I heard people seemed to enjoy my poetry so I decided why stop? I added another one for my two future friends of the Pokemon series, Zorua and Zoroark.

Disclaimer (darn it!): I don't own Pokemon but I own a right to speak about them.

New Darks in Town 2: We Are Who We Are

The night sky poured into the sky as I watched the sun leave,

A shining moment of the night is what we for I believe,

We're friends of the dark as dark concieves,

Our minds are mysterious to the naked eye,

We're so powerful we might as well fly,

Hmm, I wish we could fly but why?,

We're find just the way we are,

For we come from afar,

We can blast through anything anywhere without a scratch or scar,

We do just what we do,

As long as we don' mess with you,

Okay maybe we'll mess with you,

And scare your butt in and out of your shoes,

We like to have our play and have our fun,

We'll do it all day til the night is done,

So please be our friends or just be a wuss and run,

I love the nighttime but the it's time for the sun,

We're Zorua and Zoroark and we are one.

See you Soon!

Well...did you like it? Personally, I wouldn't consider it the best but overall I hope you like it. Blesses to all! Please Review!

Lucious X