Lost Feeling

Ayanami: Since Chrysie is asleep still... Hyuuga stop poking her.

Hyuuga(stops poking Chrysie): Sorry Aya-tan.

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Kuroyuri: She owns the green eyed white haired girl Yumi.

Haruse: On to the show.

Chapter 1 Lost Girl

Veloren was the most perfect creation made by God to watch over death in the world that he himself created for his works to live in. Everynow and then his daughter Eve would go down and end up lost trying to find her way back home. Veloren was always the one to bring her back home.

One day while Veloren found himself wandering in the woods he was always calling home waiting to see if he was needed today. When he heard the voice of a small child,a girl, vrying out for the smallest sread of help. Veloren was wondering what comotion would be out side the forest of death. When he reached the edge of the almost creepy looking wood lands. What he saw shocked him was a small little girl. She had hair as pure and white as the snow and bright seafoam green eyes running from something. Stepping out she ran right into his cloaked form falling right on her little tale. The child looked in pain for a moment and the spoke.

Little Girl: Please just kill me quickly if that is your intintion!!

She braced herself for the attack that never came.

Veloren: I wish not to harm you young one.

She opened both of her eyes to see the death god's human form staring down with a blank expression. Blinking a few times a hand was placed apon her head trying to calm her fears luercing benith the surfface.

Veloren: Whats your name young one?

Little Girl: Yumi...

Veloren: Thats a fine name for a small girl like you.

He looked in to her eyes and took note that what ever had scared her was still out there and wanting her dead. Slowly her helped the girl Yumi up from the ground bending down to her level to speak with her. Yumi stood strong liked the weapon she was named after holding her ground waiting to fire off in a run. Her dress was torn all over the place and she wanted to bolt when needed because it was up to her knees.

Veloren: What are you running from?

Yumi: People who wish me great harm...

She looked teriffied agian and tears formed in her eyes. Veloren wished Eve was her to deal with this girl like she knew how. But all he could do was hug and listen to what she had to say. Shacking as she spoke she threw herself apon the death god crying wishing she was stronger and able to protect herself. Each word was sobbed. He wrapped her up in a spare black blanket cloth like fabric ab wrapped his arms around her calming her. Slowly he took her to a nice place to rest and calm down. Eve wouldn't be down on earth for a few days. Now this was a challange taking care of a 6 year old girl. He watched as she sleep warpped up tightly to keep her heat in she moaned in soft sleep her boy contorted into a shape she felt like sleeping in. He watched closer as her small chest rised with breath. He seemed a bt happy he sould help her but Eve would give her the most help.

Veloren thinking: tonight will be a long night....

and oh was he right later on.

Hyuuga: sorry for the cliff hanger but chrysie had to force her slef to write another fic.... seeya next one!