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Chapter 1-Betrayal, Loyalty and Deception

Fierra couldn't believe it Ganshira had gotten arrested for plotting against the Pharaoh. It was all true though. Ganshira had always hated Pharaoh Yami after he had ordered her husband's execution, but as Pharaoh he had duties to protect his people, and Ganshiras husband had been the mastermind behind a large group of murdering, thieving bandits. Fierra though he got what he deserved, but she kept that opinion to herself because, of course, Ganshira was hell-bent on revenge. Eventually one of their more nosey neighbours had discovered the plot and reported Ganshira. So now Fierra stood in front of the Pharaoh himself, along with her fellow slaves and Ganshira, all awaiting judgment. Ganshira had to be restrained be several guards as she had attempted to attack Pharaoh Yami several times, all to no avail. So far they were making sure that no one else was in league with Ganshira in her plot to kill Pharaoh Yami.

Fierra gulped as she realised that the role of accomplice was hers and hers alone. Fierra certainly didn't want the young leader dead, but she was smart enough to know when to grab an opportunity to learn more magic and further her natural skills. That's what Ganshira had been teaching her, how to use her fire magic more effectively, not to mention a few handy healing spells. Ganshiras had quickly picked up on her potential, being a seasoned sorceress herself, and quickly taken Fierra under her wing, teaching her the way of healing magic and fire magic, although she had already been born a natural with the latter. Fierra almost fainted as the Pharaohs advisor called up each slave one by one to enter into questioning, and before she knew it, her own name had been called and she was numbly walking before the mighty Pharaoh himself, kneeling at the sight of his large gold-trimmed marble, her flame red locks falling down around her face.

Ganshira was fuming. She had been found out. Now revenge would never be hers, unless...Unless Fierra put all her training into practice and killed the little twerp of a pharaoh with her fire. Fierra was a good little girl and she would do what was required of her, in that Ganshira had no doubt. Her heart leapt as she heard the timid girls name being called and was she approaching the stairs that led to the Pharaohs elevated throne. Ganshira stared at Fierra, eagerly awaiting her obedience to spring into action and kill the Pharaoh.

The advisor spoke. "Slave, are you in any way, part of this traitors plot to murder out beloved Pharaoh? If you lie you will be put to death." Now was the girls moment of truth.

Fierra listened to the advisors question. Now was her moment. Her honey-velvet voice rang out, loud and strong, throughout the chamber.

"I was recruited by my former mistress to aid her plot, " the guards were ready to grab her, but the Pharaoh stopped them with a wave of his hand.

"Go on." He said

"Thank you your highness. I was recruited to help her, but I do not share her want of your demise, nor do I support her actions towards you. You are a wise and strong leader and without you leading us, Egypt would quickly fall into chaos and disarray. I and loyal to you, the Pharaoh, and would never even think of harming anyone within these palace walls. If your highness does not believe me than I am prepared to face my death." She finished.

The entire time she was talking she was looking right at the Pharaohs eyes, as unnerving and disrespectful as it was, she had to make sure he knew she was telling the truth. The chamber was silent as everyone absorbed her startling confession. Suddenly a high-pitched shriek erupted from a corner of the room. In the silence the guards restraining Ganshira had relaxed their grip and now she had worked her way free and was lunging and Fierra, screaming in rage.

"You little brat! You betrayed me!" Fierra sprung up from her position on the floor and dashed behind a large pillar, dancing out of Ganshiras grasp, and bumping into someone else's strong muscular arms...

High Priest Seto was going to the Court Chamber to watch pass down the fate of a woman who had been plotting his death, and her servants. Seto had come into the room quietly and unannounced and was watching the unfolding events from the shadows behind a pillar. A stunning red-haired beauty had just finished a very interesting confession from a slave-girl called Fierra. 'Hard to believe she's a slave, she looks like a nobleman's daughter.' He thought. Suddenly panic broke out.

The prisoner was free and coming at the girl, most likely to kill her for betraying her. Seto just stood there, stunned, as the girl ran his way, obviously trying to evade the mad-woman. She had no idea that Seto had been watching from behind the same pillar she was running behind. She collided with him, squealing ever so cutely, as he firmly, but not cruelly, held onto her shoulders, which also prevented her escape.

Fierra squealed as she was stopped by someone. She stared up into the impossibly blue eyes of someone very handsome. Her bright emerald green eyes widened in shock as she realised she had rammed smack bang into the High Priest! She was about to stammer endless apologies when he smiled slightly, a smile that sent her heart into a frenzy and left her knees like jelly. She frowned slightly and unwillingly tore her gaze away from his face. All in the room was quiet, apart from her hammering heart, which she was sure the High Priest could hear. But there were no shouts, no yells...nothing. He also frowned in confusion and released her shoulders.

They both peeked out from opposite sides of the pillar. Seto's eyes widened slightly, but Fierra's face fell into full-blown shock. Ganshira, who had forgotten all about Fierra, had seized the opportunity to go after the pharaoh once again. And this time she had been successful. The unconscious bodies of all the guards who had rushed at her were littered around her feet. She stood in the middle of the room, a look of pure hatred and maliciousness covered her face, her mouth muttering furiously at some spell and her hands twisting around in front of her, as if they were gathering cotton-candy on a stick. The poor Pharaoh who knew little about magic didn't know what was happening, however Seto and Fierra, whom had both in depth experiences with magic, knew exactly what was about to happen. Ganshira was powerful, but she rarely used her magic, as it left her quite weak, and this spell was her most powerful, but also her most deadly. Not many people had the ability to drain the life out of almost everyone in the room, and then aim it at a specific target. And that target right now was one very frightened 19-year-old Pharaoh.

'Oh no, oh no, no, no, no, NO! Not that, anything but that!' Fierra thought frantically. Everyone except Pharaoh Yami, High Priest Seto and Fierra had been drained. There was no one left to come to their rescue. The Pharaoh was paralysed with fear as he stared at the crackling blue energy gathering in Ganshiras hands. Seto began to chant a long counter-spell, but Ganshira was already preparing to release the deadly energy burst.

"NO!"Fierra screamed, sprinting out from behind the pillar, up the stairs and skidding to a halt in front of the Pharaoh. She raised her arms and all the fire in the room coming from the torches and braziers flew up into a ball high above Ganshira, who had just aimed and released the deadly magic. Just before the blue pulse hit Fierra, she threw her arms downwards, aiming the burning ball at Ganshira, who was quickly engulfed. All of this happened in the space of three seconds.

A shrill cry tore through the silence and the fire burned Ganshira alive, soon followed by a scream of pain that had been ripped from Fierra as she was hit by the full brunt of Ganshira's attack. She doubled over and clamped her eyes shut, her weak knees giving, leaving her rolling over and falling down the stairs. But as she slipped into darkness, she never hit the cold hard stone floor.

High Priest Seto was chanting away when suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, the slave girl ran past him and planted herself as a human shield in front of Yami. Seto watched in awe and shock as all the fire in the room swarmed upon Ganshira and burned her. He looked to the slave girl, who for a moment, seemed so savage and fierce, yet so beautiful and timid. Suddenly that beautiful face was distorted by pain and a scream that sounded so...unhuman, it shocked Seto into action. He ran towards the tumbling figure of Fierra who was rolling down the stairs, albeit...gracefully, and scooped her up in his arms before she even got halfway down. Seto gently placed her on the stairs making sure she wouldn't slide down. He reached Yami in no time, who was still standing there, stunned.

"Yami! Yami! Snap out of it! Sit down." Seto commanded and before Yami had a chance to comply, Seto pushed him down into his throne.

"Guards! GUARDS!" he roared to the passageway that was behind Yamis throne. Soon a flood of royal guards were stampeding through, picking up their fallen comrades and dragging away the burnt body of Ganshira.

"You!" he boomed to one man, "Pick her up and follow me. Be gentle, but hurry! The rest of you, no one is to disturb the Pharaoh! Once this room is cleared get out and leave him be!" he left the room via the passageway, the guard who had picked up Fierra following closely behind, with an unconscious and paling Fierra in his arms. Her life was draining faster than anticipated.

"You will go outside and tell the advisor who is waiting that all official enquiries are to be put off until farther notice once I am finished with your services." He told the guard following him as Seto led them through a maze of hallways. They reached a door which Seto opened, it led to his private quarters.

"Put her down and leave, now!" he yelled, perhaps a little too forcefully, because the man practically ran from the room a nervous wreck.

"Oh Gods," he muttered as he dashed around his room, gathering various ingredients needed for the spell.

"Please give this girl the strength to pull through this ordeal and please give me the power to heal her." Seto finished placing the items in a circle around the slaves body. He grabbed her hand. She was so cold and pale, barley breathing. She was ebbing away, only moments away from deaths cold grip.

He chanted furiously, clutching her hand as the items around her glowed brightly, then turned to lumps of ash. As Seto's own life transferred to her he felt himself getting weaker, but he could feel her pulse. She suddenly took in a huge gulp of air and opened her eyes, and began coughing and spluttering, her lungs getting used to the feeling of air again. Seto got behind her and propped her up so she was sitting. He was exhausted himself, but she was alive and that was the important thing. He released a breath he didn't realise he had been holding in.

'I'll learn more about this mysterious girl when she's recovered. Right now she needs rest...so do I' Seto gently scooped her up and laid her down on his bed. Fierra weakly raised her head to look at him and muttered a small, yet whole-hearted "Thank you." As he covered her with a blanket and she fell into a deep sleep. Seto stepped back and went to his large soft chaise lounge. He soon fell into his own well needed sleep.