The silence was broken by a sharp, 'Click!' followed by a flash, coming from Star, who was holding the camera she had taken from her purse.

Star was frozen in shock, and temporarily forgetting Paulina, Danny slowly stretched his arm towards her.

"Star, it's not what it seems. I am fine, just give me the camera and-"

"No!" The yell tore itself from Star's throat as the shock began to wear off and she backed up. "Y-you're not fine! You're bleeding and-and…" Unable to go on, Star tripped on her own feet and landed heavily on the floor. Danny began to get up and tried his best to calm her,

"No, it's not that bad, just-"

"D-danny? Wha-what's going on?" Paulina's small voice came from below him, Danny mentally cursed, this was hard enough with only Star. 'At least Paulina's not freaking out.' He looked down at her to see two large aquamarine eyes staring at his own. Eyes that studiously avoided his injury. He cleared his throat,

"Well, uh, you see…"

"Are, are you in a gang?" She whispered. He stopped for a moment before beginning to laugh,

"G-gang? Oh, wow Paulina, that's almost the opposite of what I do!" He kept on laughing and the girls glanced at each other, wondering if he had gone mad,

"Th-then what do you do?" Star asked hesitantly, still backed up against the wall, her knees against her chest,

"Gang, never heard that one before…" Danny smiled for a brief moment, "I, uh…it's complicated." He raised his arm to rub the back of his neck again and once more winced.

"Well you, uh, you shouldn't be doing it if you get hurt…" Paulina said hesitantly,

"I'm fine."

"Stop saying that!" Paulina finally exploded, "You're ripped open and bleeding all over the place and you're NOT fine!"

"Don't worry about it Paulina! I have enough with Sam as it is! You never cared before, so you don't have to start pretending now. Just, just forget about it. I'm fi-, I'm perfectly okay. Now just give me the camera Star!" Danny stood up and began reaching out for the camera clutched tightly in Star's hands.

"Star! Don't do it!" Danny's head snapped back to Paulina,

"What?" He hissed, "Why not!"

"Because I do not want to be called crazy!" Paulina yelled, Danny looked at her in confusion, and then his eyes widened.

"No! You can't! Do you know hard it was to set up the image I have right now? It took me four years! I'm not about to let that go to waste! So give to me Star or I'll take it my force!" Star, shaking in shock, began uncurling her fingers from around the camera,

"Star! He's bluffing!" Paulina had crawled out from under Danny and now stood near the entrance to the living room. And when Danny turned to look at her, Star fled. Sprinting full speed out the door without thinking. Paulina turned and disappeared just as quickly. Danny stared at the empty doorways for half a second before cursing, spinning on his heel, and sliding down the wall. He ran his fingers through his hair and pulled,

"Great. What am I going to do now?" Then he stood up, walked up the stairs, and bandaged his chest to keep the blood from dripping onto the floor. He didn't bother disinfecting it, it would be gone by the next day. Walking to his room, he phased through the door and walked intangibly to his cell phone, turning tangible only long enough to grab it; he turned intangible again to keep the mess from sticking to him and walked back out of his room. He called Sam and a few seconds later she picked up,

"Danny? What's up?"

"There's a problem."

"What? What happened? Does it have to do with your parents? Did you get stuck in the Ghost Zone or something? Hold on and don't move! I'll be right over with Tuck and we'll get the Specter Speeder-"


"Oh, sorry." He could practically see the faint blush on her cheeks,

"It's Paulina. And Star." A few blocks away, two running girls heard an infuriated screech of 'WHAT?' They looked at each other before running faster. He'd called the goth girl.

"Tell me everything. Now."

"Well, they came to my house this morning and-"

"Why did they go to your house? What could they have possibly been doing over there?" Sam gasped, "They must have been suspicious! Great! Now what'll we do? They probably set up camera's or something-"

"Sam, its Paulina and Star." The line was quiet for a moment before Sam spoke again,

"Yeah, you're probably right. They probably wanted to humiliate you or something."

"Actually, they were lost."

"How could they be lost?"


"Oh. He should have caught them, it would've done the world some good. He must be worse than we thought if he let two snobby, stuck-up, Barbie doll wannabe's go."

"Yeah. And then he came after me! So I had to leave them alone!" Danny began pacing, just then noticing the pile of Fenton inventions on the floor,

"I guess they went looking for me."

"You idiot! How could you do that! How do you know they were looking for you?"

"It seems one of them opened the door to the extra room."

"Isn't that where…"

"Yup." Sam began laughing on the other end of the line,

"Ohhh! I wish I could've seen the looks on their faces when it fell on them!"

"Hold on, I want to see something really quick," He turned his head intangible and looked through his door at the floor. "Yeah, they went in my room too."

"Didn't your dad explode something in there?"

"Yes, seems like they found out firsthand. Someone opened the door and a whole pile fell on them, used my hockey stick to sweep out a path too…" Sam's laughs turned into guffaws,

"What did they look like when you got home? Rats drowned in ectoplasm?" Danny's forehead creased,

"No, they looked the same as always. A little windblown…"

"What? How could they have gotten clean? Ectoplasm stains!"

"Not sure. And it only stains sometimes."

"But you said-"

"If you use the Fenton Weasel on it the stuff comes right…off. Oh no." Danny ran down the stairs and sprinted for the door to the lab. It was locked but…

"Oh, that's nice. Wait, what's wrong?"

"The Weasel's in the lab." They must not have gotten in, or…He ran to the pantry.

"But, then they'd have to-"

"I know." Danny picked up the fudge and scowled, "And they did."

"Danny, I'm coming over right now. Call Tucker."

"Oka- beeeeeep." Danny glared at the phone for a moment for interrupting him. He hated it when Sam just hung up like that. Quickly dialing a different number in, he pressed the phone to his ear and waited for another few minutes.

"Hey, it's Tucker! Tucker Foley, T.F. for Too Fine! Sorry if I missed your call ladies, but I'm a bit busy at the moment. Call you back as soon as I can, bye! Beeeep."

"Tuck, you really need to change your voicemail. It's really creepy, especially when a guy is calling. Now head over to my house ASAP. We've got a problem." Sighing in exasperation, Danny ended the call. Of course, the ONE time Tucker decided to not pick up his phone…At least Sam was coming. He needed her level head. Just then, said person burst in through the door and looked around wildly.

"Danny! I got over here as soon as possible and – why the heck are you sitting there?"

"I just called Tucker –"

"Do something! Overshadow one of them and undo whatever it is they did! Or destroy evidence or something!"

"They took a picture of me Sam." She shot him a confused look,

"What? You got me all worked up for that?"

"Sam, look." Danny lifted his shirt and unpeeled the bandages, the gash was significantly smaller, but Sam had learned to gauge the original sizes of his injuries.

"How long ago?"

"Uh, fifteen minutes maybe?"

"Geez Danny! How could you have been so stupid! That thing was huge!"

"I know okay! I don't need this! What I need is someone to help me come up with a plan!" Sam marched towards him, murder glinting in her eyes,

"What? Danny! This is a big deal! Knowing who it was, the news is probably all over Amity! I just want to –" An incessant ringing filled the air and Danny ran back to the couch to pick up the receiver,

"Hey! The ladies dig that voicemail!" Danny didn't even bother to hide his snort,

"What ladies?"

"Hey! And sure, I'm on my way. Just eating, didn't want to get barbeque sauce all over my babies…" Danny pretended to shudder,

"TMI Tucker, TMI."

"Yeah, whatever. See ya."

"Bye." Sam eyed him, giving him a look that meant 'I'm not done with you'. He sighed and rubbed his eyes tiredly. Finally caving in to her sympathy, she sat by him and rubbed circles into his back.

"So what exactly is the situation?" She questioned softly,

"Paulina wants to show everyone the picture. Sam, it's just so hard…"

"It's okay Danny, we'll get through, we always have." Danny sat up straighter and gave her a quavering smile,

"Thanks Sam, I don't know what I would do without you. Or Tucker." He added hastily. She just smiled,

"Yeah, same here." Just then, Tucker burst in through the door and stopped upon seeing them,

"You two better not have interrupted my after-lunch snack just to tell me you're finally getting together." Both blushed and turned away from each other. Finally, Danny cleared his throat.

"No, it's uh, something else." Tucker raised his eyebrows,

"Such as?..."

"Paulina and Star." Tucker's eyebrows rose even higher and he plopped down on the couch by Danny,

"Do tell."

"They got lost this morning after being chased by Skulker –"

"Skulker? You're telling me Skulker couldn't catch two high school girls in high heels?"

"I know. But back to the point, they found the house and I let them in –"

"And you didn't call to tell me you had two hot girls over at your house? What kind of best friend are you?" Danny shot him an irritated look,

"Anyways, Skulker came back and I had to go catch him, so they were here alone – Don't," Danny held up a finger in front of his friend's face, "Interrupt me. So while they were here I guess they went looking for me, the opened the guest room," Danny glared at his friend's open mouth until it closed, "Good, and then they went into my room. And yes, my dad did explode something up there this morning." Tucker grinned manically,

"Man, I wish I could have seen the looks on their faces!"

"Yeah, me and Sam too. But they didn't have any ectoplasm on them, none at all. And the only way to get ectoplasm off is with the Fenton Weasel, which is in the lab."

"Don't tell me you left the door unlocked, remember last time –" This time, it was Danny's turn to interrupt,

"No, I locked the door. I'm sure of it, right before I left I ran to the door and double-checked to make sure it was locked."

"Then how'd they get in?"

"I'm guessing my dad's back-up key. The one under the fudge."

"So they went into the lab and?..."

"From then on I'm not so sure."

"Then what're we waiting for? To the basement!" And with that, Tucker jumped up and ran to the lab door. Danny and Sam shared a look before rolling their eyes and following pursuit, walking of course. The two found Tucker standing by the locked door,

"The door's re-locked, so –" Danny grabbed Sam's wrist and without hesitating phased them both through the door. "Hey! No fair! Just 'cause she's your girlfrie – Aaaaaah!" Tucker was cut off suddenly when an arm shot out through the door and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, pulling him through. On the other side, Sam was laughing quietly and Danny was smirking slightly while holding a disgruntled Tucker up in the air with one arm,

"Tucker, one more girlfriend quip and I'll phase you halfway through the wall and leave you there." Tucker nodded and Danny put him on the ground,

"Awwww! You stretched my shirt! Again!" Tucker whined, but Danny and Sam were already on their way down the cement stairs,

"Not my fault," He called up, not bothering to turn around, "You need to stop being so annoying."

"Hmph." Tucker groused, before jogging down the stairs behind the pair. When they reached the bottom of the stairs Danny stopped abruptly, leaving Sam and Tucker to bump into his stiff form. The collisions of two bodies against him didn't even make him stumble, in fact, it didn't make him move at all.

"Geez Danny! At least give us some warning when you're gonna do that!" Tucker complained, rubbing his nose.

"Does something seem, I don't know, off about the place?" Tucker stopped and looker around Danny at the lab,

"Not really…"

"Not talking to you Tuck."


"Yeah, a little I guess." Sam said hesitantly, "It's just so…"

"Clean?" Danny supplied, "Because it is. It's clean, too clean." He looked around, eyes narrowed, "My dad would never clean the place, my mom has trouble keeping just the house clean, and Jazz can't stand the place."

"Well what about you?" Tucker piped up. Danny finally turned around to face him,

"Tuck, I don't even keep my own room clean. Why would I do that with the lab of all places?" Sam started pushing on Danny, and when he noticed he finally gave way and unblocked the entrance to the lab.

"Finally. I thought you two would never shut up." She said airily, and walked calmly into the lab. Pursing her lips, she paused in the middle of the lab and turned around to face the boys with crossed arms,

"Okay. First of all, Tuck: to the computer." Sam smiled and pointed in the machine's direction, "We need to use the security camera video's to find out exactly what they did down here."

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