Between "We are the Differences" (which is nearly finish, thank the gods; sequel's being planned) and the series of drabbles that follows it, I manage to squeeze this out for you guys. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Toothless' gender, which, from now on in this series of drabbles, shall be female, is not known for certain. However, the rest of all mentioned individuals in this drabble belongs to Dreamswork.

Prompt: Second Thought

Every so often, Gobber the Belch would hear Stoick, his friend and chieftain, complain about the Night Fury his son was so attached to. True, Toothless had saved Hiccup's life and kept the boy out of otherwise messy businesses, but the dragoness was anything but a pet. A loyal beast, yes, a dedicated friend, yes, a downright goofball at times, Thor yes, but…not quite your average pet. She was no fool.

This would usually be treated as an advantage, but Stoick thought otherwise. If Toothless had been a simple pet, the chieftain could have convinced her to take refugee outside of his house with a few coaxing words and fish, or he could have blamed the smelly throw-up food puddles around the house on her animal brain. But no. When Toothless threw up in Stoick's house, she was trying to spite him. Then she would proceed to give him that grin of hers, all innocent and cute.

Stoick could not fathom why the other kids, Hiccup included, thought it adorable. He thought it a challenge. And he would gladly accept it, too, had Hiccup not very nearly gone hysteric the last time Stoick lost his temper and threw a barrel at Toothless. Of course, it did not even faze her, but who cares? She would have been guilty, too, had she fought back. But of course not. What that infuriating reptile did was curl up, (pretend to!) quake miserably and gave everyone the Eyes, and so everyone go "aw" and glared at Stoick. Hiccup would not talk to Stoick normally for a week afterward.

Later on, the chieftain actually thought about strangling the Night Fury with his bare hands as she flashed him another smirk.

So yes, he hates her, Stoick concluded.

Maybe you are exaggerating, Gobber would answer. She ain't all that bad. If anything, she's the one keepin' the young lad outta trouble.

Personally, the blacksmith liked the Night Fury. She was adorable when she wanted to be, and she was incredibly helpful and polite, too, if you treat her the same way. Bonus if there are fish involved. The Night Fury is bound to make trouble here and there from time to time, but overall, she was a nice companion to Hiccup, his friends and occasionally a few adults. A mother-hen sometimes, but…maybe Hiccup needed it. And she made the lad smile even on the darkest of days.

All in all, Gobber believed Stoick was exaggerating it way too much. Even after the wedding-gone-slightly-wrong, he still stuck with his belief. Toothless' mate and children are fine, too. He would never change his opinion about them.

Until that fateful day when that redwood tree went crashing down on him.

And all he could say was, "Ayee!"

Gobber refused to acknowledge that it was the sound of his heart breaking when Stoick teased him about it later.

Still, after everything was said and done (and broken bones were mended), Gobber did keep a closer, warier eye on the rest of the Night Fury family.

Just to be on the safe side, of course.

Mm, so it was Gobber the tree fell on top of. I wonder...Would that be more interesting if it had been Stoick instead?