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I got into my truck, started it and drove home. All the while I was thinking about how my life was changed yet again by the Cullens. I didn't know if this time it was a good thing or a bad thing but I was sure going to find out.

When I got home my mind was so distracted I decideed to do something easy for dinner .

"Bells?" Charlie called as he walked in the front door.

"In the kitchen, Dad" I called back. He walked into the kitchen breething deeply, trying to smell what was for dinner.

"Mmm. Something smells good Bells. What are you cooking?"

" Chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese."

"Sounds wonderful. Man I have missed you cooking Bells. Well, I'll be in the living room. Call me when dinner is ready ok?" He started to turn around, then trurned back. "Unless you need help in here?" He looked uncertain on what to do, in his own kitchen.

"No thats ok dad." I said trying not to laugh at him. "You go and find some sport to watch. I'll be all good in here."

With that he turned around and went to the living room where he quickly turned the t.v. on and found sport thing to watch, I coulnd't hear what it was from here. I laughed to myself and kept cooking dinner. He really can always finf some sport to watch.

When the food was ready i put it on plats and called Charlie out to eat didn't talk much, but it wasn't an awkward silance. It was much like the ones from when i was in high school here in Forks. Anyway about halk way through dinner asked Charlie, "Hey, wheres Sue?" You did tell me you two were dateing right?"

Oh. We are but she wasn't ready to leave the reservation, and neither were her kids, so they are still there. They so come by about three to four times a week to have dinner or just to hang out."

"Oh...OK" was my brilliant responce.

"So what did you do today" I aksed after a little pause.

"Well I was up at the station most of the day. Sue ended up comeing by and we had lunch together. Then i played a game of cards with Mark. Then I came home to my wonderful, loving daughter cooking an amazing dinner." He said.

"Oh. Thats cool. It was really nice of Sue to go and have lunch with you. So did you win at cards?"

"I almost won but not quite." he laughed."So what did you do today?"

"Oh... well," I was hopeing he wouldn't ask this,"I um... IwenttovisittheCullens" I said it all in oh breath really quickly hopeing that he would miss hear me and let it go.

"WHAT!" No such luck. He now sounded mad.

"Um... I went and saw the Cullens?" I repeated it like I was unsure if that was what I had done. I realized it souded like I was 7 again and not sure if I was doing the right thing. And I hated that.

"Well... Why would you do that?" He was still upset but trying to calm dow. He wasn't doing a veary good job.

"Because Charlie," Now I was starting to getupset at him. "I am a grown woman now and can do what I want. Wether or not you like that idea."

"As long as you live under MY roof you will live by MY rules!"

"So now there are rules that i can't go see my best friend?" He didn't know what to say to that because he was always trying to get me out more to see my friends when i first moved here.

"Don't you remember what he did to you Bella?" He finnaly got out in a wisper

"Yes Charlie, I remember. I think I remember better then you." then I got up, went to my room, and slammed the door.

I went and sat down on the floor in front of my bed. I was fighting off tears, and about to loose, when i heard a knock on my window. I jumped bout a mile and spun around while my hand went to my neck. My mind had on thing on it

Victoria had come for me after all this time.

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