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"Definitely not!"

"Of course."

"But why?"


"…Our conversations really don't have too much substance these days, do they?"

"Have they ever, Xion?" Axel gave the girl a look; she rolled her eyes in reply.

"Yeah yeah, I've got it memorized," she giggled under her breath.

"Y'know Xion, that joke is going to get old real soon," he knocked his feet against the ledge of the clock tower, pulling on one of his head's many red spikes.

"So is your silly catch-phrase!"

"You don't know nothin' about my catch phrase!"

"You don't know nothin' about how negatives work!"

"Since when did you become a language and grammar expert!"

"I file reports."


The two stared at each other awkwardly before both of them glanced to the left.

"Roxas," Xion spoke up with a hearty smile, "why aren't you participating?"

"Still buried in that book are you? And…when did I start sitting in the middle?"

"I don't know…" There was a large dose of distraction in Roxas' voice. He was thoroughly focused on the words on the page in front of him, completely tuned out from his semi-bickering friends and the big red setting sun.

"What? You don't like it? Well, you could always scoot over and sit on my lap!" The taller boy joked.

"That's not how it works, Axel," he replied flatly.

"That's not how…what works?" Axel blinked.

Xion was leaned over Axel, listening inquisitively. "Huuuh?"

"You know, lap sitting," The blonde boy flipped a page—he still hadn't looked up.

"…A-and…" Axel tried not to start laughing. Surprisingly, he succeeded. "And how does lap sitting work?"

"Girls are supposed to sit in boy's laps. Not boy and boys." Roxas nodded adamantly.

The blunt, flat way Roxas said it made Axel burst out laughing. "Okay then Mr. Expert. I'll follow the rules."

Roxas' eyes still hadn't left the book. He reached his hand up and gave Axel a thumbs up without looking.

The redhead swiftly lifted Xion up onto his lap. "There we go!"

"Oh. Neat! This is way more comfy than the stone on the ledge!" Xion made a toothy grin.

Roxas finally looked up and them and blinked. "…Huh…"

"What is it Roxas? Feeling a little jealous?" Axel slyly cocked an eyebrow at his shorter, younger pal.

A smile crept onto Roxas' until-now-stoic face. "Nah."
The smile became a full grin. "I'm only pretending."

All three laughed simultaneously.

"He's kind of a runt. Wouldn't you agree?"

"I don't…I don't…Well…Yeah, he's short…but…" Xion raised her index finger to the corner of her lips, "that sounds kind of…rude?"

"Well I guess if you want to be technical about it, Poppet. But that's not really what I mean," the older, eye-patch clad man gave her a look.

The girl awkwardly wiggled further into the couch the two were lounging on, albeit awkwardly. "…C-could you not…look at me like that?" The two were sitting in the grey room. Possibly the most bland room in all of existence. In the other corners of the room, Demyx was thrashing away at his sitar, and Luxord was playing solitaire at a table. Clearly everyone got done with work early.
…If they did any at all, that is.

"What? You got a problem with the eye patch?" Xigbar spoke with a harmless, carefree tone. "Funny story, not willing to talk about it."

"O-okay…" Xion tried her best to tune out of the conversation. Of all her superiors, Xigbar crept her out the most. Something about the way he always seemed to look at her—not to mention 'Poppet' sent small chills down her spine. 'Roxas…Axel…Someone rescue me…Pleeease…'

Not much time had to pass before she heard the footsteps of her savior clattering closer and closer to the room. Xion lit up. "Roxas!" She waved.

Xigbar glanced towards the approaching boy. "Speaking of the little guy…"

"Oh, hi Xion," Roxas walked up to the couch and stood in front of the two like a stone statue.

"What, no hello to your old uncle Xigbar?" he squinted at Roxas. "Fine, go ahead, take a seat, I've got a killer story to tell!"

Xion's blue eyes quickly filled with fear. "Um, no! I mean…Roxas and I…we have…I have to help him with a thing! Yeah!"

The naïve blonde tilted his head in confusion. "What thing?"

"You know…the thing," Xion tried to give Roxas the obvious message through eye movement.

"I do not," needless to say, he didn't get it. Roxas never quite grasped social concepts quite the way everyone else was able to.

Xion sighed, "Well I'll just have t—"The girl was cut off by Xigbar grabbing her and pushing her up to her feet.

"Okay okay, I get the point. You two play nice now!" The older man adjusted the strap of his ebon eye-patch, "But not…too much fun, y'hear?" He gave off a sly smirk towards Roxas.

Roxas blinked in response. "…I still don't get it."

"Roxas…You are like, the best friend ever," Xion tossed her body limply onto the boy's bed, "But sometimes, you are sooo dense!" she giggled.

"…Am not." Roxas' eyes smoothly looked around his room. "Maybe a little. You're better at soaking this stuff up than I am."

"No worries!" Xion gave him a thumbs-up. "I gotcha!"

Roxas nodded and laid back on the bed next to the girl.

"I'm telling you…Xigbar gives me some major creeps…Always looking at me all…creepy like," she squeezed and played with a lock of ebon hair as she spoke.

"Poppet," Roxas grinned smugly at her.

Xion turned her head to him and cocked an eyebrow.

"What? I like it! I think you got the best nickname. I'm jealous!"

"As if you could feel jealous!" she giggled.

"Well, yeah…You're right," the boy cupped his chin thoughtfully, "I suppose then, it's a mystery!"

They smiled at each other, and a surprisingly non-awkward silence became apparent; about a minute passed before Xion spoke up. "Roxas?" she waved her hand around in front of his face, her coat's sleeve flopping around as she did so.

The boy found himself staring down the neckline of Xion's coat—captivated. '…I get it now…'

"Roxas…" she placed her hand over her chest. "What are you…looking at?" The girl shifted her body around, still laying facing Roxas. "Am I—"at this point, she was close enough to feel Roxas' breath tickling her lips. Quickly overcome by the simple stimulation, she felt a heat growing in her cheeks. She let out a small whimper.

"You're red," Roxas whispered quietly and bluntly, a certain suaveness in the tone of his voice.

"M-my face?" Roxas' breath continued driving the girl wild; she shifted around again.

The blond nodded. "Xion, could I…try something again?"

Immediately, and almost instinctively or subconsciously, Xion voiced her approval through a meek "Mhm." Feeling paralyzed by his breath, she closed her eyes and let Roxas move closer. Nearly shaking with anticipation and overwhelmed by unfamiliar feelings, she let out small, consecutive sighs in waiting.

Roxas took his time, spending a few seconds each time he moved closer to marvel at the girl laying in front of him. He pondered the way she made him feel for a long time, but only now had he found a name for those feelings—how to interpret them. Finally, he connected himself to her through the soft, moist action of kissing. Improving on the last time he tried it with her, he gently pulled back on her lower lip before withdrawing a few centimeters back. Upon doing so, Xion slowly opened her eyes—they were glassy and tame; making her look like a whole different girl and yet exactly the same.

"Oh wow…R-roxas…this is…really…" she was finding it hard to piece together a coherent sentence. She tilted her head back and groaned, "Very, very, very…good. I…I like…I like to kiss you, Roxas…"

"Well, there's actually a bit more to it…if you want to…to ehm, keep going," Roxas replied, his tone sounding very coy.

Hearing that there was even more to this wonderful act, Xion found herself pleased and promptly rolled onto her back, stretching out her arms. "Yes, please," she looked at him, eyes lustrous, face flushed. "I'm all yours."

Watching her, Roxas' breath became uneven and he felt his pants getting more and more uncomfortable. The boy quietly positioned himself over Xion's petite frame, the leather of their coats rubbed against each other as he moved. "Xion…I think you look really good right now," he sputtered out before lowering his head down for another kiss. This one was the same as the previous, except after a second passed, he began to subtly run his tongue over her lips.

Xion, oblivious as to what to do, simply laid there, fingers and toes curling up.

"Mmf," Roxas pulled back, "um, here, let me help…" He repeated his actions as before, but used one hand to cup Xion's chin and slowly open her jaw for her, enough so that Roxas could slip his tongue into her mouth and begin treading it along her own.

It was official. That book was the best thing to ever happen to him.

She followed his lead and played around with his tongue in her mouth. Her hands pressed against his ribs and fingered each of them carefully. Her mind blanked out, this was all that was important. This new sensation—touch.

More was all that she wanted, and that was what she got. His hand still on her chin, her moved her face to the side and began kissing her neck. Each soft touch of his lips drew out more of her breathe; each gentle suckle made her teeth grip onto her lower lip a bit tighter; each playful nibble made her eyes wince with surprise and pleasure and her body flush a bit more.

Absolutely intoxicating. Those were the only words that could possibly describe the feeling. As his hands brushed her cheeks and his lips kissed her over and over, it only intensified the feeling. Intensified the mysterious burning under her coat, under her skin.



"Take off your gloves."


"…Take them off, please…" the girl's hand gingerly gripped onto the zipper and slowly pulled it down just a bit, opening it up slightly.

He did as she said and discarded the gloves to the side of the bed. In response, Xion grabbed his left wrist, placing his palm under her collarbone—pressing it to the skin.

More warm sensations…more feeble sighs. "…Yes…"