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Chapter 3-Playing With Fire

Seto had picked up Fierra soon after she fell asleep and had carried her to an empty chamber which had been prepared to be her room, and then he returned to the banquet. Bakura had gone by the time he came back, and that made him a little anxious. His nervousness was quickly banished when Mokuba slammed into him for the second time that night.

"Big Brother, where's Fierra?" he asked

"She was tired Mokuba, she went to bed."

"Oh..." said Mokuba sadly.

"Don't worry Mokuba; you'll be seeing more of her. She lives here, not to mention she's my apprentice."

Mokuba immediately perked up and went back to his seat to finish his meal. Seto resumed his seat next to Yami and sighed.

"Is she alright?" Yami asked in a hushed voice, even though everyone else was conversing loudly.

"Not right now, but she will be soon." He mumbled under his breath.


"Oh nothing, Bakura just got on her nerves. She loves horses. She said she used to have one of her own... Yami, what would've happened to that woman's livestock after she was arrested? I know I've never taken an interest in this stuff before, but-"

"Say no more Seto, you don't have to explain your reasons. They've most likely been sold or snapped up by family members."

"Yami, I'm going to need tomorrow off and I'd like Fierra to have a distraction." Seto stated plainly.

"Of course... Joey!" he suddenly shouted, practically right into Setos ear. Seto flinched a little and Joey turned to look at Yami.


"Will you, Mai and Serenity be staying tomorrow?" Yami asked Joey, but it was Serenity who answered.

"Sorry Yami, but Joey and I will be going back home to Alexandria. However, Mai will be stay here for a week or two."

"That's right Yami. Cairo has so many fabulous places to shop! I can't resist a small shopping trip." Mai added.

"Ladies! I believe Yami asked ME what our plans were." Joey said sighing.

"Sadly dese two are right. Serenity and I will be goin back home in da morning, but Mai will be staying ere for a while. An Tristan is gonna keep a close eye on her, right man?"

"You bet Joey!" Tristan replied, doing his best in a staring competition with Devlin, which was not made any easier by Mokuba who was waving his hand between the two and making silly faces at them.

"How come I'm always the last one to know what's going on around here?" Yami mumbled before continuing."Mai, would you mind taking Fierra out with you tomorrow? She needs to keep her mind off the worries and have some fun."

"Well then you've asked the right woman for the job." Mai said.

"Oh, but keep her away from the livestock section." Seto added.

"Livestock? Why on earth would I go to the livestock?"

"You wouldn't but she would. Just make sure she doesn't go near them."

Mai thought it was a strange request until she remembered the earlier confrontation between Fierra and Bakura. "Ok, sure thing, but I highly doubt she'll have animals on her mind when I'm through with her. We'll be shopping all day!"

Joey groaned as he thought of all the things Mai would be returning home with.

"Oh stop your whining Joseph. I, as a woman, have the obligation to go shopping! You won't do it, that's for sure."

Yami smiled at the couple while Seto just rolled his eyes.'Poor mutt. I actually feel sorry for him.' He turned to Yami.

"Now that that's all taken care of, I think it's waaaay past Mokubas bedtime." He said, raising his voice slightly, then added quietly, "I'm also feeling pretty tired."

Mokubas eyes widened and he moaned in protest."But Big Brotheeer! I'm still hungry!" As if to prove himself wrong, Mokuba let forth an almighty belch. "Ooops..." Mokuba said as he clamped his hands over his mouth.

"Mokubaaaa!" Seto yelled in disgust and mock anger.

"Alright! I'm going!" Mokuba gave everyone and hug and said goodnight before he smuggled a piece of lamb into his mouth and ran to bed. Seto sighed and shook his head sadly.

'That child will never change.' Seto stood and said his own farewells before leaving and walking to Mokubas room. The kid was already in bed and sleeping. Seto smiled and kissed Mokubas head and left the room, closing the door behind him quietly. He was heading to his own room when he passed Fierras. Seto couldn't resist, so he opened the door just a crack and peeked inside. Fierra was sleeping quietly and peacefully, the moonlight shining on her perfect face. Seto stared for just a moment longer than necessary, then closed the door again and went to his own room. Soon after getting into bed, he slipped into a very welcome sleep.

Fierra woke to the sounds of muttering and shifting. "This girl has nothing to wear! Well, that's all gonna change..." The voice sounded vaguely familiar and Fierra was genuinely confused until she finally remembered the owner of the voice. 'Mai? But what's she doing here?'

"Oh good! You're awake! Yami has asked me to take you out shopping today. First we're going to get you some proper clothes, and then you're going to come and help me pick out things for our house back in Alexandria. Sounds like fun right?" Mai said enthusiastically, her eyes shining and her hands clasped together. Fierra couldn't possibly imagine what could be so fun about shopping, but she agreed anyway.

"Excellent! Now get ready, I'll be waiting for you in the courtyard." She was almost out the door when she stopped and turned back to Fierra. "Oh, and hon, you can call me Mai." She added sweetly before leaving the room and closing the door behind her, leaving Fierra alone with her thoughts.

'This is just too weird. It's probably some dream. I mean...I'm meant to go shopping...with Mai?'

'Just grab this chance! It'll never come along again!' another part of her brain responded.

'Well, either way, I can't keep her waiting.' Fierra slid out of bed and noticed she was in her own room this morning.

In Fierras eyes, it was just as grand as the High Priest's room, but she could tell that it was a room for the not as important. Showering facilities, including a deep bath, a wash basin and some towels, were behind a reed wall divider on one side of the room. A smallish wardrobe was between the bed and wall divider. On the right half of the room there was a table and two chairs in one corner and a column of shelves in the other, the door settled in between them. Two windows allowed for sunlight, one in the showering area looked over the city, and the other one that was opposite her bed had a little balcony.

She walked over to it and found that it was above a courtyard garden. She spotted Mai chatting to someone and realised that she was meant to meet Mai down there. Fierra saw the building opposite her room and realised it was the stables.

'How fortunate! Now I know where the horses are.' She thought happily. 'Hmm...Stables, stables...Oh Isis! Last night! I went to the stables and...and he followed...' Fierra's mind suddenly flooded with the events of the night before. She how she'd ran to the stables, and how the High Priest had followed her, and...hugged her! Then she'd fallen asleep...IN HIS ARMS!Fierra squeaked and blushed at the memory. 'Oh lords, I must apologize to him! I wonder what he meant by 'apprentice'...' Fierra made a mental note to ask the High Priest what he meant.

She also remembered that idiot, Bakura, and how he had been going on about how useless horses were. "What kind of man, no, idiot, hates horses, yet uses them because they're fast." She ranted out loud. Fierra bathed quickly and dressed in the clothes that had been left out for her. It was white linen with a soft brown trim.

'Where do these keep popping up from? After all, I don't have any clothes as beautiful as these.' In the back of her mind, Fierra hoped that the High Priest had picked them out for her.

"Whoa! Bad Fierra! Stop thinking like that." She scolded herself, quickly banishing any thoughts involving the High Priest and her. Fierra brushed her hair and dressed before stepping out of her room. She suddenly realised that she had no idea how to get to the garden below where Mai was resolved to ask the first person she saw for directions. That person just so happened to be the Pharaoh.

"Oh! My Pharaoh! I'm so sorry-" She stammered, falling to her knees on the floor.

"Fierra, It's fine. You saved my life. It's not like I'm going to throw you in the stocks for asking me directions." He said, helping her up from the floor. "Now, I suppose you're on your way to meet Mai for your shopping trip?" he questioned. Fierra nodded slightly.

"Well I'll take you to her. I wanted to talk to you anyway. Now don't look so scared, I just wanted to ask you a few things." He added when he saw her frightened face.

"O-Oh. Well, what do you wish to know my Pharaoh?"

"For starters, how long have you been a slave?"

"Since I was 8, your majesty. My parents sold me because there were too many mouths to feed."

"8! So young! How old are you now?"

"I am 17."

"You've been a slave for that long!"

"It's not as long as it could've been, and I was treated fairly by most of my Masters or Mistresses." Fierra lied. There had only been two kind masters. Ganshira and an elderly man. All the others had beaten her or tried to force themselves on her. Fierra would never allow the latter, and for that she was always re-sold.

"Why did your last Mistress want me dead?" Yami asked, after a few moments of silence had passed between them, filled only by the sound of their sandals flapping against the floor.

"She wanted revenge after you ordered the execution of her husband, my King." Fierra replied.

"...Yes, that would do it. Who was he?"

"His name was Mansaka and he was the leader or a particularly nasty group of bandits...BANDITS!" She cried out suddenly.

"What! Where?" Yami asked, grabbing a dagger from the belt around his waist.

"What? Oh, no! I didn't mean here in the palace! Please excuse my outburst my Pharaoh!" Fierra said, begging for forgiveness.

"Oh. Well, never mind then, and you're excused. But tell me, what sudden conclusion have you reached?" Yami asked, sheathing the dagger.

"Well, please forgive me for asking, but...was the man last night, Master Bakura, is he a bandit?" she asked.

"Ah. Yes, he is. Actually he's considered the King of Bandits. I'd be proud of him if the title were 'The King of Sports' or anything like that, but sadly it is not. He became Bandit King sometime after their leader died...you know, I'll bet that that man, Mansaka, was the one he replaced! After all, the timing fits..." Yami said, going off on his own thought tangent.

Before long they had reached the garden. "Well Fierra, you've helped me a lot and I wish to talk to you again, perhaps after you've returned from shopping with Mai?" Fierra nodded.

"I hear Mai. If I don't go now, who knows how long I'll be trapped." He whispered jokingly before leaving Fierra.

"There you are! Was Yami just here?" Mai asked, suddenly appearing next to Fierra.


"Oh. I could've sworn I heard him. Anyway, are you ready for some serious shopping?" Mai asked, her eyes sparkling. For the first time in her life, Fierra felt how she should feel. Excited and happy.

"You bet!" She nodded so vigorously that her red hair flipped about wildly.

"Geez Fierra, you're a natural! Anything you wear looks good on you!" Mai complimented as Fierra blushed.

After hours of dress shopping Fierra had all the fancy clothes she would ever want. Gold, purple, green, red, orange, black, white, blue and cream were all colours in her new wardrobe. The only thing missing were some comfortable clothes. For that Fierra chose a knee length cream dress with gold, orange and red thread sewn into the hem, sleeves and collar, gold at the ends then orange then red, like a fire. She got several dresses in that style, all with different colour threads. After Fierras clothes were taken care of, Mai dragged her off for furniture shopping. They picked out a few very snazzy (and expensive) furnishings before stopping somewhere to eat the lunch they had brought with them.

"Was that fun or what!" Mai asked breathlessly as they sat down on the bank of the River Nile.

"I've never done that before, but definitely the most fun I've EVER had!" Fierra agreed.

"What? You've NEVER gone on a shopping spree before! You have been sorely deprived girly. We'll have to do this more often!" Fierra cracked a huge grin and nodded in agreement. After they had eaten their lunches Fierra asked a question.

"Umm, Mai. Does the High Priest play the Shadow Games?" Mai looked mildly surprised at the question.

"Oh yeah, he Yami and Joey love them. I'm surprised you know about them."

"Oh, I don't. I just heard that the High Priest plays a lot. I was wondering what his favourite monster is." Fierra said innocently.

"Ok. One, stop calling him 'High Priest'. Call him Seto around us, same goes for Yami. It sounds so weird when people use their formal titles. Second, his favourite shadow beast is the mighty Blue Eyes White Dragon. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no particular reason. What's...Yami's and Joeys. I bet you have a favourite too." Fierra asked.

"Well, Yami likes Dark Magician, Joey likes Flame Swordsman and I like Harpies Ladies. But then again, Joey does love his Red Eyes Black Dragon..."

"Wow. I guess you guys are really into the Shadow Games..." Fierra trailed off, storing these little bits of information in her brain for later use.

"Yeah, I guess we are. Well, I'm exhausted. How about we head back to the Palace?" Mai suggested. Fierra nodded and soon they were sitting in a curtained pall that was being carried by eight men. Behind them was a pack horse that carried their clothing purchases. The furniture would be delivered to Alexandria by caravan or boat.

Suddenly as they were passing through the marketplace, something caught Mai's eye in one of the stalls. "Oh Fierra! That would go beautifully with your dresses! Stop the pall!" Mai cried, dragging Fierra out and to a stall before they had even lowered it. Mai had spotted a beautiful garnet horse charm on a leather thong. The horse looked like it was running, with its tail and mane billowing out behind it and its hooves curled up underneath its belly, mid run.

"How much for the horse charm? Here's 10 gold, that should be more than enough." Mai said before the stunned merchant even had a chance to respond. It couldn't be worth more than 30 silver at the most.

"Mai! So much?"

"Oh hush, it will look gorgeous on you!" The merchant handed Mai the pendant in exchange for the gold. Mai immediately put the pendant over Fierras head and it settled around her neck, like it had been waiting for her to come along and buy it.

"See! It looks beautiful!" Mai exclaimed.

"The lady is quite right Madam. It is a fine pairing indeed." The merchant finally said. Mai gave him another few gold pieces for his good opinion and Fierra pinked a little.

"Um, Sir. Who made this?" Fierra questioned.

"My daughter, Sasha. She has an excellent eye for detail."

"Um, would it be possible for me to meet with her?" Fierra blurted. The merchant opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water and Mai just stared at Fierra like she was mad.

"O-Of course your highness. Where should I send her?"

"Umm...send her to the palace tomorrow morning. I'll make sure she's allowed in and I'll wait for her myself."

"Your kindness is simply too much my lady!" He gasped.

"Nonsense! Your daughter is very talented, that talent should be nurtured." Fierra replied.

With that Fierra and Mai turned and walked back into the pall, which immediately started moving.

"Fierra! What was all that about! One second we're buying a necklace, the next you're offering the man's daughter a job?" Mai asked, confused.

"Hey, you're the one who gave him all the gold."

"Yeah, but he called you 'highness'!" Mai added. Fierra gasped.

"He actually called me that!" she squealed.

"Um, yeah!" Mai squealed back.

"Well, I wanted Sasha to make a few custom pieces, that's all." Fierra replied, trying to compose herself.

"Oh...Well it was still a shock to the man."

'He called me highness...' Fierra thought disbelievingly.

"Yami! You'll never guess what Fierra did at the marketplace!"


"Oops, sorry" Yami laughed as Mai and Fierra bustled into the gardens, giggling madly.

"Well, tell me, what did she do?"

"You tell him, it was your idea." Mai said, shoving Fierra towards Yami.

"Alright, Alright!" She said in defeat. "Um, my Pharaoh-"

"Please, call me Yami."

"Ok...Yami, I invited someone to the palace tomorrow. I hope that's ok. She crafted this pendant and I wanted her to do some personal pieces." Fierra explained. Yami looked closer at the horse pendant sitting around Fierras neck.

"Anyone that skilled is a welcome guest in my palace." He said finally.

"Oh thank you Yami!" Fierra burst out before running back to Mai and jumping around like a rabbit.

'Seto's a lucky man...' he thought, a little enviously. It was clear as day to Yami that something was developing between Seto and Fierra, but then again, he usually picked up on these things before the people involved knew it themselves. He thought back to Marik and Tea's announcement and remembered how stunned everyone had been. Yami however just smiled and gave them his congratulations, knowing they would be happy together. Mai and Fierra made arrangements to meet up later on and rifle through their purchases before Mai left and went into the palace. Fierra walked back to Yami

"You wanted to continue our earlier conversation when I returned?" she reminded.

"Ah! Yes. Well first off I wanted to thank you personally for saving my life. In all the fuss I never got around to thanking you, so...Thank you for saving my life Fierra, I am forever in your debt." Fierra blinked and was speechless, but Yami continued anyway.

"Second I've decided to grant you one wish and I will try my very best to make it happen, so long as it's nothing that would disrupt the flow of Egypt or replace someone important, like Seto."

"Oh no! I would never wish High Priest Seto any harm! That goes for anyone in the palace!" She cried adamantly.

"Yes, I know that, I was just using it as an example." Yami said, trying to calm her down.

"Oh." She whispered before blushing a little.

"As I was saying before, this wish may be cashed in at any time, but it must be witnessed by several different people. Another thing, you must be wondering what Seto meant by you being his apprentice."

"I was a little curious." Fierra admitted.

"Well, he knows you can use magic and he believes that you could be very powerful. He doesn't want to see that go to waste, or fall into the wrong hands."

"That's why I trained with Ganshira." Fierra blurted "She saw my potential and offered to train me, I'd never had someone actually encourage me to use my skills, so naturally I agreed. By the time she told me of her plan, I was too deep in and she trusted me so much. I decided to run when I got the chance." Fierra stopped walking with Yami and slumped down on a nearby bench, holding her head in her hands. "I can't believe...I just killed my mistress in cold blood. I mean, I KNEW what she was doing was wrong, but I never meant to KILL her! Something just took over in me." Yami stopped walking and turned to Fierra.

"Fierra," he said gently, sitting next to her, "You did what was necessary at the time. You'll have some nightmares, but you're not a monster. What took over you was instinct, survival of the fittest. It's a primal urge that man has had since the dawn of time. If you hadn't acted the way you had, I might not be sitting her right now, and for that I'm grateful. You did nothing wrong." He said, holding her by the shoulders and trying to talk some sense into her.

"I-I guess you're right..." Fierra said finally.

"Of course I'm right! I'm the Pharaoh!" he added, trying to cheer her up by putting his hands on his hips, puffing out his chest and lifting his chin, trying to look like a statue. They both laughed when suddenly a little voice chimed in.

"And don't forget my hair takes several days to prepare!"

"Mokuba!" Fierra gasped. Yami, however, just laughed harder.

"That too, that too." He gasped out. Mokuba crawled out from under a bush and jumped on Yami, knocking them both off the bench and into a pile of sand. Fierra moved away just in time to avoid being taken down by the flying Mokuba too.

"Oops! Sorry Yami!" Mokuba apologised.

"Pharaoh!" Fierra cried in panic, but Yami only burst into a fresh wave of laughter.

A few servants stopped their work for a moment, wondering what was going on. Mokuba and Fierra helped Yami up as he ceased his laughing and wiped a tear from his face.

"I haven't laughed that hard since...since...well I don't quite remember."

"When I dumped that bucket of water on Big Brother when he was talking to those servants!" Mokuba suggested, his eyes glittering at the memory of his mischief.

"What!" Fierra squealed in disbelief.

"That was YOU Mokuba!" Yami asked in amazement "I thought as much." He added.

"Yeah! Seto looked like a drowned cat!" Fierra bit back her giggles, but she couldn't help it, and soon Fierra was laughing madly, clutching her sides. Yami and Mokuba looked at each other and shrugged, not knowing what Fierra saw so funny.

"I-I-I'm sorry. I'm just imagining the High Priest with lots of wet cats draped over him" she giggled out.

"Oh really? Am I that funny?" A voice asked from behind her. Fierra immediately stopped laughing and her face paled as she turned very slowly to face Seto, who was trying his best to hide a smile and look very serious and cross. Fierra tried really, really hard not to laugh again, but when the man himself was standing right there, just how she'd imagined him, arms crossed and a serious expression on his perfect face, it was sooo much easier to picture wet cats of all colours clinging onto his clothes. Fierra cracked a huge grin and rolled into another wave of mad laughing,

"C-Can't you imagine it clearer now?" she managed out between laughs.

"You know Seto, she's right!" Yami chuckled as he too understood what Fierra had seen. "Mokuba, you really did a splendid job that day!" he added. Seto's eyes widened.

"That was YOU! YOU poured the water on me!" Mokuba uttered a tiny 'eek' before turning and running. Seto quickly caught up to him and wrestled Mokuba into one of the sand pits that were part of the gardens decoration and tickling him until Mokuba was out of breath. Yami and Fierra were still smiling as they watched the two brothers tackle each other. Suddenly the hairs on the back of Fierras back stood up and a shiver ran down her spine. They were being watched. She stopped smiling and whirled around, her eyes locking onto a balcony above as a white flash disappeared into the room...HER room.

"Yami..." she whispered, her eyes never leaving the balcony. "There's someone in my room." At that Seto and Mokuba stopped playing and sat up.

"What? Are you sure?" Seto asked, straightening up his robes.

"We'll send the guards up immediately." Yami said sternly

"No, I'm sure they're gone by now. They know I saw them." She muttered. "But I'm going to take a look and see if they took anything. Before I go, does anyone in the palace have white hair?" She asked, turning to Yami and Seto. Yami frowned in concentration, but Seto know exactly who it had been.

"No...I don't think so." Yami responded after a minute.

"Ok, just checking. I'll be right back." She said before sprinting off to her room.

After Fierra had left the presence of Seto, Yami and Mokuba she had quickly made it to her own room. She flung the door open and immediately her gaze settled on the white haired figure sitting on her bed, playing with his dagger.

"Bakura." She hissed

"What? Not even a hello? No manners? You're a slave, you should be bowing to me." He said, looking up like he hadn't noticed her noisy entry.

"Any slave is higher that a bandit, even if they are the Bandit King. I'll never bow for you." She hissed again, taking a few steps into the room.

"Ah, so now you know who I am." Bakura said, almost sadly. "And you WILL do as I command."

With a blur of movement Bakura had pinned her against the wall and was holding the dagger to her throat.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. Not now at least. No, that would be too...easy. I might just play with you a little first." Bakura said, leaning in so close to her that she could smell his surprisingly sweet breath.

"Don't you know never to play with fire?" she growled

"Is that meant to frighten me?" He taunted.

"No, it's just a fact." Fierra stated, suddenly smiling. All of a sudden, Seto barged into the room.

"What the...Bakura!" he roared.

Before Bakura had the chance to run from the only man on earth he actually feared, Fierra latched onto his sides and he screamed in pain, dropping the dagger and staggering back. His shirt had black holes burnt into it and the skin underneath was sore and red, like it had been burnt, which it had. Fierra leapt out of his reach, a small fireball in each hand, gathering power with each passing second, fuelled by her anger.

"You little-"

"Get out of here now, before I do something I might regret." She snarled. Bakura back toward the window that overlooked the city and Fierra hurled a fireball after him, indicating that he wasn't leaving fast enough. Bakura dodged it, but barely. He paused momentarily at the window

"I'll be back, and I will get my revenge." He threatened an evil smile on his face.

"NEVER!" Fierra bellowed, throwing the other fireball at him just as he jumped out the window. Fierra just stood there for a moment, trying to steady her breathing, before slumping onto her bed and sighing.

"I really, really hate him." She muttered.

A minute or so after Fierra had left the garden Seto decided to follow her.

"Yami, do you mind taking Mokuba, I'm going to check on Fierra. She should've said something by now, even if she did just shout it from the balcony..." he said, getting up and quickly striding after her before Yami could say anything. He was approaching her room when he heard angry talking and saw that her door was open. Seto appeared in the doorway and was met with a very unnerving sight. Bakura had his dagger to Fierras throat and Fierra was pinned against the wall.

"No, it's just a fact." Fierra had finished saying.

"What the...Bakura!" he yelled. Bakuras head turned to Seto's direction and a flash of fear crossed his eyes. Before Seto could rip Bakura away from Fierra, the Bandit King screamed and leapt away from Fierra who had now removed herself from his reach and was standing in between Seto and Bakura, a fireball in each hand, getting bigger with each second. Bakuras sides were burnt and the cloth charred.

"You little-"

"Get out of here now, before I do something I might regret." Fierra snapped, before Bakura even had a chance to finish his threat, her voice laced with so much venom and hatred it made Seto shiver. Fierra hurled a fireball which Bakura avoided. He stopped and hissed out something that Seto couldn't hear, but obviously Fierra did, for the next thing that happened she was shouted at Bakura and aimed another fireball at him, which missed completely because the Bandit King had jumped out the window. She then sat on her bed and stated very plainly that she hated Bakura. Seto ran to the window and looked around for Bakura, but the bandit was nowhere in sight. He walked back over to Fierra and sat down next to her.

"Are you alright? Did he hurt you?"

"What? Oh! Master! I'm sorry, I didn't even realised you were here!" she stammered.

"Hush. Did Bakura hurt you?" he repeated

"Oh, you saw that..." she said meekly, her cheeks pinking a little.

"I'm fine. I left him worse off. When I told him not to play with fire, he just didn't listen." Fierra added quietly.

"Well then, you gave him fair warning." Seto agreed.



"I-I have to meet Mai!"

"Huh? Didn't you already go shopping with her?"

"Yes, but we organised to go over our shopping afterwards." She explained.

"Ah. Well, once you're done would you meet me at the stables? I want to show you something."

"Of course Master. Oh, and Master..."

"Hmm?" Seto mumbled just as he was about to leave the room.

"I'm sorry about my behaviour last night...in the stables..."

"Oh...Oh! Well, uh, don't worry about it. You were upset and needed some comfort. Baratus wouldn't be very comfortable to hug." He stopped talking and they both blushed when he realised what had just come out of his mouth.

"Er, just meet me at the stable when you're finished with Mai." He stammered before exiting the room.

Bakura was doing his best as he tried not to touch the new burns that had been left behind as a token of his idiocy. He would never underestimate that fire witch again. She could burn you without warning and that made her extra dangerous. However, it also made her an easy way to exact his revenge on Seto. Plus it was good fun to toy with her.

It was obvious to Bakura that Seto was forming some sort of attachment to her, and Bakura planned to use that to his advantage. Bakura had made it to his groups city hideout where he had tended his wounds, ignoring the many curious glances of his minions.

No one ever got near Bakura. EVER. Bakura had a very evil, cunning and cruel plan forming in that distorted mind of his.

You could just tell because he was smiling.

And Bakura smiled only when he was brewing some evil scheme.

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