Dear Alice,

I know you are probably pretty confused as to why I bothered to tell you the story of Lizzie and Steven, but it was just my way of letting you into the mind of the real Bella not the Fuckward's Bella.

I also know that you are probably pissed that I didn't give any more information about my kiss. However, that's all your getting. I'm evil I know, sometimes at night I cackle when I think about it hahaha.

Anyway my relationship with Sam is progressing crazy fast and I might even utter the words I love you. I know there's something different about him and the rest of the Jake's friends or the Res Boys as I call them. I sleep with Sam a we haven't sex again...yet.

Sam's hotter than almost anyone I have ever met, in looks and temperature. He's bigger than anyone I have ever met, and I mean that in relation to...lower as well.

"Bells, I'm going to a police conference in Seattle for a week. Will you be okay on your own?" Charlie spoke to me from across the table.

"Yeah, I'll be good. I'll probably just hang with the Res boys." I smiled at him innocently.

He nodded roughly and kissed me on forehead. Whispered that he loved me and left with bags in hand.

I got up and cleaned the kitchen before running up to my room to shower and get dressed. I put on a pair of jean short-shorts and a tank-top, running a brush through my hair and putting on a lick of lipgloss and mascara. I took the stairs two at a time running down to the Monster (my truck).

I sped down to La Push stopping at Sam's house, you have to understand I haven't seen him in a couple days and missing him is way too easy. It's why I had to leave when he broke up with me because I had the incredible need to constantly see him.

Anyway, when I got there, I noticed that no one was stirring and no one was there which meant one of two things, first no one is home or second Sam's asleep. So I decided to just go in because honestly Sam rarely locks the back door. I snuck into his house and made my way up his stairs and into his room.

His room is painted a dark blue and he has silk black sheet that feel cool against your skin when you lay down. His bed is a full king size and it feels like your sleeping on a cloud.

Sam's chest rose slowly up and down as he breathed in deeply with his sleep. He looked amazing with his sheets tangled around his waist accentuating the delicious V his hips made and showing off his sensual six pack. I couldn't control my actions as I slipped into his bed, putting my head over his bare chest, my ear right over his slowly beating heart.

His arm automatically came around me and held me close.

I don't know how long we laid there and I'm pretty sure at some point I dozed off but I didn't matter because with him I was in heaven, and if we stayed like that forever, then forever I would be happy.

"Bella?" He mumbled his voice husky with sleep. His hand lightly slid down my back, pushing my tank-top up when he moved back up. "when'd you get here?" His dark eyes were hazy with sleep as they bore into me.

I smiled up at him, "Earlier, it doesn't really matter."

"Why didn't you wake me?"

"Because you are too cute when you sleep and it looked to good to resist sleeping with you. Something I've wanted to do and have been thinking about...constantly." he smirked as I said this.

"You think about sleeping with me, huh?" He rolled me over so that I was under him and his eyes were concentrated on my mouth before slowly moving down. He groaned loudly, "You are trying to kill me aren't you?"

"What'd I do?" I asked looking up at him innocently.

"Like you didn't know those shorts would drive me crazy. Minx." He growled out, but before I could retort his mouth attacked mine in a delectable kiss that made my toes curl and my juices pool in panties. Oh I was in trouble.

He took a deep breath breaking away from me. "Mmm baby, I can smell how wet you are for me. It's mouthwatering. Not today but one day soon, I'm going to taste that pussy again and I can't wait." I blushed in embarrassment. I can't stand it, he knows how much I want him. His dirty talking only further drowned my panties and pushed my embarrassment higher.

He chuckled as he sucked the skin of my neck into his mouth, more than likely leaving his mark. He pulled me up and out of his bed. I looked up at him with a small smile playing across my lips. I stared at him and must have had a look on my face because he put his hand under my chin and titled my head so he could brush over my forehead.

I was sure what are relationship was now. I was so sure of us back then but now I just don't know so asking to stay with him while Charlie is away is really nerve wracking. I just don't know what to expect. What if he just feels bad and thats the only reason he's spending time with me, to make up for what happened all those years ago. I was scared because I knew that I was falling for him all over again.

"What's got you thinking so hard sweetheart?" Sam looked genuinely worried about me and I sighed trying to make my previous thoughts disappear.

"Sam? I don't know how to ask this without sounding pathetic..." His brows creased in confusion.

"You know you can ask me anything."

"I know, Sam, okay so my dad went out of town for a week to Seattle for a police conference or something, and I don't really like staying home alone at night and I was wondering if you could stay with me or if I could stay with you. I mean I know we used to do this but I don't know if things are like they were back then. I-" I was rambling and he put a finger over my lips.

"Baby, I would like nothing more than to get you into my bed for a week. Of course you can stay with me. You shouldn't have even asked. Just shown up with a bag." Sam's smile brought out a feeling in my heart that made me want to cry. It was such a good feeling.

"Are you sure? Lately I've been having some pretty bad nightmares and I wake up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder on the top of my lungs. It scares the hell out of Charlie."

"Bella, I don't care. Plus if you are here I can comfort you and maybe having someone with you will keep there terrors away." I smiled I couldn't help it. Sam was amazing and I would be absolutely nothing without him.

I had to leave him for the rest of the day though and had to go home, make sure everything was locked up, pack a bag for school and stop at the store so I could cook for him.

That night when it seemed like the nightmares were starting Sam woke me up and softly sang me back to sleep. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley was the song and Sam's deep gravely voice sang it perfectly.

School the next day was like it was everyday. Droning of teachers and high pitched squeals of gossip from students. I try to avoid it all. I spent my school day mostly with Angela, Jessica, Lauren, Ben, Eric, and sadly Mike. Mike and Eric wouldn't lay off constantly asking me out. But I did make a new friend.

His name is Brendan, and he's a football player. He's "like totally the hottest guy in school." I really didn't care that much though. I had my Sam and that's all I needed. I was walking out of school with Brendan, who had his arm around my shoulder making me roll my eyes, and Jessica, Lauren, and Angela who were all arm in arm with me.

We were strolling by my car when "Like OMG Bella, there is a totally gorgeous Res boy leaning against your truck." Lauren squealed. Ow my ear drum. Yes, me and Lauren got over our differences and are friends now.

"Do you want me to fight for your honor, Bella babe?" Brendan asked.

I rolled my eyes at him. "Number 1, don't call me babe," we had this issue regularly, "number two, he would kick your ass and number three, he's my boy friend so no." There was another squeal from next to me and I looked over at Jessica and Lauren with an eye brow raised.

"OMG! Bella, that's Sam isn't it? I to-tally remember him from when you guys went out freshmen year! He's really grown up nicely hasn't he? OMG I can't believe you guys are like back together, I always knew you were like perfect together, like so much better than that Weirdward." I chuckled at the new name Lauren gave Fuckward and launched myself at Sam, who caught me around the waist.

"Ready to go home baby?" He whispered softly in my ear. I smiled at him and kissed him on the mouth. When we came up for the air the whole fucking school was standing there staring at us. I sighed.

"THERE'S NOTHING TO SEE MOVE ALONG!" I screamed at them all. They moved away and Sam grabbed my car keys opening the passenger door and helping me up before getting behind the steering wheel.

"Bella, it wasn't very nice to make me watch you walk with that boys arm around your shoulders." He started like he was angry but I could hear the smirk in his voice. "but seeing as I am to-tally perfect for you, I think I'll let it slip." I feel like I've been doing a lot more eye-rolling today than I usually do.

I stuck my tongue out at him and laughed a little. "Don't make me bite that tongue little girl, you know I will." He threatened.

I smiled as I watched us move into LaPush territory, a feeling of being home passing over me.

Every night he would wake me up and sing me back to sleep so that I wouldn't have to deal with nightmares, and every night it worked. I slept so well this week.

That's how the rest of the week went and I think I was happier this week then I have been in ages.

Charlie did somehow find out about my staying at Sam's all week but for some reason he said he understood and that he didn't mind. He even added that I could stay there whenever I felt like it as long as I told him first.

Fuck it was easier than I had thought...Charlie would have never agreed to that with Fuckward. Charlie hated Fuckward.

Well, that's all loves and fucker.


Bella Swan...oh god Lauren's rubbing off on me!


The rest of the Cullen's glared at Edward not seeing a point in even commenting but just went on talking about the letter.

"She seems so...up lifted and happy." Alice started

"I just hope that if they do decide to progress to the next level they use prophylactics." Carlisle said and they all cringed a little.

"Dad, really?" Rose asked with a slight look of disgust on their faces.

"Well, at least she knows I'm mad at her about the kiss thing." Alice hmphed as Jasper sent calming waves at her.

She scowled at him. "Don't you try to calm me mister!"

He picked his hands up in an innocent motion. "Sorry darlin'"

"Children, why don't we move on to the next letter before we all start a fight." Esme tried to console them while avoiding looking at Edward. "And Edward, stop scowling, it's your own fault she's moving on, get over yourself."

They all nodded solemnly, all except Edward who just grimaced. Esme picked up the next letter, "It's my turn to read." She stated.

"But Mommmm-" Alice started

"Alice hush, let your mother read." Carlisle stopped the on coming complaining as Esme opened the letter.

"Dear Alice," She started.