Laughing-Gas Love

By: Mixwe

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Carly's POV:

Political negotiations with suspected nuclear weapons baring… blah blah blah! Dentist office magazines suck, big time.

I placed the unwanted reading material back on the counter. "*sigh*" I sunk into my chair.

"Oh, no no no, sit on up Carly! You know the saying!" Ms. Benson reminded me, having noticed my horrible posture.

"Sorry Ms. Benson." I grumbled in monotone then readjusted to her content.

We just sat there for a while saying nothing. I had given up on the magazines and occupied myself pulling a string out of the bottom of my jeans. Ms. Benson was fretting in her seat.

"Maybe I should go in there" she blurted, "What if they do it wrong? He has sensitive teeth! What if they forget that and just go drilling away at my poor baby boy?!?"

"Calm down Ms. Benson!" I cut her off, tugging at her sleeve to sit down again, Freddie gave me specific instructions to keep her out of that room, "I'm sure they got it from the forty times you told them and the multiple notes you stuck to their clip boards." I reasoned.

"You can never be too careful Carly, what if they…"

"No Ms. Benson. Remember what you promised Freddie before he moved back home?"

She hung her head in defeat, "Yes" she practically moaned.

"Then dial down the crazy. And don't you go in there until I say you can." I ordered. It was weird. I usually wasn't this commanding to Ms. Benson. But I promised Freddie, and a promise is a promise.

I knew Freddie would be fine, Ms. Benson made sure they used extra laughing gas and those numbing lip-shots. She didn't want him in any pain whatsoever. The one I was worried about was Sam. She didn't do well with dentists. Last time she went all berserk, so today I told them to give her laughing gas right away. I left when I saw that she was officially out cold.

I looked up at the clock wondering when they would call me in. I promised I would be there right after they were done to help her recover from the gas. She said she wanted me there, but if she asked if I wanted to hear a secret, to refuse and cover her mouth. We both laughed about the incident last time. I'm glad we're at the place where we can laugh about it.

I told her I would; we didn't have any more secrets anyway. But thinking about it now… why would she bring it up if she really didn't have any more secrets? Huh. I looked at the clock again. Why weren't they calling me in?!?

"Ms. Shay, I almost forgot, you can come in and see your friend now" the dentist told me as if on cue. "You know what room she's in. I'll leave the information with Ms. Benson" he said turning his attention over to Freddie's mom.

I left to find my best friend. I hope she didn't do anything stupid, or wasn't GOING to do anything stupid.

Sam's POV:

Woah. Lights… pretty lights… oh, wait, that's one light.

"heh, hehehehe… yeahh…" I giggled. I don't giggle a lot. I kind of like it… like my vocal cords are bouncing on a mini trampoline.

I giggled again, this time kicking my legs with glee. Then I saw them. My knees. I loved my knees.

"I love you knees!" I declared, hugging them to my chest for a good fifteen seconds.

You know what? My knees aren't that great. I let them go, disgusted now. I felt, what Carly would call, fussy. I didn't like this white room I was in, or this chair. I struggled out of it, grunting. Where was I?

Ew, the dentist. I had dreaded going in all week. Carly promised she would be here. Where's Carly? I NEED CARLY!

I took a step forward before loosing my footing and toppling to the ground. "Owwey!" I groaned. My chin was touching the floor, my arms flopping weakly at my sides and my butt was in the air.

"Uh-oh" I was suddenly terrified, what if someone saw me with my butt in the air? That would be embarrassing. "Carly! I need you to get my butt out of the air!" I called. No answer.

I had to find her!

I pulled myself forward like an inchworm out the door. I liked this better than walking. I smiled and started giggling again. I was into the hallway. Okay, now what? "Carly!" I called again.

"Carly?" I heard a voice echo me. That must be Carly, I figured. I inched myself into that room.

"You're not Carly." I huffed.

Carly's POV:

"Sam?" I looked into a room which I thought was hers.

"GRRAAAAAHH!" a kid screamed as much as he possibly could with a mouth full of water as a female dentist held him down. They both stopped and looked at me, the intruder.

"Uh, sorry, uh… have fun!" I awkwardly wished them and then ran out of the room. "Well that was embarrassing." I stated the obvious out loud.

"You got that right" a deep voice agreed me from behind me.

I twirled around, "Griffin?!?"

Sam's POV:

"You're not Carly."

"I'm not?!?" he freaked, looking down at himself, "oh yeah." he said. Then fell into a fit of laughter which I couldn't help but join in on. When we ran out of breath to laugh with, he looked down at me, "Why is your butt in the air?"

"Why are you looking at my butt?" I questioned, fighting another round of giggles.

"I don't wanna say…" he pouted, looking down. Is he okay?

"Aw, Fredders, you can tell me." My words slurred together a little as I stumbled up and over to his dentist chair.

"No I can't" he mumbled. I leaned over his chair. This wasn't comfortable.

"Scoot over." I told him, he did, but kept his eyes down. I slipped in next to him.

"Now tell me what's on your mind." I threw up my hand to grab his forehead, where I figured the mind would be. He shook it off and looked at me smiling. I smiled to, but as I did, his dropped.

"What?" I scrunched up my face.

"I can't! I'm scared." He said, still pouty. Even though I wasn't quite sure what we were talking about anymore, that made me upset.

"Don't be!" I practically shouted.

He just whimpered at my outburst.

"I don't like it when you're scared of me. I like it when you stick up to me." I admitted.

"Really?" he asked.

"Really." I clarified nodding sporadically.

He stuck out his lower lip, considering. Then he smacked it around.

"My lip feels weird." He laughed, reaching it forward.

"Hey!" I got excited, "Mine too!" I smacked my lips together like he did. We continued to entertain ourselves like that for a while.

Then I got an idea, "Fredlips." I opened with his new nickname that I ingeniously came up with.

"Yeah Sam?" he asked, turning to look me in the eyes. We were really close on our chair, I could feel his breath. It smelled clean and minty, like it would after being to the dentist.

"Do you think they kiss weird?"

Carly's POV:

I laughed really hard, "you actually said that to him?!? We're talking about Brutus right? The big guy?" I measured how tall he was with my hand over my head.

"Well, yeah! He was trying to stop me from riding my motorcycle down his street, and that's not going to happen!" Griffin went on with his story, holding me completely captive. I forgot how interesting he was!

We had ended up sitting on the ground in the corner of the hallway (there wasn't anywhere else, that didn't have screaming dental patients in it that is). I had found out he worked here as a dentist's assistant. So he handed the drills and took away the pulled teeth and all that.

"So show it to me" I offered a while after he finished his story.

"What?" he asked confused.

"The pee wee baby you have especially for this occasion." I smiled knowingly.

He rolled his eyes, then reached into his dentist's tool belt and pulled out a shark dressed in the exact same outfit he had on.

"Aw! It's so cute!" I poked at its nose playfully, like it was an actual baby animal.

"Seriously?" he asked with an eyebrow raised, "you don't mind?"

I took one last look down at the stuffed animal then up at him, "Nope. It doesn't really matter much anymore."

Sam's POV:

"Do you think they kiss weird?"

"I dunno…" he shrugged looking forward in thought. "Maybe they would." He laughed, "Maybe they wouldn't even feel it." Then he looked back at me with a grin, "What a weird question!" he declared, touching my nose with his pointer finger.

I huffed in frustration. That's not what I wanted.

"I guess we couldn't be for sure unless we tried…" I hinted, swaying my loopy head to the side and towards him. I had a closer stare into his eyes. His pupils were huge.

"Yeah, it's one of those unanswerable questions." He agreed. "Like UFO's or the meaning of life, or Gibby!" The nub still wasn't getting it.

"Shut up and kiss me dork"


I bent over him.

Our numb lips met in a strange tug of war. Some how I felt the strands of electricity cut through the deadened gums. I tasted his mintiness meet mine as our mouths opened. I felt his hand place it's self on the back of my head, pushing me towards him to deepen the kiss. After a long time (or at least long in the laughing gas world) we broke apart.

I rubbed my experimented-on lips together.

"It was weird" I concluded.

"Definitely weird." He agreed. "But nice." He said, looking at me again.

"Yeah, nice." I repeated.

We sat there for a little while. My mind washed from one thing to another without any stability. Yet it did seem to hit on one thing a couple times.

"Wanna do it again?" I offered.

"Sure!" he piped up.

I started to lean over to him again when I was interrupted.

"SAM!" A frazzled brunette came barging into the room.

"Carly I found you!" I waved my arms and legs at her childishly.

"Sam! Sam, I am SOOOO sorry! I completely lost track of time!" she came running towards me. Aw, I didn't want Carls to feel bad!

"It's okay!" I assured her, playfully with her hair.

"Wow Sam, you're fried." She commented.

"I just feel a little woooooooo!" I explained with the only adjective that could describe.

"Maybe we should get you home…" she grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Then she turned to Fredderly, "You better come too Freddie, you're mom's waiting outside."

"Okay Carly!" he jumped off the chair and grabbed her other hand. She walked us out of there like we were four-year-olds.

We made our way down the hallway, halfway through Carly stopped, leaned into my ear and whispered, "Me and Griffin are back together!" excitedly.

"Yay!" I jumped up and down for her. Whispering looked fun, I wanted to do it too. I reached over Carly and grabbed Freddie, pulling him closer to me so I could get my lips close to his ear.

"You still owe me a second kiss!"

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