A/N I wrote this just after The Parts in the Sum of the Whole, it just took me a while to upload it.

Just some random fluff-like rambling.

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It was six years ago.

Their first case. Their first drinks together. Their first kiss.

And now, six years later, Booth lay alone in his apartment again, just like after their first kiss. But it was different this time.

It was all running through his mind.

"Can we still work together?" she asked, tears glistening in her eyes.

He hated seeing her vulnerable. The first response that came to his mind was quashed when he saw her face. "No," he wanted to say. "I want to be with you, that's all I want."

Instead, he formulated another idea. "Yeah."

"Thank you."

"But I gotta move on…"

Booth hit his fist against his headboard. He didn't want someone else. He wanted her. Bones. He wanted Bones.

He couldn't believe he'd told her. He'd felt that way about her for months. Longer, even. His tumour had been the catalyst. But he'd managed to keep it under wraps until several hours earlier.

Booth hadn't felt this way before. Even when Rebecca had turned him down. When he and Cam had broken up…

His heart hurt. It physically hurt. He'd never thought that could be possible. Bones had once told him it was impossible to be heartbroken.

He was heart-crushed.

What could he do now? He'd told Brennan they could still work together. But was he actually able to?

Booth rubbed his temples and sank deeper into his pillows, his head full of thoughts.

He'd kissed her. Booth had kissed Bones. He loved her, and he didn't dream it.

Then, just like after their first kiss, he went to sleep.