DATE: April 2010

AUTHOR: LosingInTranslation (losingntrnslatn, Jennifer)
DISCLAIMER: Don't own anything associated with the show… I just like playing with the characters in it from time to time. Dance Monkeys! Dance!
RATING: T - Teen
FANDOM: Crossover Fic between Criminal Minds & The West Wing
PAIRING: CM = General Team & light Prentiss/Rossi - TWW = Charlie/Zoey
SPOILERS: Through US Aired Episodes of Season 5
WORD COUNT: 13,894
SUMMARY: The BAU is called in by the Secret Service to profile an old case, once thought closed.

DEDICATION: To Ali for inspiring the story with her generosity. To Carri for getting me totally hooked on TWW again. And to Cheryl and Lisa for putting up with my insanity as I wrote.

A/N: This one is almost epic, but the request sort of demanded it. With Darth Real-Life constantly getting in my way, it took me a long time to finish this one. It was written by special request as part of the Help_Haiti LJ Comm.
REVIEWS: Reviews are the way I know if people are enjoying the work or not. So, if you leave one, THANKS! And if not, I hope you found at least a little something to brighten your day, and thanks for taking the time to read.



The only sound to be heard in the darkened office is the rapid, deliberate tapping of the computer keys. Fingers swiftly roam across the keyboard, causing a stream of words to appear on the monitor glowing in the night.

When the man at the desk stops typing to review the words he has just written the room goes silent. With a satisfied sigh, he leans back in his office chair and grabs the coffee mug beside him. The printer spools up as he presses the print button and then lifts the cup to his lips. A single page shoots out of the printer and the man reaches for it as he sets the mug back down on his desk.

Carefully folding the paper and sliding it into the envelope, his rubber gloved hands move with a practiced efficiency. As he presses the self-adhesive stamps to the front of the letter the only witness to his act is the distinctive coffee mug, emblazoned with an official looking seal. At first glance, the seal would be mistaken for some governmental agency, but upon closer inspection the truth is revealed. In the center of the seal is a German eagle clutching a laurelled Swastika; the Reichsadler. The symbol of the Nazi power during the Second World War. A symbol adopted by many nationalist hate groups throughout the world. And this particular version has been used before.

A voice from the front door calls out through the Brownstone. "Hey! I grabbed the mail on my way in."

Her hands full up with a wriggling infant, Zoey calls back over her shoulder, "Thanks, Ellie! I'll be down in a minute." She quickly snaps the onesie back up and hefts the curly haired, smiling bundle of giggles onto her hip before heading for the stairs.

Looking over the railing, Zoey finds her sister pulling tiny arms out of a coat in the foyer, "I'm so glad you guys could come over. We've been a little lonely the last couple days, and I needed some adult company before I lose it."

"When's Charlie due back from Montreal?" Ellie turns her little one loose before she opens the closet door to stow their coats.

Walking down the stairs, Zoey rolls her eyes. "Not for two more days. Which is total crap, but he insists that laying down the framework for the most important international civil rights law in history is worthy of spending two entire weeks five hundred miles away."

Ellie shakes her head and laughs, "Glad to see motherhood hasn't changed you at all. Still throwing fake hissy fits when you don't get your way." Holding her arms out, she takes the baby when he giggles at the sight of her. "Don't worry, Jack… Mommy only pretends to be a brat."

Zoey's face screws up into a frown, but before she can say anything a streak of light brown curls barrels into her legs. "Auntie Zoey! Auntie Zoey!"

Reaching down, Zoey makes a big show of picking up the little boy. "Ugh! You're getting too big, Eddie. I'm not going to be able to pick you up pretty soon."

"Momma says I can go to big boy school soon." The little boy beams as he speaks to her and Zoey is powerless not to smile back at him.

"Oh my! That's huge! We'll have to go shopping for school supplies together. You're Momma isn't good at shopping, so you and me will have a date for that." The boy kisses her on the cheek and she melts.

"Can I play a game?" And there it is. She was being buttered up for something.

"Okay…" He is already out of her arms and halfway down the hall when she finishes. "Just make sure you don't mess up any of Uncle Charlie's saved games."

His hasty ,"Yes, ma'am, I 'member," leaves both sisters laughing as they move into the parlour to sit down.

At the last minute, Zoey stops at the entry table when something catches her eye. Ellie notices her sister staring at the mail sitting atop the table. "That's your mail. I grabbed it from the box on my way in."

When Zoey fails to respond, Ellie shifts the baby to her other hip and asks, "Zoey? What is it?" Without a response, Ellie walks up to her sister and looks back on the table to see what the problem is. The mostly non-descript envelopes are splayed out on the table where she dropped them, but the one causing her sister's sudden paralysis is plainly evident.

Ellie quickly pulls her phone from her pocket and juggles the baby as she scans her contact list for the right number. The phone rings several times as she stares at the tell-tale eagle clutching a Swastika and the words, "To: The Mud Loving Whore."

A voice on the other end of the phone cuts through her horror and Ellie simply asks, "May I speak with Director Toscano, please?"