A/N: I DON'T own Legend of Zelda, but if you're surprised by that, I don't know what's wrong with you. That over... This came to me when I was trying to write an LoZ fanfic. I was going to try a novelization... Yeah, didn't work out. I doubt I will ever finish a chapter book due to my amazing skills of procrastination. Anyway, after that I was on a roll, and promptly wrote two LoZ angst fics... Wow... So, I hope you like! ^_^


I've sacrificed so much.

I never wanted this destiny -

I was happy how I was.

I thought I was a Kokiri -

But that belief was quickly crushed.

I never was.

The Great Deku Tree -

Dead now.

He was a father to me!

Watching Hyrule's pain -

It was all my fault.

I led him to the Triforce -

Then I had to undo

My failure.

Watching my friends



I failed.

My best friends -

Torn away from me.

Navi -

I'll never find you,

But I miss you more than anything.

Saria -

It was your destiny.

This is mine,

To right this twisted future,

Then to go back

To the time before.

I'm not the same.

They are.

They don't know what I did.

Don't know I almost destroyed everything.

Don't know I saved them.

Don't know me.

I'm not Malon's friend,

I'm no Goron brother,

Not even Ruto remembers me!

If I tried to befriend them again -

Our friendships would be

(If I managed to befriend them at all)

Nothing like what we had.

This is a hidden burden

Only I can carry.

Zelda knows -

But how can I see her?

A "Kokiri" would die

Upon leaving the forest.

Saria -

That was your destiny.

This is mine.

It doesn't matter.

I was chosen to suffer

For the sake of Hyrule.

That was your destiny.

This is mine.

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