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Alice smiled as she bounced on the balls of her feet with a playful smile, her golden eyes hidden from view behind thin pale lids.

Jasper could feel a smile tugging at his own lips as he watched her with amused eyes. It was their fourth match and with every victory she had she was taking their next matches less seriously. He was grateful for that though, as it was keeping him sane. The last few days his families' emotions had been tearing him apart.

Emmett was excited for the upcoming battle making him giddy and itching for a fight; only to be crippled under the weight of Carlisle's guilt at the thought of having to kill someone moments later. Rosalie was confident then Esme's worry for the safety of her family had him all but tearing out his hair.

Alice allowed him to blow off some of the emotional stress during their play fights while at the same time reminding him it was not serious.

He crouched down watching as her body stilled and her smile grew in anticipation. He tried hard not to think ahead, as he started moving to his left with his eyes trained to her. He slowly began circling her, his fingers twitching in anticipation. As he moved in closer, her body gradually tensed until every muscle locked down causing him to stop a couple feet from her, knowing if he moved any closer she would bolt.

He stared her down for a moment then lunged suddenly unable to avoid thinking ahead several steps in a heartbeat, growling softly when she dance effortlessly out of reach at the last second. Alice laughed happily and stuck her tongue out at him as she bounced back and forth of her feet. Jasper growled and charged again, their intricate dance moving quickly though the empty field. Alice then changed course suddenly, rushing past him so her clothes just brushed his outstretched fingertips.

Jasper hissed in annoyance as he turned and followed darting through the dense forest she disappeared into. His nose crinkled at the thick smell of werewolf as he pushed though the thick foliage stopping in confusion when it thinned out and he could no longer see her. The stench of the wolves hid her smell and she had been careful enough to avoid leaving a trail.

He glanced around uncertainly, unable to locate her with his gift, as she was not projecting. Hissing in annoyance his eyes flew all around, desperately searching for her, his head jerking at every slight noise or movement. He stepped back as he continued to survey his surrounding, every muscle in his body tense. When his his boot scraped against a fallen log he glanced back over his shoulder, thinking she might have circled around and at that exact moment he felt something hard connect with his chest. He tumbled back over the log placing his hands behind himself to catch himself, in an awkward back bend. He felt a small set of hands flutter across his face, one pressed to his jaw and the other to the top of his head forcing his head up and back. Tender lips were then pressed to his throat, leaving a chaste kiss over a knot of scars.

"I win," Alice chimed happily as she sat up triumphantly.

Jasper groaned as he leaned his head back in the dirt and closed his eyes "Best five out of six?"