"Okay. First of all, Tuck: to the computer." Sam smiled and pointed in the machine's direction, "We need to use the security camera videos to find out exactly what they did down here."

Tucker saluted with Sam with a grin, letting himself fall backwards for a moment before catching himself to spin around and jog to the desk against the wall. Sam rolled her eyes.

"Danny, we're going upstairs to see if they got to anything else, let's start with the kitchen since they were obviously there." As they started up the stairs Tucker quipped from the computer desk,

"Suuure, take Danny. Lovebirds…" only to have the two deny…in synchronization, as usual.

"We're not lovebirds!" Tucker swiveled around in the chair with a raised eyebrow,

"'Course you're not. You," He pointed a finger at Sam, "Just freak out and go crazy whenever you think he's in danger. You," This time he pointed at Danny, "Do the same whenever she's in danger. Both of you get jealous and angry when the other's dating someone and both of you deny your total lovebirdiness in synchronization. Yeah, we're all wrong about you two." Two deeply blushing faces soon disappeared upstairs while Tucker chuckled and turned back around to face the computer, cracking his knuckles loudly. "Works every time…"

The short trip up the stairs was a quiet, serious one. At least, it was until they exited through the door. In one quick motion, Danny jumped forward, laughing and pushing Sam lightly to the side as he raced for the kitchen. Sam's loud protest as she stumbled sideways was soon overcome by her yell of "Cheater!" Deciding that the situation was not worthy of pursuit, she continued, "You know you can't beat me normally, so you sabotage me! Real mature Danny!" Danny's head emerged from the kitchen entrance, full of innocence,

"Mature? Who, me? Do I look like Jazz?" Scowling playfully, Sam stuck her tongue out at him,

"Whatever. See anything interesting?"

"Not at the moment, you look around on that side," Danny motioned to the general area around the pantry, "And I'll brave the fridge." Sam put her hands on her hips, but the smile on her face showed she was joking,

"What? Think I can't handle some ecto-weenies?" Danny shrugged.

"Naw, but I thought you'd prefer searching through cookie crumbs rather than getting covered in radioactive back-from-the-dead meat sludge. But if you really want to..." Sam sighed and turned towards the pantry,

"I reallly hate it when you're actually right. And they're hotdogs. They never were alive." Making his way over to the fridge, Danny pfft-ed,

"Yeah, you know what I mean." After a few more minutes of silently searching for other signs of invasion, Sam let out a surprised sound. Turning around, Danny was greeted with the view of Sam pounding on a stray ecto-weenie with her fists, eventually knocking it onto the ground and stomping on it with her combat boots to hold it down. Danny let out an amused snort before searching through the drawers for the spare thermos they had in there. Eventually finding it, he aimed it at her and pressed the button. This, my friends, is when things stared to go wrong. The previously contained ecto-weenies from the thermos were disgorged upon a horrified Sam, who proceeded to forget the one she was standing on and swat at the ones currently clinging to her. Her angry glares were not lost on Danny, who proceeded to jump forward and swat them off as well, occasionally blasting the ones fallen to the flor to keep them from climbing back on.

"Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap! Sam hold still!" Finally fed up, Sam kicked Danny's shin, causing him to yelp in pain and stumble back as she finally screamed,

"I'm calling Jack!He seems to be the only one able to handle these things, and if my week is ruined by your dad and his possessed food, you're ALL going to pay!" At the mention of their currently departed master, the weenies retreated and withdrew back under the counter. Sam then pointed to Danny who was still rubbing his shin, "Open the fridge." Walking over to said device, Danny pulled open the door. "Okay, now get back in there you demented little creatures. If I see even one of you not in there in thirty seconds I'm firing up the grill and calling Jack!" The weenies, sensing the threat was very real, immediately scurried back into the fridge whose door was promptly shut by Danny. Sam looked at Danny and snorted,

"Well you handled that well. Sorry for kicking you by the way." Danny waved his hands in the air,

"What was I supposed to do? Laugh at you? And no you're not!"

"I don't know ghost-boy, what should you have done? And you're right."

"What? Blast them while they're crawling all over you?"

"Oh I don't know, how about turning me intangible?" Danny opened his mouth...and promptly closed it.

"Fine. Maybe I shouldn't have overreacted like that, I guess I-" From down in th basement they heard a faint yell of,

"Guys, get down here! I found something!" The two stared at each other for a silent moment, then, as if coming to an agreement, shot off towards the basement door. Sam, as expected, was in the lead. At least, she ws until she came up to the still-locked door. Coming up short, she turned just in time to see Danny fly (not literally of course) past her through the door of the basement and heard his whoop of victory.

"Oh be quiet! You know that if the door hadn't been locked I would've won! Now unlock this door and let me in!" Sam could vaguely hear the sound of feet climbing up the stairs slowly. "Danny!" She yelled, pounding on the door with her fists, "Quit messing around!" The door seemed to disappear, and for a moment she almost plowed on straught through the seemingly clear opening. But she and Danny had pulled this trick on Tucker too many times to fall for it. "Fine. If you want to do it that way...intangible too you dork!" Danny's smiling face appeared across from her,

"Who said it wasn't that way in the first place?" Sam sighed,

"Whatever. You shouldn've known I wouldn't fall for it, we've pulled this on Tucker how many times?" From down the stairs, she could hear Tucker's yell of,

"Yeah! Just how many times have you done that? Anyways, get down here guys!" Finally moving forwards, Sam walked through the door,

"Get moving Danny. We need to see what they did." The smile on his face faltered for a second and Sam almost regretted what she had said. But in the next instant the two were running down the stairs and her fleeting thought of an apology was lost as they went to see what Tucker had found. By the computer, Tucker was typing and clicking away as he searched through the computer's history to see what else the girls had seen.

Eventually, a video popped onto the screen, but before they could see anything clearly Tucker began fast forwarding. Ignoring Sam and Danny's annoyed 'Hey!'s, he continued, mumbling to himself.

"Mmm...walking down the stairs covered in goop, setting off something, hacking the computer..." Pausing, Tucker sat up straight, "Hacking the computer? Hey! That's my thing!" As he rewinded the video Sam and Danny looked at each other and rolled their eyes before Sam realized something,

"Covered in goop? Rewind it Tucker! I have to see this!" Ignoring her order, Tucker watched as Star managed to get on the computer.

"Tall, blonde, beautiful and a budding computer hacker? We're made for each other!" He exclaimed ecstatically before turning to Danny and giving his friend a fierce hug. Sam huffed and shoved the boy away from the computer screen,

"If you want something done while Tucker's around might as well do it yourself...hmph."

Hehe...well it was short so I decided to elongate it! :P Just...don't reread the beginning of the chapter I guess?...