A single man dressed in black hunched over a computer screen in the bowels of the Biotech labs. Only the echo of clacking keys broken the tomb-like silence of the chamber.

Begin Mission?


Commencing mission in fivemission start. Background?


Background: In 1968 a major divergence occurred in the United States of America. NASA probes brought back mysterious radiation from Venus which re-animated the recently dead, all those that were killed and/or eaten by the zombies' re-animated as well. The radiation burned away and was forgotten as the National Guard wiped out the remaining dead. America prospered until a resurgence in 1979 when deadly gases were released in Pittsburgh by nearby Carnegie-Mellon University which produced a related effect of re-animating the dead, this too was contained and destroyed. 1985 showed a renewed interest in the events of the plagues and another outbreak destroyed the entire eastern seaboard of the USA before extermination and nuclear attacks joined with combat units of the National Guard eliminated the threat and all records of the disease. In post-2000 years the international enterprise Umbrella Inc. developed the T-Virus, a mutagenic toxin for use in bioweapon experiments. Released at a distant mansion lab near Raccoon City, USA the virus spread as Umbrella continued research that culminated in the birth of the "Tyrant" series, the so-called ultimate weapon. Umbrella quickly covered its tracks and came to full worldwide prominence as a biomedical organization. Umbrella caused the ZOMBIE plague that still effects the Earth today. Umbrella researchers have since mastered the "Tyrant" process as Biotech remains the sole defender of the public against the unscrupulous hounds of Umbrella. Datatrack records show several incidents along those of the criteria occurred in the 1980's, details?


First login: 1985-Uneeda medical supply company. United States.

After ZOMBIE outbreak in 1979, the creatures were packed into titanium drums and frozen to prevent further contamination. One shipment was left in the basement of the Uneeda Medical Supply Company of Louisville Kentucky and released in July of 1985. The gas (see 245 Trioxin) was released into the atmosphere and ZOMBIE creatures overtook the town, the incident was finally resolved when Col. Dwight M. Glover (Secretary of Defense at that time) ordered a nuclear strike.

Second login: 1988-Bayview City. United States.

After the release of information following the ZOMBIE attack of 1985 (see login: 1985-Uneeda Medical Supply Company) Col. Dwight R. Glover ordered the destruction of all related lab work and documentation regarding the virus and other reagents. A military toxic waste unit, while driving through Bayview City was run off the road. A barrel containing a freeze dried victim of ZOMBIE was later freed by locals starting the final unrelated mass epidemic of ZOMBIE in the United States. Files read. Search again?


Begin mission?


Waitnecessary armaments being allocated to the defense griddone.

Access Main Database. Password Wild Horse.'

Done. Welcome to Biotech's main defense Datatrack.

Allocate particle beam and plasma cannons to agent 12.

Allocating to Agent Ranma Saotomedone. Armaments allocated. Done?


Logging out.done.


It was the howling, those awful grating gasps that echoed up from the chambers, that really frightened people. It was the abhorrent cacophony of the multitudes of tormented souls loosed from Hell. The inhuman growls chilled the blood. Many ran from the labs, afraid of the creatures kept under lock and key, loosing their sanity or their very lives in the process. He knew they couldn't hurt him but they still unnerved him, their salivating mouths howling in the darkness.