Chapter Four

Three, excruciating days later at the Cullen residence…

"This is ridiculous. I'm being ridiculous…" commented a frustrated, blonde vampire as he held up a fourth shirt to himself as he observed how said article of clothing would look on him from his reflection in the large, rectangular mirror inside his bedroom.

Grimacing, Jasper tore the green, long-sleeved shirt away from him and quickly replaced it back inside the closet, instead retrieving his black, knit blazer to wear over the gunmetal-grey dress shirt that he had already put on.

"You look great, you know," sounded a chipper, female voice from the doorway just as Hale slipped his other arm down the expensive, thick sleeve of the tasteful blazer.

Jasper turned around in his spot, his hands already working to adjust how the thigh-length jacket set on his shoulders and chest, as he beheld the sight of Alice Cullen leaning against the doorframe, her petite arms crossed over her lithe form as she wore an adorable smirk on her face.

"Thank you," Jasper replied back to his ex-partner, returning her kind smirk whilst straightening his stance to his full height as they continued their light conversation.

"He's going to love you in that," Alice commented playfully as she began strolling up to the tall, Texas-born vampire before her, the pixie, dressed in a sunny, spring dress, not hesitating in the least despite their circumstances to reach her hands out and fix how his shirt lie underneath the blazer for him.

"Alice, I…"Jasper began, feeling incredibly touched by the fact that the female vampire had still wished to be his friend even in the face of everything he had recently put her through, the horrendous argument they had had only a few days ago.

"I know, Jazz. After all this time, I think I know you better than anyone else, so…I know," Alice countered wisely, quirking up an eyebrow at the quiet blonde male as she finished adjusting his soft, grey shirt so that it showed just enough along his torso in between the folds of the coal-black blazer and white T-shirt underneath.

"You're wonderful," Jasper decided to settle for the obvious, pleased when Alice beamed a brilliant smile at him from her smaller stature.

"I already knew that, too," Alice joked with a teasing roll of her eyes before the two of them brought their arms around each other in a mutual show of good-natured affection, Alice Cullen honestly feeling more than happy that Jasper Hale had finally identified something in his long life that he could not understand right away, but was so intrigued by the mystery that he had to find out on his own.

The pixie vampire also knew, however, that she would miss him greatly.


That afternoon, Jasper Hale walked through the dense forestry located on La Push with silent, thoughtful steps, each one only adding onto the encumbering emotions currently swirling behind stoic, lovely eyes.

"Am I really doing…what is right?" Jasper's questions seemed to have no end, ushering him even more anxiety and subtle pain to be felt within his chilly heart, as he stepped around trees after tree, making the connection that his never-ending thoughts seemed to be just like the large, unmoving trees that he frequently passed.

"What if…all of this is a mistake?"

"I don't even know…if…" Jasper trailed off this time, finding himself unable to continue with that particular line of thinking as he slowed his steps to carefully navigate over thick tangles of visible tree roots that seemed to dip in and out of the mossy ground below.

Hale could clearly remember what had happened whence he had confessed to Alice Cullen two days ago, the look of pure, bewildered shock that had crossed over her small face as she realized in an instant that she had lost him.

"I know I…shouldn't really be surprised, but…it still…" Alice had trailed off, turning away from a downhearted Jasper as she wrapped her arms around herself and had quietly shed her tears.

"What do you mean, Alice? Talk to me…please…" Hale had asked with mild, worried words, not at all used to seeing Alice turn away from him to hide herself as he took a mindful step towards her.

"It's just that…"Alice had began, her sniffling having skewed her words a bit as she had slowly turned back around to face her ex-lover in earnest, "…while I haven't been able to have any visions of you when you were with him, I did see it when you talked about him with Edward, so…I've known about you two for a while, but I just…hoped it was something that would go away on its own."

Jasper had immediately parted his lips in a silent gasp from Alice's words to him, no other thoughts being able to make it through the mental filter in place of how she had known all this time.

She had known.

"I…"Jasper had blanked, far too caught up in his quiet embarrassment and dumbfounded state to be able to utter much else as he had dropped her gaze in favor of searching the hardwood flooring at his feet in the meantime.

"I'll admit, I'm still not used to the idea of…you…being with someone else," Alice had continued with such ragged aching in her voice that Jasper had not known if he could have stood much more short of crumbling, "…but…I do…want you to be happy, Jasper…more than anything."

Upon hearing Alice's ultimate declaration, Hale had lifted his renewed gaze back up to her, seeing her burden as well as her blessing there, as the empathetic vampire had searched her feelings and felt nothing but genuine clarity to accompany her words.

"Alice, it was nothing you did…believe me…" Jasper had seemed to regain most of his frazzled senses, having been able to draw some of his own clear resolve from how impossibly strong the Cullen female was at such a time as he continued, "…but, I cannot ignore…whatever this is that I am feeling."

"I know, Jazz…and, now that I know that this isn't something that will just go away, I've already decided that I am just going to have to deal with it and…wish you the best. I want to be there for you," Alice's tear-streaked face had curved up in a smile as she had spoken such salvaging, life-saving words to the speechless vampire, someone whom had not known such brave benevolence in any one person before now.

"I don't know what to say, Alice," Jasper had admitted with heavy heart as he stepped across the remaining distance between them and cautiously brought up a hand to a side of her heart-shaped face so he could wipe away the translucent lines of tears, "…you'll always have a special place in my heart…and I'm very grateful."

"Oh…shut up, Jasper…"Alice had laughed in good faith as she had let the blonde-haired vampire gently run the pads of his sheet-white fingers down her face before reaching her own small hands up to take a hold of his, simply holding it in between them as she had steeled her misty, golden gaze up at him before continuing, "…I'm…s-still going to need some time, but I…I just want you to know that…if you ever need anything, you can still come to me, okay?"

Jasper's concerned gaze had easily softened into a warmer, more gracious expression of understanding as he had heard the female Cullen out completely, coupled with feeling her dainty fingers squeeze at his own in such a way that it had instantaneously made him acknowledge their true bond – a sort of connection where labels had no value as long as they were simply in each other's lives and in a situation where they could be there for one another.

Nothing else mattered; they knew each other too well and for far too long to be bothered by the extent of their connection as long as it still remained in tact.

"Got it," Jasper had replied steadfastly to Alice Cullen, giving her gripping hands a slight, reassuring squeeze as well.

Jasper Hale stopped abruptly in his hurried trek through the foggy scenery of La Push, not yet able to smell the crisp seawater from his point in the forest, as his own recollections became too oppressive for him to continue to a particularly old-fashioned but rather familiar abode.

Guilt played heavily on his mind, making the quiet vampire look down towards the leaf-laden forest floor without the appreciation of their natural, beautiful pattern, as Hale frowned once more upon being able to freshly remember Alice's continuous support and care for him, things that he knew he did not deserve.

Unwarranted devotion, a boundless attachment that the female Cullen had, herself, chosen not to sever in spite of his own selfish decision, Jasper Hale was forced to yet again think ardently about what exactly he was doing.

"I am just here to find out answers…Jacob and I do need to talk about…what happened. That is why I am here right now, standing on forbidden land and heading towards Jacob Black's house…I wonder if his father is there…"Jasper's stream of conscious went so far before the brooding vampire heard a poorly muffled sound from somewhere in the forest.

However, just as Hale turned more towards the direction of the brief but blatant noise, he was unexpectedly surrounded by four, dark-skinned Native American males that had quickly appeared from behind the trees and from places that the mind sees but eyes do not.

"I thought we told you leeches to stay the hell away from our turf…or did you not catch that the last time?" Quil scolded with fire in his voice to the vampire who was standing on guard in the middle of their intimidating circle that the four of them had made around him.

"I think that's exactly what it is with this one, guys…" Sam, the tallest one of the angered men chimed in with edged gravel in his tone, meant for the vampire to pick up on while his comrades thrived on it just the same, "…not only is he mute, but he must also be deaf!"

Jasper winced as the whole lot of them laughed cruelly at him, Hale very aware of how much closer all four of them were to him now than when they had first dropped in and the vampire could tell that his back was nearing the solid trunk of an aged tree as he slowly moved away from them.

"I…was just on my way to see Jacob. Nothing more…"Jasper had voiced, his tone impeccably smooth in spite of the way he could barely hold any of the approaching male's heated glares, his slender frame feeling the harsh bark of the tree pull at his expensive clothing at last.

"Whoa, so he does speak! How about that, you guys…" Embry taunted evilly, him and Quil staying somewhat behind Sam and Paul as the latter two stepped closer to an immobile Jasper Hale from straight ahead.

"Jacob Black, you say?" Sam questioned condescendingly as he stepped directly in front of a nervous, lone vampire, narrowed black eyes boring mercilessly into Jasper's worried, golden gaze, "…it's just like your kind to lie through your teeth."

"W-what...?" Jasper internally panicked, his expression clearly showing his confusion over the pack leader's instant disregard to his honest statement as he pressed his back even harder against the tree behind him, wishing it was not there so he could put more distance between himself and the enclosing werewolves.

In a burst of energy, Jasper Hale tried to force his way passed Sam, pale hands pushing against large, resilient arms as the vampire attempted to slide his agile body passed the Native American male's side so he could, effectively escape from this man and his burning, hate-fueled eyes.

"I don't think so," Uley provided easily as he gripped onto both of Jasper's shoulders and savagely pushed him back into the rough tree truck, only then freeing a hand to bring up and painfully grasp Hale's entire jaw and most of his throat in a single grip.

Quil, Embry, and Paul hollered and cheered for Sam Uley from behind the struggling pair, encouraging their pack leader to be rough and unyielding with their captive prey, as the dark-haired male craned Jasper's head up so that the vampire had to look straight up into his looming, grimacing face.

"…s-stop," Jasper said in a depressed, forlorn manner, feeling incredibly belittled by such treatment and remarks, more than troubled by the fact that he simply did not have it in him to fight back, to stand up for himself.

"Not a chance…" Sam, dressed in a sleeveless, mesh-black top and charcoal grey cargo shorts replied back instantly to Hale's meek protest, his grip only tightening along Jasper's strong jaw line and throat, "…this is strike two for you, so I think a little payback is in order…you fucking leech."

Jasper trembled but only for a moment, his resolve making its way back into his systems, fueling his energy, giving his mind the proper attitude to resist everything that was being done and said to him, as Hale narrowed his sunlight-colored eyes as the towering figure before him.

"Don't touch me!" Jasper called out as he used an arm to knock Sam's hand away from his face, his eyes darkening into a lovely caramel, as he watched the pack leader have to take hold of his injured forearm inside his other hand, nursing it for a moment before the tall Native American began to take staggered, heavy breaths.

"Oh shit!" Paul exclaimed; taking a few steps back from a shaking, heaving Uley before the leader abruptly turned into an impossibly enormous black wolf right before them all.

"Saddle up, boys!" Paul called back to the Quil and Embry, signaling that the rest of them shift into their wolf forms as well to back up their leader, all three of them obeying the command without question in a mystifying display of lightening-fast transformations from mere humans to gigantic beasts.

Jasper Hale blinked in awe at the four, snarling werewolves before him, his hands resting on the tree behind him as his honey-colored eyes darted from chocolate-brown to jet-black to spotty grey and finally to a much darker grey, wondering which wolf might come at him first.

"I cannot take them all…I may be able to outrun them for a little while, but…what should I do; what should I do!" Hale mentally rattled off his options, knowing that his time was limited with so many werewolves standing before him, every one of them ready to strike without a moment's notice as his grip unconsciously tightened along the unforgiving bark of the tree trunk behind him.

"I am…going to die here…"

In the next instant, before any male, predator or prey, could have batted another eye, a huge wolf with reddish-brown fur leapt down in front of the vampire from an elevated ridge close by, this one baring its teeth angrily at the four other wolves before it as he purposefully got in between them and Jasper.

"Back off…all of you!" Jacob telepathically growled at Paul, Embry, Quil, and Sam, narrowing his large, chocolate eyes at them all as he snapped his massive jaws towards them all, able to sense the vampire's dreadful uneasiness behind him.

"Why should we, Jacob? He shouldn't even be here! It's a direct violation of…"Embry, the spotted grey wolf had hissed vehemently at the opposing Quileute member who stood in their way, deliberately protecting the vampire, but was cut off by another rush of Jacob's words flooding into his mind.

"I have given him permission…just him," Jacob countered heatedly in spite of the way the largest wolf, as black as the inkiest midnight hour, took another crushing step towards both Jacob and Hale behind him.

"Are you telling me that this leech was telling the truth…that he really came here to see you…?" Sam questioned sternly, not particularly liking the facts be they true or otherwise as his coal-black eyes searched Jacob's furry, brick-colored features and seeing absolutely no falsifications.

"That's exactly what I'm telling you!" Jacob growled again, craning his head down a bit as he had yet to lower his guard during such a dangerous circumstance, eyeing every one of his comrades and letting them vicariously sense how serious he was about protecting Jasper Hale.

Meanwhile, the blonde-haired vampire with wide but worried eyes, slowly stood back up to his full height as he watched the scene play out before him, able to surmise that the reddish-brown wolf in front of him, protecting him, was Jacob Black, and that he had to have been mentally speaking with the other members of his tribe at the moment.

The phenomena was somewhat unnerving to the wary vampire, the silence heavy all around him as he considered countless possibilities of just what the werewolves were discussing…what exactly Jacob was saying about him.

However, before he could dwell too much longer on the pressing, pregnant pause to his immediate demise, the four werewolves all turned around in their places and began to trot away from him and Jacob, seeming to have agreed to leave quietly without further interruption.

"Jacob…he…saved me…"Jasper instantly recognized in spite of himself, not quite able to shake his feelings of subdued trepidation and massive amounts of apprehension from such an odd happenstance as he observed the way Jacob relaxed his wide-spread stance, a stance that had been ready to spring into action at any given time in order to defend Hale from his attackers.

Jacob mindfully turned around to face Hale, his wolfish features having softened by the time he had directed his all-seeing, brown eyes up into Jasper's unknowingly nervous face, Black able to see just how caught off guard the vampire must have truly been from experiencing such developments with the other werewolves whilst being alone.

Wise to the blonde-haired male's melancholic uncertainty as the vampire had yet to move a single muscle upon pushing himself off from the tree; Jacob stepped closer to Hale and moved his nose underneath one of Jasper's hands, nuzzling affectionately against cool, marble fingers.

Jasper blinked in a small bout of mild shock as he quickly looked down upon the enormous creature gingerly rubbing his wet nose against his palm, finding himself miraculously able to forget his foreboding and lapse back into a more peaceful state of mind as he participated in kind by running his fingers over Jacob's soft, whiskered muzzle.

Jasper smiled a genuine, light-hearted smile the moment he heard Jacob make a low whine in his throat due to the careful petting of his fur, the vampire watching with pleased, interested eyes as the kind-hearted wolf closed his eyes and merely enjoyed being praised.

Then, as the vampire smoothed down the whiskers on Jacob's left cheek, it occurred to Jasper that he had yet to say anything to Jacob or vice versa, so Hale immediately halted his movements but did not withdraw his hand from the creature.

"Oh, um…I suppose we need to go somewhere private to talk, Jacob," Jasper offered simply, not able to voice the idea of going to the Black residence as he was sure that the Native American male knew that that had to have been what he meant.

Jacob snorted through his wet, black nose, and Jasper could nearly swear that that was the wolf version of the young man's typical 'sure, sure' for which to reply to things being proposed to him.

Jasper smirked softly at the realization as he retracted his hand from the wolf's snout, but only to have Jacob lightly butt his head against his arm as the werewolf turned around in his spot and took a step towards the appropriate direction.

Jasper cocked his head over slightly to a side in thought as he regarded the playful wolf waiting next to him, but immediately understood that Jacob simply wanted to walk by his side, and Hale obligingly placed his hand back on top of the wolf's head in order to let Black guide him the rest of the way.

"…like a guard dog..." Jasper mentally mused to himself as he walked next to the horse-sized wolf creature trotting faithfully alongside him, Hale's arm remaining slung over the wolf's scruff as they remained connected while trekking through the trees, "…loyal and…protective."


Seven minutes and thirteen seconds later, at the Black family household…

Jasper entered into Jacob Black's bedroom first upon having been given a small nudge from the wolf's head to let him know to go into the house ahead of him, and Hale wasted no time in directing his footsteps to the familiar, quaint bedroom on top of the stairs.

The vampire dutifully bent over Jacob's wooden desk and reached a hand out to click on the lamp that sat on top of the surface, providing a solemn illumination to battle against the grey-blue of the overcast sky that flooded into the room via the double-paned windows at various places, and Jasper Hale briefly fancied the idea that he was now able to breathe easier.

Drawing him from his thoughts, Jasper heard the door to the sleeping quarters being opened once more from behind him, the indisputable knowledge that Jacob had entered the room prompting the blonde-haired male to turn around to regard him.

However, as quickly as Hale had turned around to see Jacob, he spun back around to face the wall and window upon immediately noticing that the Quileute native was not wearing a single article of clothing from transforming back into his human form.

"…sorry…"Jasper murmured awkwardly, able to hear Jacob rummaging around in a few of his bureau drawers in order to retrieve a pair of dark green boxers and his long, black shorts to put on.

"Ha! No big deal…" Black merely waved off as he finished pulling on his meager attire, not bothering to fish out and put on a shirt as he was, in fact, inside his own home and felt more than comfortable in what he had on.

As he finished dressing, Jacob noticed a few, small but jagged holes adorning the back of Jasper's black blazer, the werewolf furrowing his dark eyebrows at the obvious blemishes to the vampire's clothing that he knew must have been from earlier.

"Hey, Jazz…did you know that your jacket has some holes in it?" the Native American asked fairly, purposefully not drudging up Hale's run-in with his very own tribe members in the forest a little while ago.

Upon hearing such a bizarre question, Jasper twisted his torso around at the waist, his hands stretching out the length of his jacket flaps, as the vampire attempted to get a good look at the aforementioned holes in his expensive, designer clothing without initially taking it off.

Jacob smirked at how impossibly adorable Jasper Hale could be without actually trying, as he watched Jasper's golden eyes widen at the realization that what Jacob had said had been true; there were a couple rips along the back of his jacket.

"I must have gotten them…from before in the forest," Jasper worded carefully as he dropped the material in his hands and finally turned completely around in his spot to face a watchful, positively delighted Jacob Black who could not help but smirk at the vampire's endearing misfortune.

"Well, give it here and I'll try to fix it for you," Black offered as if it the idea had been the most rudimentary notion to have ever occurred, the werewolf already padding across his room to his desk so he may retrieve the required items.

Jasper said nothing as he watched Jacob open the top drawer on the left-hand side, pawing through a few things before ultimately pulling out a small, clear-plastic container that housed multiple sewing needles and different colors of thread.

Hale dropped his gaze in a natural, comfortable gesture as he brought his pale hands to the folds of his blazer, pulling the thick material off of his grey-clad chest, over his shoulders, and down his long arms as he, effectively, obeyed the raven-haired young man's order as he collected the garment in both of his hands.

Sewing kit in hand, Jacob turned towards Jasper and politely took the jacket from him before gradually sinking down onto his floor to sit while he worked, Jasper quick to follow his example as the vampire also sat on the hardwood flooring.

"So…what did you want to talk about?" Jacob provided an easy opening through which the vampire could vent, as he kept his eyes on his work as he carefully threaded the black string through the eye of the needle and located the easiest tear along the fabric in his lap.

Jasper frowned at his opportunity to speak freely and openly with the werewolf, merely taking a moment to collect his thoughts as he observed how Black effortlessly pushed and pulled the threaded needle through his jacket to mend the rips, Jacob's chocolate eyes studying his handiwork which such intensity that lead Hale to believe that the werewolf had obviously done such a chore numerous times.

"Well, you see, I…"Jasper began quietly, a solid plan of execution having not totally formulated in his mind as the war-veteran vampire was quite ill-versed in such topics of confessing that which is most difficult, "…spoke to Alice. She…wants whatever is best, so she and I agreed to…well, it's just because I have been rather confused lately, but Alice and I, we…decided to…end it."

Jasper saw Jacob visibly flinch as the werewolf had pricked his finger the instant the vampire had finished his statement the way he had, the werewolf voicing a barely audible 'ow' upon doing so.

Jacob looked up, the very air in between their close, sitting forms having drastically changed into something much thicker, as the werewolf had intended on posing another curious question to Hale but lost all previous thought as he witnessed Jasper's gorgeous eyes growing half-lidded with unbridled thirst as the latter sniffed the air and caught the scent of his blood.

Jacob did not have to look down to know that his one fingertip sported a minute dot of blood on it, as he unconsciously licked his drying lips and invitingly held up his hand in front of him, coaxing the inebriated vampire as well as providing him such an opportunity as Black relished in the way Hale shivered at the situation.

Jasper parted his luscious, alluring lips as he smoothly dropped the rest of the way down onto his hands and knees with only a subtle shift of his weight that did not go unnoticed by the attentive Native American, before Jasper slowly, seductively crawled his way over to Jacob and his outstretched finger.

"Jasper…"Jacob began in a low, 'bedroom' voice to the approaching vampire, the werewolf finding himself quite immobilized for the moment as he marveled at the way Hale made Black's injured finger slide in between his lips and into his warm, moist mouth, "…do you know how fucking sexy you look right now…"

Hale purred in hazy response to the rhetorical question, his tongue swirling generously around the calloused digit inside his mouth, bringing Jacob mind-warping tangents of pleasure to be felt from such teasing ministrations as the Quileute tribe member barely let his finger heal completely before bringing both of his large, tanned hands to Jasper's sides.

With the gentle but unwavering urging to his trim waist, Jasper Hale easily crawled the rest of the way into Jacob's lap, instantly flooding the werewolf's blanking mind with delicious hints of pleasure from the vampire's solid weight settling over him.

The blonde-haired male slipped each of his jean-clad legs on either side of Black's powerful thighs, the dark-skinned young man simultaneously sliding his hands down from Hale's sides to his thighs in order to keep the vampire as close as possible during the effortless transition.

The werewolf's intent gaze darkened drastically as Jacob's heightened senses cherished how Jasper had to place his slender, sheet-white hands on top of his broad, bare shoulders as the vampire got more comfortable sitting in Jacob's warm lap; their noses nearly touching with how sinfully close they were made to be via their new position and Jacob Black did not take for granted how Hale had completely allowed for this to happen.

"Jazz…tell me…"Jacob cooed amiably in a sweetened tone as he mindfully lifted his hands up to either side of Jasper's perfect, awe-inspiring face, letting the heated flesh of his fingers rest gingerly along Hale's strong jaw line and neck whilst he spoke, "…did Sam or any of the others hurt you?"

Drowsy-looking, half-lidded eyes blinked calmly at the question, Jasper having visibly relaxed on top of Jacob's thighs as he felt the Native American's strong hands being so gentle with him that it made his whole world soften and silence, before Hale offered Black a kind, grateful smile.

"…no," Jasper answered dreamily, closing his honey-colored eyes that had just begun to spark with the tiniest sparks of red from having consumed human blood, as the vampire charmingly leaned more into Jacob's touches, nuzzling his cheeks against the werewolf's work-roughened palms.

"…good," thought Jacob the moment he had heard Jasper's quiet reply, as he willingly let himself be lured into the tempting depths that virtually everything Jasper Hale did inflicted upon him, feeling quite drawn to the way the shy, Texas-born immortal favored his touches and sought out more.

Slowly, with consideration in his every breath and move, Jacob used his light hold along Jasper's jaws to pull him even closer, mocha-brown eyes peering through the glaze of his own overwhelming wishes to see sunlight-colored orbs close again peacefully before Jacob was able to feel the coolness of Jasper's cheek against his own.

Two pairs of enticingly-shaped lips pressed together in a purposefully leisured kiss, the type of connection first established so that the two people may get reacquainted with each other, sense what to do and what not to do, as Jacob and Jasper wholly acknowledged the need to reintroduce themselves to each other's body.

"…my God…I've needed this…"Jacob internally realized tenderly, even his thoughts becoming enveloped in a wonderful trance as the werewolf's whole being was suddenly encompassed by everything he had ever felt about Jasper; every insignificant thought being brought back into vivid, commanding light, as he felt the object of his obsession accept him without a trace of concern.

Russet fingers coasted amiably through short, silken curls of wheat-colored hair as Jacob parted Jasper's lips with his own; savoring how the vampire in his embrace slowly wrapped his lean arms around his neck in the process, as Black slid his tongue inside Hale's warm, intoxicating mouth.

"Mmm…"Black groaned into Hale's sweet, spicy cavern, tasting all of the flavors he had grown to miss over the passed few days, as his whole body seemed to calm down as well as tingle with anticipation upon feeling Jasper's soft, velvety tongue meet his own in their long, exploring brushes against one another.

"…perfect…just like before…I could live for his taste…" Jacob mentally drawled as he suckled on the tip of the vampire's tongue in between his luscious lips, his actions purposefully teasing and hinting at much more erotic activities he wished to perform with Hale, making Black all but crave to try to bring Jasper as close to his personal brink just so he could witness something so spectacular.

The pace of their kisses was mesmerizing, making almost time itself stop for them both to stretch out such a forbidden, candy-sweet moment in which Jasper gradually melted against Jacob's strong hands holding him, the solid, sturdy body beneath his own that had sworn to take care of him, rendering the taken vampire only able to squeeze at Black's large shoulders encouragingly whilst they engaged in their searing, caring kiss.

Jasper whined softly against Jacob's lips as the latter closed them against his own to place another chaste kiss to his begging mouth, Jasper and Jacob both angling their heads a bit differently as they quickly sought out each other's unique, life-saving taste once more, their passion and pace increasing the more they learned about each other.

Pale fingers scratched down Jacob's wide, muscular back, digging into the many grooves there in a pleasantly thoughtless manner, as the vampire and the werewolf swirled their sensitive tongues together furiously now, Jasper only somewhat aware of the fact that Black was sliding his hands down the length of his athletic frame until he felt Jacob's strong fingers squeeze at his perfect ass in a possessive hold.

Hale growled softly from the enjoyably rough grip on his ass before slamming his lips back onto Jacob's waiting mouth, both men injecting heated, hungry fervor into their demanding kisses and strokes of their tongues as Jasper drew his hands up to tangle in jet-black locks, his pale form nearly trembling within the werewolf's secure embrace from how much raw need and passion that practically flowed from the dark-skinned male in which he could completely lose himself.

Slender hands slid around from the back of Jacob's head to either side of his nicely-structured face as Hale boldly placed light, provocative nips to the young man's parted lips, drowning in the heavy pants and quivered groans that he was able to pull from him in the process, as the Native American, in turn, kneaded the firm, supple curves inside his hands in a pleading gesture to the heavenly vampire atop him.

"Jake…I can…feel your lust for me…" the pale blonde confessed in between the sultry nips to Jacob's tingling lips, the vampire absolutely addicted to how warm and comforting the werewolf's powerful body felt against his own, before both men hastily crushed their lips back together in a hurried, fiery kiss that made each of them groan low in their throats from the sensual force.

"And…how does it feel, Jazz?" Jake whispered the timbre-laden question back to the dazzling vampire in his arms, his words accentuated with a slow, meaningful squeeze to Jasper's sculpt ass as he watched with fascinated, captivated eyes as Hale sighed his pleasure from both.

Full, alluring lips grazed tauntingly over Jacob's own petal-soft mouth as Jasper leaned closer to the delectably unbridled werewolf before him prior to giving his answer.

"…it feels…amazing," Hale replied in a hushed, erotic voice, his words absolutely true as they washed over Black, bringing the latter tiny, jolting sparks to be felt all over his body that he was able to please someone so breathtaking.

Then, before Jasper could blink twice, Jacob utilized his solid grip on the vampire's ass to suddenly hoist them both up from the floor, the able-bodied Quileute member effortlessly carrying Jasper a few steps forward until he slowed his movements and carefully eased Jasper down onto his bed.

Jasper's hands slid down Jacob's exposed neck with lingering touches until the vampire had to bring his hands to the plush mattress underneath his body for support; half-lidded eyes the color of afternoon sunlight watching how Jacob tilted his head to side to regard him while still running his large hands heavily up Hale's abdomen.

"Then, how about I make you feel…something even more amazing…"Jacob provided meaningfully, his tone and words kept staggeringly even as Jasper visibly trembled with accumulating desire whilst being subject to such brazen touches to his long, lean form.

Jacob methodically leaned forward to capture his pale-eyed obsession in a familiar, reassuring kiss while he simultaneously brought his hands to the top button of the vampire's metallic-grey dress shit, unlatching each, small button from its respective hole with relative ease as the werewolf positively burned to see more of the gorgeous being before him.

Jasper hummed into their wanton kiss, able to sense Black's building desires and inner-most feelings about their moment together, things specific and outstanding within the empathic vampire's mind as he was certain that he had never sensed such unfaltering emotions from another person before.

The raging need that fueled Jacob's actions in spite of how gentle and tedious they were with him, spoke of the werewolf's hopeless infatuation and perhaps even more, and Jasper Hale knew that he had never known another that had felt so extremely about him – a furiously immense affection, an unyielding love that knew no bounds while still maintaining such discipline that it threatened to thaw more of the ice around Hale's heart.

Jasper Hale was beside himself with how strong the emotions were that wafted from Jacob's every thought and feeling, coupled with the ever-present fact that Jacob Black was a werewolf, it virtually made the vampire stop to consider the possibility that everything he had ever known had been wrong.

Within the next instant, Jacob was pulling the sleek material of Jasper's dress shirt from his body with infinite care, and ducked his dark head down towards the vampire's flat, clothed stomach.

Jasper propped his weight up on his elbows as he watched with curious, awestricken eyes as Black sensuously pushed the thin, white T-shirt up towards his chest, revealing his toned abdomen and trim sides to the werewolf's hungry, narrowed eyes.

The instant that Hale was about to say something to Jacob, Jasper gasped sharply, tipping his blonde head back in wonderful, torturous pleasure as he felt the Native American place his lips to his lower abdomen and press kiss after sweet kiss to his sensitive, smooth flesh there in a praiseful, cherishing manner.

"…J-Jake…"Jasper stuttered aimlessly, the vampire not at all used to such intricate worship of his body as he realized that he, oftentimes, was the one to act as the pursuer, the one who praised someone else during the act of lovemaking and the like.

The honey-eyed vampire knew at once that he absolutely loved the opposite end of the spectrum, favoring greatly each time he felt Jacob run his satin lips over another area of his abdomen to kiss and nuzzle with no other objective in the matter other than to bring Jasper Hale astonishing amounts of pleasure.

Jacob Black brought out his soft tongue, trailing over subtle muscles encased in cotton-soft skin beneath him as he moved his mouth over to one of Hale's hipbones, his tongue digging into the sharp curve there and relishing in how Jasper immediately writhed around on his bed and mewled in lustful abandon from such playful stimulation.

More than encouraged by how impossible submissive the obedient vampire inside his room was being with him, the werewolf continued to lap and lick at Jasper's narrow hipbone, knowing that he was bringing the composed male out of his genius mind at the moment by such nagging, yet unsatisfying pleasure, while the raven-haired young man also moved his hands to the silver button adorning Hale's black pants.

Jasper's breath hitched in his throat as he looked down to see Jacob easily pull down the zipper to his pants, chocolate-colored orbs, appearing black from the surrounding dimness, also looking up from his work to peer lovingly into Jasper's waiting gaze even though his hands never stopped in inching Hale's pants down passed his hips.

"Let me do this, Jazz," Jacob said softly but steadily, sensing Hale's slight apprehension as he placed another sugar-sweet kiss right below the vampire's naval as the werewolf succeeded in freeing Jasper's straining erection from his slacks and boxers.

Jasper trembled deliciously underneath Jacob's skilled, determined hands as he captured his bottom lip in between his pearly white teeth, gleaning just as much sinfully arousing torture from something so erotic, as he watched Black kiss and nip his way down to his leaking sex, the dark-skinned male kissing the enflamed tip before licking at his own lips to taste his lover's smooth precome there.

Jasper immediately released his bottom lip from his teeth, his lips parted in silent, mind-breaking bewilderment as he witnessed Black practically savor his taste by briefly licking at his own lips before the Native American male gracefully lowered his mouth back down to Hale's begging length, running his lips teasingly up and down the porcelain, silky-smooth flesh there before granting the stunned vampire any true pleasure.

"Wow…"Jasper let slip from his mouth unintentionally, the single word having simply escaped him in his unthinking state as the blonde-haired immortal could feel his chilly body tingle with fleeting sparks of red-hot sensations that pooled low in his groin as he absolutely relished in how Jacob was taking his time with him, genuinely aiming to please him as Black let Jasper know exactly how taken he was with him.

Jacob could feel Jasper's beautiful body shiver beneath him as the vampire watched him part his luscious lips, bring out his soft tongue and lick a quick line up to the swollen head before him, easily letting the spongy flesh slip into his mouth as the werewolf squeezed his lips around him.

"Oh…shit…Jake…"Jasper moaned out the staggered, trembled words for the werewolf to hear just exactly what his ministrations were doing to him, pale hands fisting the thick quilt comforter beneath him as he felt Jacob gradually apply more suction to his sensitive, dripping head in turn.

"Mmm…I love making him like this…hearing him say my name like that…" the dark-skinned young man realized amorously to himself as he lightly scraped his white teeth against the velvety skin of Jasper's cock, sensing keenly just how painfully aroused Jasper had become from the constant attention to somewhere so sensitive, "…but…I want him to completely lose himself…I want him to get exactly what he wants…"

Suddenly, the deliciously hot, wet cavern was gone from his length as Jacob rested his hands on Jasper's spread thighs, the werewolf boring his lust-hazed eyes right into Jasper's half-lidded ones before speaking.

"Tell me what you want me to do…anything you say, and I'll do it," Jacob breathed out hotly across Jasper's exposed abdomen, the words making Hale lick at his own lips in countless, forbidden thoughts plaguing him upon being granting such permission over someone so proud, so powerful.

Jasper swallowed hard before voicing his first thought to the patiently waiting werewolf lying in between his legs, Black's emotions nearly smothering the vampire with how unbelievably eager and serious they were as the latter awaited his words.

"…grip the base," Jasper instructed just as breathlessly, just as caught up in the moment as the infatuated werewolf who quickly did as he was told and wrapped a large, skilled hand around the thick base of the vampire's pulsating cock.

"Mmn…"Jasper could not help but voice aloud upon being obeyed so quickly and efficiently, having never been allowed to dole out such orders to a previous lover like this as the vampire hurriedly adjusted to his mindset to what he wanted to happen next.

"Tell me more," Jacob purred out lovingly to the hesitating beauty currently occupying his bed, unable to help the small lick to Jasper's head to catch the small line of precome that had begun to drip down from the slit.

"Take it…take it all inside your mouth again, Jake," Hale shuddered out, feeling even more sensual and delightfully devious by his own words as he gave Black further instructions to bring him pleasure.

Jacob smirked darkly before angling Jasper's cock more towards his mouth and parting his lips wide so that the mushroom head easily slid back inside, the werewolf keeping his gripping hand tight along Jasper's base as he continued to lower his mouth along the impressive length before him, curious to see just how much of his lover he could handle without discomfort.

"Oh my God, Jake…haa…keep going, please…keep going," Jasper begged reflexively, not entirely clear as to what he was pleading for as his slender body writhed and stretched atop the soft mattress as he felt Jacob nearly swallow all of his aching cock.

The Quileute native hugged his lips around every inch of the throbbing, addictive cock that he let slide in and out of his talented mouth as Jacob began building an increasing rhythm of bobbing his short-cropped raven head up and down Jasper's groin, the dark-eyed young man utterly in love with the way Hale begged him for more and gently thrust his hips up to meet his mouth.

The werewolf had to physically refrain from reaching down in between his own legs to release his own begging arousal and experience some much-needed relief; the aesthetic influence of seeing Jasper Hale in the throes of his pleasure proving to be far too potent for him to handle sanely; as he began moving his hand along with his lips to act as an extension of his mouth that stroked Hale's sex in a purposefully coaxing manner.

"…not this time…" Black reminded himself regarding his own needs, knowing that this moment with Jasper was about building trust and letting the vampire know exactly how he felt about him, "…this time, it's about him…I won't scare him off…"

"Haa…Jacob…Jake…c-close…mmn…you have to s-stop…"Jasper moaned out his warning to the moving, concentrating young man lying partially on top of him, Jacob suckling and massaging the highly-receptive underside of his length to almost heaven-inducing degrees as the latter continued to bring his fist and lips up and down the rigid flesh with hurried, frantic ministrations that Hale knew were to tell him that that was precisely what the werewolf wanted to happen.

"Jacob…ahh…God…coming…I'm coming…I'm sorry…"Jasper suddenly arched his immaculate, partly clothed body off the bed, his abdomen muscles flexing as he maintained said position and dug his long, pallid fingers into smooth, raven locks in absolute bliss.

Jacob had immediately relaxed his throat upon hearing Jasper's sensuously moaned words to him, as he quickly thrust his lips back down to the pulsating base of his lover's spurting, releasing cock, letting most of the vampire's warm, milky come slide down his throat with easy swallows before hurriedly pulling his mouth away.

White fingers loosened their hold on jet-black hair, the last of the vampire's translucent completion splashing provocatively across his toned abdomen, until Jasper bonelessly reclined back onto the bed, letting his hands drop back onto the mattress as well as he lolled his blonde head to a side in sated, unimaginable euphoria.

Jacob smiled down at the sight before him, taking in how utterly peaceful and harmonious the deadly immortal looked lying there sprawled out underneath him, as the werewolf slowly brought his head down to the jagged lines of creamy essence that he had intentionally let stream across Jasper's own flesh so that he may tend to him this way as well.

Jasper blinked his slightly unfocused eyes, strange but not terrifying for someone of his caliber, as he felt the gentle, attentive licks to his lower stomach, seeing the Native American lap in languorous movements of his tongue at the few lines of his own come that had strung across his skin, admittedly without his knowledge.

"Jacob…I'm sorry," Jasper whispered dreamily to the impossibly careful werewolf before him as the dark-haired young man finished his truly admiring task before crawling on his hands and knees up Hale's unmoving and completely relaxed form.

"What are you apologizing for?" Jacob asked in a quiet, even voice, genuine confusion evident his tone despite of how tender the moment was still kept in between the two males as Jasper peered his glorious gaze up into patient, mocha-brown.

"You have nothing to be sorry about, Jazz…" Jacob cut the wordless vampire off, not raising his voice with him in the least as he brought a hand to the side of Jasper's perfect face and affectionately rubbed his thumb across his pale, high cheekbone, "…I wanted to do that for you…let you know…just how serious I am about you."

Jasper turned his head and leaned more into Jacob's mindful touches; an elegant smile gracing his regal features as he considered the werewolf's words to him, loving the subtle intensity of being directly underneath and subject to someone so unyielding in their beliefs and nature as the vampire genuinely sought out comfort from Jacob's simple touches.

"So…how was it…?" Jacob asked with a cocky grin, knowing that Jasper's answer had to be in the positive considering how he had came furiously down the raven-haired man's throat while moaning to the shadow-laden ceiling in toe-curling pleasure.

Jasper licked at his drying lips, merely taking a moment of how to put something so prevalent in only a few, short words as he briefly let his gaze slide off to an indistinct direction.

"…unbelievable…"Jasper replied softly yet seriously as he regained Jacob's intent gaze and continued to voice his thoughts aloud, "…I could feel…what you felt the entire time, and it was just…the best I have ever had."

Jacob smirked handsomely at Jasper's honesty, admittedly feeling extremely proud of himself that he had been able to please the magnificent Jasper Hale so thoroughly, as he brought his lips to the vampire's smooth forehead to place a quick kiss.

"Good," Jacob confirmed quietly against Jasper's wheat-colored locks, making them move a little from the breath escaping him at such a close proximity.

"Oh! What um…what about you…?"Jasper realized with slight panic that the werewolf had yet to receive any physical stimulation and relief, as he quickly snapped his head straight to cast his wide-eyed gaze back into temperate chocolate orbs that smiled at him even before Black's luscious, shapely lips did.

"Tempting…very tempting, Hale…especially with you lying right there, waiting for me…but…"Jacob thought seriously to himself, his tongue briefly darting out to lick at his still-smirking lips before Black spoke his answer.

"Don't worry about me, Jasper…even though it is something of a challenge, what with you lying on my bed with your clothes barely on and all, but I want to take things slow with you…okay…?" Jacob provided with enormous devotion, a type of patience and understanding in his words to his beautiful lover which could only manifest in those entirely of the purest form of love.

"I…I see," Jasper replied a bit weakly, feeling incredibly touched by the young man's gesture of compassion and something much more resilient and permanent than what he had initially feared Black's feelings had been for him.

"You can do something for me, though…"Black added with a bit a playful, merry tone to his voice as he smiled heartily at the vampire underneath him, watching him with great interest at the enjoyable switch in their conversation.

"What's that?" Jasper asked at once; ready to learn just what he could do in return to the surprisingly devoted male above him as Jacob sank his fingers a little more into golden, curly locks of hair that fell enticingly away from Jasper's strong cheekbones until they touched along the quilt at his back.

"Stay with me tonight," Jacob finished solidly, his tone and eye contact with the vampire unwavering as he let his calloused, work-hardened fingers sift through silken tresses of styled, blonde tresses, feeling the softness from something of Jasper's almost acting a sort of balm over his own much more coarse being.

Jasper blinked his lovely eyes up at the contagiously somber werewolf above him, not having to utilize his empathetic powers at all to know that everything that was transpiring for them was just as sincere, just as meaningful as his every word, as he let Black's kind caresses to his hair and face simply wash over him, cleansing him of every, individual strife he had ever known.

"Okay," Jasper whispered out his answer, as gentle and light as snow falling down from the heavens, as he closed his eyes in wonderful serenity whilst, once again, turning his head towards Jacob's cradling hand, seemingly able to tap into some otherworldly vein of carefree revelation by the act, before the vampire pressed his rose-petal lips against the Quileute native's palm, slowly kissing the rough surfaces there with immeasurable beauty.

Author's Note: I hope that wasn't confusing for anyone. Ugh, what am I saying; I got confused lol. Anywho, the story needs a bit of a twist, so I shall gladly accept any suggestions you might have, yeah? Thanks a million, fans! XD