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Author's Note: Written long ago, so I can't honestly say it's of the best quality. But...enjoy anyways? And tell me what you think?

Warning: Short.



Princess Bride

Wind Alias


Oh, she knew it was a stupid childish fantasy. But a girl can dream, right?

Tenten stood before the miniature vanity mirror, a grin on her painted lips as she twirled the ruffles of her dress. It was an old dress, one from her innocent years, and it was pink and dusty and didn't quite pass her knees.

But Tenten loved it more than anything. She loved it because f what it represented; childhood, the days of woods and wands and velvet dreams of dragons and knights and princesses.

She sighs, and her daydreams break like a fallen mirror, shattering her back into reality. Because in truth, she is no princess. Before the mirror she is just a plain girl in a plain room in a plain dress. A girl with no idea what she really wants out of life.

She pauses; bright taffeta drifts around her shoulders. Then she smiles, and continues taking off the dress with renewed zeal. Soon she is back into some pajamas, and she slips into her average twin sized bed.

As she drifts off to sleep, she realizes she was wrong; her dream, no matter how childish, was hers, and she believed in it.

That night she dreamt again of dragons and quests and wizards, and of a very familiar looking dark haired prince with a tattooed crown.