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In America…
America frantically dialed England back, but only got dead space. "Oh man…" He cursed and hit redial, desperate to get back in touch with England. "Come on, pick up! Dammit, Iggy, this is important!" He glanced back at the little nations in the back of the Camaro, a bead of sweat running down his cheek. "Iggy…!"

Finally, after several tries, England picked up. "Iggy! Oh God, thank God… I can't believe it took so long t'get in touch with you!" America gasped, still keeping a worried eye on the little nations. "Listen, I know it's gonna sound crazy, but I called th' meeting 'cause I found little versions of me 'n' Mattie this morning! They were in my Camaro an' I don't know how they got there and I'm freakin' out, man! Did this happen to you? Please tell me it did!" he whispered loudly, his panic evident in his voice.

"America, calm down! I know what you're talking about, the same thing has happened to myself and France. We're on our way to the meeting now, but we're flying from Japan to New York so it's going to take a while." England sounded almost as panicked as America, as hard to believe as that was. "But whatever you do, don't tell anyone about the mini nations yet, do you hear me? Especially not Russia, who knows what will happen if he finds out?"

America's frantic babbling had reduced to background noise as he listened intently to England. "Yeah… Wait, so who's showed up over there?"

"Myself and France's little selves. We haven't found a mini-Japan yet, but I'm assuming we will soon." He heard someone talking loudly in the background, then England again. "Japan says he hopes we do not find his younger self. He believes China will panic or something to that effect, I'm not sure why."

"B-but, Iggy! What're we gonna do, huh? We can't just… just keep 'em here! Right? Won't that mess up the… the time-space continuum 'r somethin'?" America's mind immediately flashed to all the D-Day films and sci-fi movies he'd ever seen, making him even more nervous. "This's so bad, Iggy! What're we gonna d-"

"Shut up, you stupid American! Calm down and listen to yourself! You're just babbling like a stupid git! You need to get a grip on yourself, am I clear?" England's voice cut through America's panic like a hot knife through butter, silencing the hyperactive young adult instantly. "Now, I will tell you what we are not going to do, all right? We are not going to act like panicking gits over this, and we are not going to do anything stupid that could cause a bad situation or make a bad situation worse. Am I clear?"

America nodded. "S-so… d'you want me t'call everyone an' cancel?"

"No, the meeting will be useful." England sounded thoughtful. "There may be a way to find out if any o the others have encountered this sort of issue if we do things correctly."

"B-but…" America bit his lip. "What if it's just us?"

England went silent. There was a long pause, and then he heard the other man take a deep breath. "If it is only us, we have got to find a way to prevent this from happening more. After we've done that, we will find a way to return our young selves to their own time."

America nodded. "A-alright." He took a deep breath as well. "I'm gonna call Mattie, m'kay? Me an' him're gonna come meet ya at the airport. I'll call the others an' tell 'em I'm gonna be a bit late."

"Alright. That sounds fine." England sighed. "Be careful, Alfred. Don't do anything stupid… and don't get yourself hurt or killed, am I clear?"

America couldn't help but smile. "Yeah. Yeah, I got that. Thanks." He flipped the phone closed and sighed, glancing back at the two mini-nations. "Hey, you two know how t'work a seat belt?"

England closed his phone, sighing in relief. "Thank God I managed to get through to him…" he murmured, slipping the small cell phone into his pocket. He glanced up at Arthur and smiled when he saw that the little nation had fallen asleep against the door. He noticed that Francis had fallen asleep as well, leaning against France's shoulder.

France's eyes flickered up from his little self to England. "What did l'Amerique say, Angleterre?" he asked, keeping his voice low so not to wake the sleeping chibinations.

"He says… he's found two other little nations." England muttered, rubbing his temples.

France's eyebrows raised, his eyes widening slightly. "Oh?"

England turned his head and faced France as fully as he could in the confined space of the car. "Yes. He says that they represent himself and Matthew. He told me that the two of them appeared together in the back of his Camaro, and that he has no idea how they managed to get there."

"Mathieu?" France sat bolt upright. "And l'Amerique?" He sat back a little bit, staring at the back of Japan's seat with a shocked look on his face. "Mon dieu… I admit, I should have expected as such… but mon Mathieu?"

"Yes, I know." England sighed. "I honestly did not expect for any other little nations to be found… especially not little America and little Canada. The both of them are extremely strong… to catch them would be a real feat. It is… worrying news…"

France nodded, looking a bit worried as well. "I agree, it is quite worrying. But…" He placed a hand on England's shoulder, attempting to comfort him. "…I don't think whoever it is that brought them here will be able to catch any of the others, correct? If they are so weak that they must rely on capturing our younger selves in order to harm us, then they do not pose much of a threat at all, do they?"

England nodded slightly. "I guess you're right..." he muttered, not looking convinced in the least. He couldn't help but feel worried. Whoever- or whatever- had brought the young nations into this time had to be powerful, to be able to do such a thing.

If they were this powerful, who's to say they don't have the strength to kill them all?

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