Name: The Chronicles of the Fellowship
Rating: M/NC-17
Genre: Romance/Humor/Crossover with a lil bit o' Drama/Angst mixed in
Pairings: Caspian/Susan, Legolas/Susan
Summary: What if Edmund was too late and Peter set Jadis free? The White Witch is on the lose, regathering her troops, thus thinning the "good" Narnian forces substantially. Caspian and the Pevensies have to fight a war on two fronts, but lack the resources to do it. Enter The Fellowship!
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Author's Note: I'm sorry if I MarySue the hell out of Legolas, but...he's an elf and Tolkien himself kind of MarySued all Elves in my opinion! Sorry for the corniness in advance.


In the region of Gondor in Middle Earth, one year after the War of the Ring....

Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli and Gandalf sat together in Minas Tirith in the garden across from the blooming white tree. "We've spent so long that it's over, I'm not sure what I should do with the remainder of my existence." Legolas offered a tame smile as he spoke.

"Ah! Just join King Aragorn over here and find yourself a nice Elven maiden. Fall in love! Have little pointy eared babies!" Gimli hit Legolas on the back and laughed heartily as he smoked from his pipe.

Aragorn simply chuckled as Legolas shook his head. "I've been alive for nearly 3000 years and for almost 1000 of those years, I attempted to court Elven and human maidens. I never found a spirit kindred to mine. I can honestly inform you that there is no woman in Middle Earth for me...elf or otherwise."

Gimli took a deep drag from his pipe, "Bah! You should give Dwarven women a try. I have a cousin who might not be opposed to being courted by an Elf. She's much like me...I'm sure she'd shave her beard to meet you."

Legolas almost shuddered at the thought as he glanced at Gandalf who was deep in thought, smoking his own pipe. He sat staring out over Pelennor Fields, which still bore the scars of the epic battle that took place there. "Does something trouble you, old friend?" Aragorn asked.

"The shadow over Middle Earth has dissipated, yet I cannot help but feel the fate of other worlds still lie in the balance. Good must triumph over evil in all worlds." he spoke as he continued to stare off into the distance.

Legolas knew what he spoke of. Elves had written and told stories of other worlds or dimensions different than their own.

Aragorn scooted forward, looking genuinely concerned, "What is this evil you speak of Gandalf?"

Gandalf shook his head, "Pay no mind to the rantings of an old man. Come...we must find the hobbits."

The foursome had agreed to escort the hobbits to Bree so they could safely make their way back to the Shire. Aragorn was concerned about random orc or Uruk Hai stragglers attacking the young hobbits on their journey home.

The following day, the Fellowship set off on what would be their last journey together.

Peter couldn't erase the moment from his mind. He couldn't believe that HE was the one responsible for setting the White Witch free. The two minutes kept replaying over and over in his mind.

He knocked Caspian over and stared up at the wall of ice, her cold eyes drawing him closer and closer. His mind screamed as he lowered his sword, his body unwillingly inched closer and closer. Somewhere, in the distance, he heard Edmund's voice, but it was too late. He felt boney fingertips drag across the cut over his eye and he heard a loud explosion as Jadis flew from the ice, taking her wand with her.

She fled immediately, perhaps because she wasn't sure if all her powers had been restored and she might be vulnerable. The following day, Caspian and Edmund began to notice empty tents and abandoned posts. Many Narnians who had no faith in the campaign against Miraz were joining in the White Witch in hopes that her evil magic would conquer the Telmarines. Caspian, Glenstorm and the Pevensies surmised that nearly half of the original fighting force had joined Jadis, leaving numbers far too thin to put up an actual fight.

Trumpkin, Glenstorm, Caspian, Reepicheep and the Pevensies sat in Aslan's How, simply staring at the ground.

"It's my fault..." Peter's voice cracked as he spoke without looking up. Susan could tell from his voice that he was crying. His siblings surrounded him.

"It's not your fault...if it wasn't you, it would have been Caspian and if I had been in front of her, it would have been me. She put a spell over's not your fault. It was Nikabrik and that hag's fault." Edmund placed a hand on his older brother's shoulder.

Caspian stared at Susan from across the room, who looked unsure and worried for the first time since he'd met her. The advancing troops and black magic didn't scare him, but the look of fear and uncertainty etched across her beautiful face nearly made him tremble.

Caspian stumbled upon Susan as she stared out over the fields in front of the How as the sun set. She heard his footsteps, but didn't turn around as she spoke. "I don't supposed a good old fashioned family dinner would be enough to talk some sense into your uncle?"

Caspian wanted to laugh, but lacked the will and motivation. He simply stared at the back of her head as wind blew stray strands of hair around her crown. "Family means nothing to Miraz unless it benefits him...which is why he did not kill me sooner."

Susan shook her head and let out a weak laugh, "I was only kidding, Caspian."

He sat next to her as she glanced at him, "My apologies your highness...I fear my mind is very troubled."

Susan nodded, "You are not the only one. Advancing Telmarines, the White seems like everywhere we turn, there's a new enemy and no help."

Caspian stared at her profile, "Your sister seems to have hope Aslan will come through for us."

Susan smiled faintly, "Nothing will ever dampen Lucy's spirit or her faith. When we didn't think we were ever coming back to Narnia, Lucy was always sure of it and she was right. I hope and pray that her optimism wins out again."

Before he could stop himself, Caspian reached over and grasped her hand in his. The motion caught her by surprise, but her body immediately relaxed from his touch. She turned to him. "Are you a disciple of living in the moment Caspian?" She stood and began walking away, giving him a slight smirk over her shoulder.

He smiled dumbly, "What do you mean?"

She didn't answer, so he stood and followed her.

Lucy slipped away from everyone, finding a quiet corner in the How as she knelt in the dirt covered floor. She shut her eyes tight and turned her face upwards, "Aslan...please. Help us. We've nowhere to turn. We need a miracle..." A tear slipped down the little queen's face as she put her head down, repeating her prayer.

Caspian followed Susan through the woods beside the How until she stood in front of a hidden waterfall and pool. She began shedding her dress, alarming the prince, "Oh! Your majesty..."

"Relax Caspian. I'm leaving my slip on..." she smiled at him, then dove into the water. "Aren't you coming?" she called out as she resurfaced.

Caspian looked around and ran a hand through his hair, then took off his vest and tunic, then his boots. He dove in with just his pants on and began swimming with her. She splashed him, laughing as he splashed back. He swam up to her and grabbed her to stop her from splashing and grabbed her arms. Her body pressed up against his beneath the surface of the water as they stared at each other before joining together for a passionate kiss. Their bodies pressed together beneath the surface of the water, inciting a nervous flutter in Susan's stomach as sensations she'd never before experienced began building between her legs. Caspian moaned into her mouth and grabbed her waist, pulling her closer as she opened her legs around him. His pants were the only thing separating them from joining as one as they kissed passionately in the water.

"Caspian--" she pulled her lips from his, staring into his deep brown eyes. "We can't..."

Caspian took a moment to catch his breath as he released her, giving her a slight push in the water. He hoped the distance would calm the intensity of his desires. "I am sorry deserve more than this."

She swam to the bank and got out of the water, shivering slightly as she rung out her hair and under dress. He watched her as he dressed quickly, "I do apologize your highness."

"It's my fault, really. There's no need to apologize. I was the one who lured you into the pool...I was just....nothing." she waved her hand dismissively.

He walked over to her and took her hand, "What is it?"

In the darkness, he could see a tear fall down her face, "I'm just afraid...and I wanted to experience something special with you...before it was too late."

Caspian kissed her hand, "As far as I am concerned Susan, every single moment with you has been special."

He took her back to the How, pressing a sweet kiss against her forehead before they parted for the evening.

(Meanwhile, in Middle Earth...)

Legolas stood atop a fallen tree trunk, scanning the woods for any sign of danger as the fellowship rested nearby. It was a relief to finally hear birds singing again. During the war, it seemed as though all the world had fallen silent, including the joyous sounds of nature. He glanced back at Aragorn, who sat contently against a tree, idly fiddling with Arwen's necklace and for a moment, he was jealous of the love they shared.

Aragorn looked at his friend and stood, walking over to him, "What is an Elven warrior prince to do without a war to fight in and a people to rule?"
Legolas let out a soft laugh and shrugged his shoulders, "That is certainly a question for the ages my friend. At least I know what becomes of a King of men without a war to fight...I am very happy for you and Arwen."

Aragorn grasped his shoulder, "You will find the love you seek my friend. Whether it be in this world or the next."

"Perhaps you are right..." Legolas sighed and looked up at the stars.

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