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A Dragon Gone Mad

Prompt: War casualties

Humans are fragile. He should have known that as soon as his first burst of flame hits the human dwellings of Berk. No, he did. He did know it, but the peaceful years on this island had dulled his sense of danger, and he'd always believed that he could protect his rider against anything.

And he was utterly wrong. Now he stood bending over the result of that mistake, sobbing as much as a Night Fury could.

"Hey, don't…don't blame…yourself," the familiar voice wheezed out, choked with blood that was flowing out of the speaker's half-parted lips, but they were still set in a strangled smile, meant to assure the shuddering beast over him, a set of fading leaf green eyes, definitely human, looking into a pair of pained, exhausted and fearful toxic green orbs that looked like a puppy's.

Toothless wailed mournfully, bending closer to rest the side of his head against Hiccup's right cheek. He didn't hear the sounds of raging dragons and battles around them. He didn't care for the bitter, blood-stained snow that surrounded him and Hiccup. He didn't care for the cuts deep on his flanks or the fact that he himself was bleeding profusely, that there was his home to save.

All the Night Fury could care about was the body lying in the snow, lying under him, with two lances through both his lungs, with blood bubbling up his mouth and dimming eyes. Fading.

It was too dangerous to move Hiccup, and both of them knew there was nothing that could be done for him. All they could do was waiting for the pain to stop, for it to go away, and with it, Hiccup's life. One drop of blood ran from Toothless' right severed ear, down to his eye and dropped onto his rider's face like a tear.

"Toothless, listen," Hiccup rasped again, and this time, the badly injured Night Fury pulled back to look at him attentively, his remaining ear pricked, trying to memorize his rider's voice into his brain, to burn it into his memory so that he would never forget.

With a weak, trembling hand, Hiccup reached up to put it on the side of the dragon's face and smiled once more, a tiny, exhausted smile. "You can't die just yet. Berk…will need to be defended. I count…on you…so go, find Astrid…protect her…protect Berk." The boy coughed again, blood splattering out of his mouth and flew up onto Toothless' snout, making the dragon smell that horrible smell, the only kind of blood Toothless never wished to taste.

Toothless shook his head, letting out another desperate wail. No, he would not leave Hiccup here, to die alone. On pain of death, on pain of his wings being severed from him forever, no, he never will. He never can.

"Toothless…this is necessary," Hiccup insisted, voice growing a tiny bit stronger. His voice made Toothless focus his gaze on him once again. "I can't hold out…much longer." Another cough. Another spray of crimson. "Please, Toothless, do this…do this for me…one last time…just one more time…"

After this, Hiccup went into a fierce fit of coughing, then when he stopped, he didn't open his eyes again, but his hand still remained on Toothless' face. The dragon held still, eyes wide. No. No.

"I'm sorry…Toothless…" a barely-above-a-whisper escaped bloodstained lips. "I didn't…mean…for your last impression…of…me…to be like this. I want…to fly just one last time…" Crystal tears escaped the edges of Hiccup's eyes, falling down. With effort, the sixteen-year-old opened them one last time, so he could remember his dragon, even through the mist before his eyes. "I'm glad I ever met you, buddy," he said, smiling one more time, before his body gave.

For what seemed like an eternity, Toothless stood frozen there. All he could feel was the hand that had slipped from his face and fallen to the cold, cold snow. Hiccup was gone. Gone. Gone forever. To Thor. Never will he hear his warm voice again. Never will he feel those caring hands scratching him again. Never will he have someone to enjoy his flights with him again.

After that eternity, Toothless finally looked up, puppy-green eyes now narrowed into dangerous slits. His body was given renewed strength because of the pure loathing for the Viking tribe who had attacked Berk, who had done this to him.

Loathing for the ones who had slain his rider.

With a roar that was pure madness mixed with grief and hatred and the need to carry out his friend's last wish, the last Night Fury charged back into the battle, a demon in its truest form, driven by the pain of loss.

There was no longer fear to die. There was no longer fear for anything. Just the battle lust that Hiccup had unknowingly tamed and cast aside. Now with that restraint gone, this Night Fury is nothing more than a black shadow of death.

Years and years later, nobody in Berk could forget that demon in dragon form, with its malevolent red-tinged toxic green eyes and its bloodied teeth bare, charging down the street, killing more than half of the invaders before the demon itself was extinguished.

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