Hello, everyone. This is just a one-shot based on the episode Point of No Return. Haven't done any writing in literally months so I figured this would be a nice practice piece, something to warm up with! : )

Disclaimer: Castiel, Dean, and Supernatural are not mine. Trust me, if they were, God would not be acting like such a douche and Zachariah would have met a more grisly end. (See my story Trials of Love for reference! Lol!)


Castiel understood Dean's depression. He wasn't so far removed from the world that he was unable to comprehend what Dean was feeling. The angel himself was struggling to accept the fact that the faith he had clung to in regards to his Father how now been shattered into a million pieces. That his search had meant absolutely nothing. That his Father truly did not care about him.

But he still had Dean. Dean, whose unshakeable faith that they would somehow get through this, that they would win this fight and save the world no matter what anyone else said… Castiel had clung to that faith desperately.

And now he didn't even have that anymore. Dean was giving up. He wanted to turn himself over. He had decided to let the angels win. He didn't care anymore about what would happen to Sam or Castiel.

The final straw had been when he had gone down to the room where they were keeping Dean to check on him. When Dean had actually banished him… it was too much. The hurt at the betrayal broke Castiel.

He was able to find Dean with some effort. Fortunately, after spending as much time with the Winchester brothers as Castiel had certain tracking methods had easily been learned. He dispatched the man praying, making no effort to hide the annoyance in his voice before dragging Dean into the alley and away from prying eyes.

Sadness… rage… pain… the all too human emotions welled up inside of Castiel. And he couldn't bear it anymore.

"What-!? Are you crazy!?" Dean yelled as Castiel slammed him against the brick wall.

Castiel didn't even flinch. "I rebelled for this!?" he yelled furiously. He threw Dean across the alley and went after him, landing a few well aimed punches to the hunter's face.

"So you could surrender to them!?"

He continued to rain blows down on Dean. A part of him knew just how much stronger he was than Dean, even with his diminished powers, and that he could even possible kill the man. But Castiel had gone past the point of caring. The hurt he was feeling had boiled over and it had to be released, even if that meant it would be aimed at Dean.

"Cas… please!" Dean wheezed out in between blows.

Castiel pinned Dean against the wall, his hand clenched around Dean's throat.

"I gave everything for you!"

I gave you my trust… my loyalty… my faith… my powers… my being…

"And this is what you give to me!?"

More blows fell, the final one sending Dean flying down the alley way, into the chain link fence at the end and falling to the ground. The man looked up at the angel, blood trickling down his chin with eyes filled with grief.

"Do it," Dean ground out. "Just do it!"

For a moment Castiel considered Dean's words. For a moment the thought of actually killing Dean crossed his mind. The thought that perhaps ending the hunter's life would somehow make everything better.

And then the moment passed. Castiel saw the desperation in Dean's face, the guilt and pain etched deeply there.

Where is the man who had such confidence? Where is the man who had always promised me it would all be OK?

Castiel reached forward and touched Dean's shoulder, sending the man into a deep unconsciousness. The rage that had consumed him was gone. Now, all Castiel was left with was mind-numbing grief and helplessness.

What now?