The final chapter.
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Bella POV.

Shit, I thought to myself, pacing up and down the bathroom. Why did you have to do this to yourself Bella? You knew what the fuck you were doing, you weren't drunk and you weren't high and even when you had been you were never this stupid. It had just been so passionate, something we had to do. Fuck, I couldn't keep my hands off him; I needed to feel him, I just needed him.

It had been two weeks since I'd turned up at his door, and I replayed the moments through my mind every day, seeing Georgina was the most sickening moment of my life, but being here with Edward made everything easier. I loved Edward I really did, but even though it had been two weeks what Georgina said replayed in my mind constantly when I looked in the mirror, I saw that ugly bitch she'd told me I was. Why would Edward want me anyway? Especially now, there was no way he'd want me now.

I was only a week late; I mean a week wasn't that late was it? People were months late and everything was ok. I was scared, I was really fucking scared. I couldn't tell Edward, He'd freak out and he'd run a mile, not that I'd blame tnot I just wanted my period; for once in my life I craved it. I needed to know everything was going to be okay. I continue to pace up and down the bathroom, my hands shaking as I ran them through my hair and rested them on my neck, my breathing was unsteady. I was suddenly startled by the slam of the apartment door, I checked my eyes in the mirror to make sure it wasn't noticeable I had been crying. I looked like shit, I was pale with messy hair and my eyes just screamed out that I'd been crying. Great.

I looked out the bathroom door as Edward through himself on the bed. "I've had the worst fucking day ever Bells" he said looking towards me in the bathroom. "Come and give me a hug to make it all better?" he asked cheekily stretching his arm out waiting for me to go and join him. Reluctantly I slowly staggered towards him, I couldn't process what I was thinking, I needed to tell him. He needed to know, heck he had a right to know; I was just scared. As I perched on the corner of the bed Edward moved his hands round to my waist, he moved his lips to the back of my neck as he gently littered it with kisses. His head rested on my shoulder and I as I felt his breath on my neck I shot up.

"Fuck Edward" I screamed avoiding his eyes. I could see the look in them; I could see the confusion mixed with shock. He reached his hand out and grabbed mine and as he stroked his thumb over the back of my hand he asked "What is it baby? Are you alright?" He was genuinely worried; I could see it in his face. "No Edward" I screamed. "I'm not all-fucking-right". He dropped my hand as he took a step back as he awkwardly sat on the corner of the bed, he was silent. I knew he was waiting for me to continue, but I wanted him to react. I wanted him to know what was wrong, without me even saying it.

"I might be pregnant Edward" I wanted to scream it, I wanted him to hear me loud and clear but I couldn't do it. It had come out as nothing more than a whisper, but I knew he heard it. Surprise spread across his face, his mouth dropped and he began to shake. "How, when, who, I can't even..." he spluttered. "Well, Edward. How do you think you get pregnant? Fucking immaculate conception?" I paused. "Wait, What? WHO? What do you mean who?"I was impressed by the fact my mere whisper had turned into a loud shout. "At what point in this whole mess did you think I had time to fuck someone else!" I wanted to carry on shouting at him, I wanted to hurt him and I didn't know why. It wasn't his fault, we were both equally responsible, I just wouldn't let myself see how stupid I'd been.

"How did this happen Bells?" he asked me calmly "Last time I checked you were on the pill". I shook my head as he stood up and pulled me close to him, he wrapped his arms around my waist as I buried my head in his chest. Hearing his heart beat calmed me completely, a tear rolled down my cheek and landed on his shirt. More tears fell as his shirt quickly got wetter, he pulled me away "Hey you, this shirt wasn't cheap you know!" he joked as he sat me down on the bed. "We'll get through this you know baby" He said, kneeling down in front of me. "Whatever you want gorgeous, I'm here for you". He said tracing his fingertips lightly over my jawbone I never thought he'd react like this, I know Edward wasn't a bad person but I expected him to run a mile.

Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door of the apartment, I stalled, if he thought I was going out looking like this he was flipping crazy. He just turned round and kissed the top of my head, forcing me out of the door. Edward pulled me all the way into the centre of London; I was still in awe of it all. When we reached the shops Edward pulled me into the pharmacist. Suddenly the reality of why he'd taken me out hit me. I guess it was better to be sure before we jumped to conclusions. I slid my hand out of Edwards hold as I took a few steps back. He took this as a signal to go and get the pregnancy test for me; I fiddled with the bottles of the shampoo on the shelf in front of me until I felt a hand around my waist. He pulled me towards the door and flagged down a taxi, his urgency told me he wanted to get home, he wanted the results of this test. Me, not so much. I didn't want to know, I didn't want to be pregnant, not yet anyway. I was eighteen, I wanted to live my life, and I wanted to enjoy living in London with the love of my life. Edward and I had been through enough, I just wanted there to be no complications.

We waited on the bed as we looked at the pregnancy test sat on the bedside table and we waited. Five minutes, five minutes wasn't long but today it felt like an eternity. There was no noise; both Edward and I were silent as he traced shapes on my legs with his fingers. The mood was tense; I could tell Edward was nervous; he didn't want a kid either. I hoped for both of us that this test was negative; I shifted onto my knees to look at him. "Thank you" I whispered "You could have run a mile, but you didn't. Thank you" The look on his face said it all, he shook his head, "I'd never just leave you Bella, what do you take me for? You're my girlfriend and I love you" He continued, moving his hand up my face and into my hair. "I'm here for you beautiful, no matter what". With that I couldn't contain myself, I didn't care that our whole future hung in the balance of the pregnancy test waiting on the table.

I pushed him backwards forcing him to lie down, before he could say anything I quickly straddled him crushing my lips into his, moving my hands through his hair. I moved my lips down to his neck kissing his collar bone as I moved my hands down and under his shirt, his hands found his way to my hips as our kissing became more intense; more passionate. We were rudely interrupted by the alarm we had set on my phone, this was it. I'd managed to let myself forget for a moment that this defined my future; if I was pregnant I had a lot of thinking to do. What would I do! I started to panic, my breathing became rapid and I started to shake, Edward grabbed my hand in an attempt to calm me as he picked up the test.

Result side down he pushed it into my hand whispering the words "Always here", I slowly turned the test over, both wanting and not wanting to know what it said. I let my eyes set on the results box. 'Negative' it read. Fuck yes. Fucking yes. I was over the moon, I wanted to jump for joy. I know I wanted kids one day, but today wasn't the day. I wanted to enjoy my youth, travel with Edward. Just stay with Edward. "You okay?" he asked sheepishly. I refused to answer instead I through the test onto the floor quickly straddling him on the bed again. As I slowly started to peel his clothes of, I knew he was sure I was okay.