"Wow," whispered Lyn as she walked down the street," Death City." The hat she recieved from Noah blocked out most of the sun as she stared at everything, oblivious to all, on her way to Shibusen. It wasn't until she heard the familiar cry of "Lyn" that she snapped back to reality and noticed Frosty and Savvy running towards her.

"Where have you been?" asked Savvy when they had caught up to Lyn." And where in the world did you get that hat?"

"I got this from Noah-sama when I Giriko brought me to meet him, Justin, Gopher, and Clown." she replied.

"Oh, okay. Hang on. What?" said Frosty. "H-how did you get here then? Noah is a collector. He wouldn't give up something as valuable as a being from another world so easily."

"My guess is that Gopher was getting annoying. For some reason he hates me, but I hate him, too, so I really can't complain."

"Now that makes perfect sense. Gopher can be really annoying."

"Who's Gopher?" interrupted Savvy.

Frosty and Lyn looked at each other before Frosty replied," No one that you need to to concern yourself with." He and Lyn both smiled.

Savvy gave a tired sigh." Then can we please figure out how to leave?"

"Noah-sama and I already figure that out." said Lyn as she pulled out the flashlight. She looked around and started towards a dark alley. Once there, she shined the light on the wall." Just step through and I'll follow right after."

Savvy, who just wanted to go home, stepped through immediately. Frosty followed behind her, and Lyn, after giving one final glance around her, stepped through the portal. Once through, she discovered that everything was just like they had left it. Savvy had even checked her phone and discovered that it was still the same day. Lyn put away the flashlight, sat down, and fell straight asleep, thinking about their adventure.

Hope you enjoyed it. This is only the first one in a series. Where will their adventures take them, I wonder?