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"Last one!" Roxas swung the weapon in his hands through the inky black shadow before him, completely obliterating it; just another boring mission on another boring day in the organization.

On most days, after completing a mission, the nobody would go up to the clock tower for ice cream with two of his fellow organization members, but today he found himself staring up at the tower thinking about just how the heck he'd gotten finished so early. There would be no way that Axel and Xion would be done with their missions by now, so Roxas opted to take a walk across the orange bricks of Twilight town.

He observed the usual shops and residencies that were sprinkled under the eternally setting sun that sat above the town. Today, one certain store stuck out to him. It was one he hadn't seen before. Through the windows he could see shelves with books, not unlike the lexicon held by his late senior Zexion. The building's sign was emblazoned with the symbol of a book as well. Roxas got to thinking about how he'd never opened a book other than his journal before. His curiosity soon got the better of him and he found himself walking through the light blue door into the shop.

The nobody wanted to look through his first book immediately, but the sheer amount of them overwhelmed the boy. He found himself drawn to a thick, heavy blue hardcover book that read, "Theories of Spatial Transfiguration." As his eyes scanned through the first page, he began to find himself very confused. He didn't really understand what he was reading, or why somebody would write this. Roxas wondered what this could possibly be for—what's it's purpose?

It wasn't long before he closed the book and inserted it back into the shelf, deciding to find a different book to look through—maybe one he'd be able to understand.

Roxas bent down to peer at the selection sitting on the very lowest shelf in front of him. The sheer amount of titles made it difficult for him to pick one out to read, so he kept looking, waiting for one to stand out. Eventually, after walking around the store for a few minutes, he came across a tall, metal rack with a collection of very similar looking books. He grabbed one titled "Heat of Passion Beach" and examined it. It had red borders and a picture of a sandy beach on the cover. Xion was always talking about the beach, and he'd see it in his dreams sometimes, so he assumed this would be a good place to start his adventure in reading.

Roxas glanced out the window of the store and up towards the clock tower, noticing that a good half hour had passed, and Axel and Xion would probably be waiting for him shortly. Thus he hastily bought the book with some extra money, and ran off towards the clock tower, picking up some sea salt ice cream on the way there.

When he finally reached the top of the tower, he found that he was completely alone.

"All that rush for nothing, huh?" he scratched his head through his blond hair. "That's fine," he pulled out the book he'd just purchased and opened it to page 1 to commence his reading.

Minutes passed as he absorbed and tried to understand the material. It seemed like it was about a woman named Sarah who was on vacation from her tiring job. Roxas knew about vacations—he'd had Axel explain them to him a few days ago when they weren't assigned any missions.

Apparently she was insecure and nervous all the time, which Roxas didn't quite understand. Feelings were such weird things; there was going to be a lot to ask Axel today.

"This is getting really confusing. How did Zexion get the stuff in these things? I think I understand what's going on but…I just don't get it," the boy sighed and stared off into the sun.

"Hey Roxas," Xion appeared from around the corner. The black haired girl sat beside him, licking her ice cream.

"Oh, Xion!" Roxas looked up from his book and smiled.

"What's that you've got?" the girl peered over his shoulder at the pages in front of him.

"It's a book. There was a shop selling them and I decided to try it."

"How's that?" Xion inquired.

"I don't entirely get it, but I think I'm learning what it's all about," the blond rubbed his eyes, "maybe Axel can explain it."

"If he ever gets here," mused Xion in response, giggling.

"Yeah, really," he put the book back and began to focus his attention on the ice cream in his left hand. "Say Xion…"


"You don't have any memories of your past life either, right?" Roxas tilted his head as he turned to look at her.

"That's right," the ebon haired girl nodded, putting her ice cream to her lips.

"Does this whole emotion business confuse the heck out of you too?" Roxas wondered. He and Xion were a lot alike in the respect that neither of them had memories prior to their birth and entrance into the organization, not to mention wielding the keyblade.

Xion dangled her feet and looked down, "I try really hard to understand it," she looked back up, smiling, "still don't. Maybe those books will help?"

"Right now they're only confusing the heck out of me!" the nobody hung his head in defeat.

"I'm sure you'll get it soon, Roxas," Xion reassured him with a pat on the shoulder.

"Seriously, where's Axel?" he looked down at the town underneath him. "You'd think I'd be able to see that red hair from up here."

Xion lifted her finger to her lips and started giggling again, "He's probably off making sure that everyone has got this or that memorized."


The two sat together and chatted until all that was left of their ice cream was the wooden sticks.

"Guess he isn't coming today...wonder why..." the blond organization member sighed, clearly a bit frustrated.

"Your guess is as good as mine," Xion leaned back. "Man, what a lazy day."

"You're telling me."

"May as well RTC. Gotta rest up right?" she smiled.

"Yeah, may as well." And thus the two entered a corridor of darkness back to the castle and into Proof of Existence where they returned to their respective chambers.

Roxas lay down in his bed, his black coat still on as usual. He looked around at his blank grey room, completely empty except for one table where his new, red book sat; it stood out like a sore thumb—he grabbed it. Flipping the book open to where he'd left off on the clock tower. Sarah was looking at a man from across the hall of her hotel, which he guessed was where she was staying. She found this man attractive, which Roxas wasn't sure whether or not it was something he understood. Attractive meant something appealing, so he figured that what Sarah was feeling was similar to what he felt about being around Axel and Xion—something you like.

Sarah seemed like she was constantly aching, which Roxas found himself sympathizing with. He too had a job that often took a lot out of him. He wanted a vacation like this; he started thinking about how he wanted to go to the beach with Xion and Axel. After some more reading, he got to a part he really didn't understand.

Sarah and that man were now on the beach, doing something called "kissing". He'd never seen kissing before—he'd never even heard Axel or anyone mention it. The text also said that she was "hot for him" which was another phrase that only confused him. Puzzled, the boy decided not to read any further before he could ask Axel about this "romance" stuff.

The next day, Roxas made his way up to the tower after a simple search and destroy mission in Agrabah.

"Axel!" he ran up to his friend and hopped on the ledge next to him, smiling. "Where where you yesterday?"

"Ehhh…had some business," the elder boy playfully shoved Roxas, "none of your business!" he grinned.

"Hey! Not cool!" he pushed back, chuckling. "I've been meaning to ask you something…"

"What's that?"

"Tell me about kissing. I know it's when you put your lips on somebody else's lips…but I don't get it," Roxas scratched his head.

Axel rubbed a finger against his left eye, "You sure that's something you need to know about Roxas?"

"Yes, I've been reading this book, and—"

"You're reading books now?"

Roxas shrunk, "Is…that bad?"

The taller organization member found his face in his hands. "Books have a lot of emotion in them," he moved his hands away from his face and only Roxas' shoulders. "It leaves a lot to be desired, and I lot you won't understand."

"But you understand it! You remember, right?" the blond interlocked his fingers, "Could you just answer my questions? Please?"

"Well, alright," the nobody sighed. "Kissing is something you do with someone you really like—someone you're really close to."

"You and me?" Roxas tilted his head to the side.

Axel grimaced and started laughing, "No, no no no. You…usually don't do it with someone of the same sex."

"Ohhh…" Roxas bit into his ice cream, nodding.

"Y'know Roxas, even though we can't feel anyone emotions, doesn't mean we can't feel anything. Just so you know not to freak out in case anything weird happens," the red-head explained.

"And what does that mean?" the boy exclaimed, exasperated. 'Can anyone ever give me a straight answer?'

"You'll figure it out eventually."

"Oh come on!"

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