This is really Sky Diamonds06 story The Extra Cullen I am just finishing it for her. I dont know yet how many more chapters it will be but it will be quite a few. I hope to make her proud with what I do with her story.

The Extra Cullen.

Chapter 1-Home.

Bella's POV.

How Long since I was here,

In this place I used to call my house? 6 years.

After 2 long and tiring years of working in Florida as an architect.

So Long since I thought about HIM, and why he left me.

I moved out at 18 after what happened at the Cullen's house, well, I wasn't willing but

Apparently Charlie was forced as I was getting really depressed and having nightmares I'm sure no one would like to , I was shipped off to Florida to stay with my mum.

I graduated Dartmouth after 4 years and attained honors for English. I met my supposedly "boyfriend" there but I broke up with him just before I went on my flight back to Gloomy Forks.

Why? You ask am I back here. After giving up my job and coming to work here as a teacher at Forks High School? Simple Reason, I wanted to visit old friends and look after Charlie. And also because of Jacob.

I think he was what inspired me to come back here. The Cheerfulness which fills his eyes whenever he sees me, the flame which can spark, He is the person I feel I need after what happened.

Now, I'm standing at the foot of the door, ready to surprise Charlie. He doesn't know yet, As I take my key and put it through the lock, I opened the door and said, no screamed, as I knew he would be here, probably reading the newspaper, feet propped up on the coffee table.