beside her, 'I am sorry bells' he whispered as he stroked the scars still visible on her wrist. 'So sorry' as he whispered this into her ear a tear fell down her cheek. It hurt her, being here hurt her, he hurt her.