Title: Not So Alone

Summary: In another universe, both boys would have been alone. But now, Sasuke and Haru (Harry) Uchiha have each other.

Author's Note: Not been beta-ed, so many mistakes. Ignore them if you can, grammar is of the devil.

Blah blah = talking

Blah blah = thoughts

The streets of the village was dark, lighted only by lanterns. The sun was almost set and only a glimmer of light crept past the hills. It was by this small amount of light that the small figure of the boy was able to be seen. The small dark haired boy impatiently tapped his foot.

"Where is he?" He scowled, waiting for his late cousin at the doors of the Ninja Academy. He was just going to pick up the book from Iruka-sensei! How long can getting one stupid book take! His idiot cousin had forgotten to ask to borrow a book and had run off to get it before the teacher had left. I don't know why he would borrow a book when he could easily get the same information from the Clan Library. Baka!

At that moment came footsteps quickly approaching him. They were familiar, don't ask why, and the boy huffed impatiently. The Academy doors slammed open and another dark haired boy the same age as the first came running through. "Sorry I kept you waiting Sasuke."

The first boy, now identified as Sasuke, glared at the second boy. There was no book in sight. "No you are not." He knew his cousin way too well. Haru, where is your stupid book?"

Haru rolled his eyes. "That pink haired banshee Sakura already borrowed it." Suddenly horror sprung in his eyes and he looked around. "Kuso! Let's get out of here. She didn't see me but should be coming out soon!" He started to run, along with Sasuke who had the same look in his eyes, to shelter (aka hiding spot). But it was too late. The "pink haired banshee" aka Sakura Haruno had already come through the doors. She spotted the two horrified Uchiha boys.

"Sasuke-kun! Haru-kun!" The boys ignored her delighted shouts and ran even faster. Sakura tried to catch up, all the while living up to her name, but it was no use. The two boys hopped up on the nearest roof top and ran even faster. Due to their Clan being literally built for speed, she had no chance to catch up. Finally, the two boys slowed.

"That was too close." Haru shuddered, not even out of breath. Sasuke nodded in agreement. There was one thing that they hated about being part of the Uchiha Clan it was the curse of the fan girls. Girls would try to ambush them, and would fight each other to get closer to either of the two boys. It was unsure which boy had the largest following of fan girls, but it had to be really close. Each following had a ridiculous amount of girls though. Many of these girls even joined the Academy to get closer to both boys. Frankly both boys were disgusted and horrified at their reason to attempt to be ninjas. They knew that the majority of the girls were not last a second in the real ninja world. Thankfully, realitivly few of them had a real good chance of graduating. The ones that the two knew to watch out for was mainly Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka. They were the main two that a chance of graduating. Both boys knew that if they were placed on a team with either of the two they would go crazy. Both girls were avid fan girls, and of both boys. Most of the others only chased one of the two, but these two chased both Haru Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha.


In another universe, Sasuke would be the sole focus of both Ino and Sakura. There would be no Haru. Sasuke would never have met his cousin, or even known of his existence. But here, events had changed the past. Haru Uchiha was the nephew of Fugaku Uchiha through his estranged sister. His sister, born Akane Uchiha, had been adopted out of the Clan at a young age. The adoption was due to the strange anomaly that Akane had been born with very little Chakra. She would of found it impossible to be able to mold Chakra, and thus had no chance of being a ninja. The proud parents of both Fugaku and Akane had her adopted, so they would not have the shame of having such a child. It was cruel, but the two came from the old stock of where honor and standing was more important than a child's happiness.

Akiko, their mother, did not let her child go fully. She kept in contact with the two parents who adopted Akane. The two, Tim and Marie Evans, changed the girl's name to Lily and moved out of the Hidden Countries entrily and chose to live on the outside. There, years later, they would discover that their adopted child had been born a witch and thus got an invitation to Hogwarts. There, Lilly grew up, met James Potter, and married. Eventually she bore two sons, twin actually named Seth and Harry. Seth was the elder, and would later be known as the Boy Who Lived. Harry was born small, smaller than his loud brother, and was quiet. Lily did not know of her true origins, and if she did she would of recognized the features of the Uchiha Clan. Lily had been born with dark red hair, a strange thing among the Uchihas, and it became lighter as time went by. Her green eyes were passed on to her son Seth, but Harry was born black eyes. James, when he had seen the color of his son's eyes, had been surprised. No one in either of their families, to their knowledge, had a history of black eyes. Harry was also quiet, and not prone to screaming like Seth.

The turning point of everything was on the first birthday of the twins. They were betrayed and Voldemort attempted to kill the twins. But something extraordinary happened: Voldemort has hit with his own killing curse and his spirit fled. It was decided that Seth was the one to do the act, and so he was exalted as the Savior. Since the two elder Potters had been hit with a pretty nasty curse, even though it didn't kill them still left them unconscious, the two boys were separated for the moment by Albus Dumbledore. He had the Longbottoms, who were not attacked, take care of Seth while Harry was passed to his maternal grandparents to take care of for the time being. Dumbledore was not evil, or manipulating but he still made a huge mixtake. For the "greater good", he wanted the two boys to be separated until they got their letters. He mistakenly thought that Harry woud understand when he was older. But he made a big mistake. He did not tell Tim and Marie that Lily and James had survived and were only in a coma in the hospital. Tim and Marie thought that their beautiful girl was dead, and grieved. The grief took a huge toll on their health, and ended up in their deaths. Both unfortunately had cancer and knew they would not survive. Anyway, if they did, they were too old to take care of a young child. They contacted their old friend Akiko. Knowing the Uchiha Clan as they did, they recognized the possibility for Harry to develop the Sharingan. So they told Akiko, who had to break the news to her son. Her husband had died a few years before and her son had taken over as Head of the Clan. Fugaku eventually agreed, and so Harry was welcomed into the Clan. The Evans told Fugaku of the events that led Harry being "orphaned". After finding out about the events of that night, he correctly found that Harry was the true Savior.

Magic and Chakra are very different from each other. Chakra was in reality much powerful than magic. The main reason it was more powerful was because those that use Chakra did not just use a glorified stick to shoot spells out of. They used their whole bodies, and thus could use more. The other difference came from time. Wizards had coveted magic too long. Purebloods increasingly did not let fresh blood in to the magic, so the magic got diluted. Think of butter being spread over bread. There were more bread, but less magic. The magic was being spread over too thin on increasingly more amount of bread. The bread was all the new generations that were being born. Chakra on the other hand grew more powerful, since more used it. Just like magic grew weaker over time, Chakra grew more powerful over time. Another thing that added to the crisis was the slaughter and dying-out of magical creatures. The creatures were being increasingly hunted and labeled "dark". An example was the werewolf. Once, the werewolf was easily able to control bloodlust and control themselves. Then the hunts came, and thus they changed. To survive they were forced to become more aggressive. That in turn made them think that werewolfs were "dark" and more blood was spilled. The control was lost and the true werewolf was lost forever. The werewolf originally had been wolfs who could turn into humans, but them it turned around. The majority of the true werewolfs took their young, mates, and fled to the Hidden Countries. They were easily able to make it past the strong barriers set up and founded their new lives there. The only ones that stayed were the ones that were too mad or too full of hate to flee. So, humans were bitten and the cycle continued to worsen. Many other creatures fled to the Hidden Countries, and so more pure magic was lost to the Outside. You can't blame them though.

The wizards of today had no idea of the existence of the Hidden Countries. Only the strongest were allowed to retain their knowledge. They made Magical Oaths to not reveal the Hidden Countries and Chakra to the Outsiders on pain of death, literally. All the other knowledge was wiped from the books, scrolls, and minds of the Outside. Due to past efforts, the Hidden Country was safe from the Outside. A few were allowed to move past the barriers, but only a select few. Most people in the Hidden Countries also had no idea of wizards or magic. The leaders of the villages did but few bothered. Outsiders were weak in their mind and were not even strong enough to be ruled over.

The Evans was one of the few that had been allowed to cross the barrier. Now that the end for the both of them was near, they wanted to die in their beloved village. So, they traveled to Konoha. Harry Potter disappeared from the books at Hogwarts and his life in the Hidden Countries started. It would have been now useless to go to Hogwarts anyways. The creators of the barrier and the hiding of the Hidden Countries had designed that those born with the ability to use magic had that magic changed to Chakra. As the years went by and the very air got soaked with Chakra, that became easier. Now, all those that would have been wizards and witches on the Outside in the Hidden Countries had unnaturally large Chakra reserves. Soon, a few Clans even had so large reserves that it became a Bloodline. A few of those Clans included the Uzumakis, Namikazes, and the Uchihas. The Uchihas large reserves became less of a Bloodline but a trait that would appear in the Prodigies and geniuses of the Clan. People like Itachi inherited it. As the years went by, they became fewer but it would show up once in a while like in Itachi's case.

Harry Potter lost his magic and got enormously large reserves as a child. Since he was but a toddler when he came to the Hidden Countries, the reserves just kept growing. He had been powerful as a wizard, so a lot of magic changed to Chakra. Harry had been presented to Fugaku Uchiha and been approved. So, Haru Uchiha was born. Haru and Sasuke, Fugaku's youngest son, were the same age and became fast friends. They were also rivals, always trying to outdo the other. Both adored their older brother/cousin Itachi, and Itachi adored the two.

Haru did not know of his family. The Potters had recovered and Seth had been returned to them. But not Harry, and thus Dumbledore got the wrath of all their family and friends. When they had searched for Lilly's parents, they had found an empty house and confused neighbors. Harry had been lost to them, so Seth got all their attention. To avoid Seth getting a big head from the unwanted attention whenever they went into public, they secretly moved to America. They would live there until Seth got his letter. While Seth grew up as a normal kid, well as normal as a wizard went, Haru's life was much different. At first, for the first eight years of his new life it was happy. He had a great family. His Uncle treated him well, his Aunt loved him, his older cousin always tried to spend time with him, and his younger cousin was his best friend. But it was not to last, since it all changed when he was nine years old.


Haru and Sasuke finally neared the Clan gates. They had had to dodge five "patrols" of fan girls. Haru had a theory that fan girls were actually not human, and were built like robots in a distant factory. Sasuke was used to his cousin's crazy theories, but was slightly inclined to believe that that one had a grain of truth. The fan girls were multiplying by the week.

At they arrived at the gates, Sasuke felt that something was very, very wrong. "Where are the guards?"

Haru was wondering the same thing, and he had the same feeling. Quietly, they snuck through the gates. They had walked only a few feet more before the most horrible stench they had ever smelled almost made them gag. They found out what the smell was when they turned the corner and stopped in horror. The street was littered with bodies, blood, and weapons. Haru stumbled back, almost stepping on a body of a man in a police uniform. Everywhere they looked, they saw the same thing. The horrified frozen faces of people they knew, frozen in their last second of life. Terrified now, both boys started to run toward their house. Haru accidentally slipped on a puddle of blood and went yelping right in to a body. Whimpering, he stood and ran to catch up with Sasuke. Sasuke was scared for his family. Mother, Father, Itachi…He ran even harder, not minding his cousin behind him. He needed to make sure they were alright. He finally reached the doors and tugged them open.

He froze. Two still shapes lay ahead in the darkness. Oh no…It was the last figure next to them that made him freeze, the figure in the ANBU outfit. What… He had frozen in the middle of the doors, and Haru almost ran right in to him as he finally caught up. Panting, and not just from the sprint, he looked to where Sasuke's eyes were fixed.

Both boys were frozen as the figure turned its head slowly to look at them. The red eyes of the Sharingan glinted coldly at them. Itachi…Both boys flinched when something sharp rushed by them. There was a thump as it hit the door.

"Itachi…what…." "…why…" Both almost identical looking boys said at the same time. If anyone had seen them at that time, they would have thought them to be twins. Gone was the unique look in Haru's eyes, the glint of life that was totally unique to Haru. The same black eyes were wide in horror, terror, confusion, and disbelief. As Itachi moved closer to them, they found that they could not move. It wasn't until he was in front of them that they woke up a little. With a cry Sasuke rushed at him. Tears were streaming down his face. One quick move and he was flung away to land painfully against the wall. Haru tried to run toward him but was stopped. He tried to dodge to the other side but found himself lifted up by his neck and flung at the wall. He was pinned there, gasping for breath. Dots had begun to crawl in front of his vision when he was let go.

"Foolish little brother." He heard, as he tried to gasp for breath. It was hard to, it still felt like there was a hand around his throat crushing the life out of him. Painfully, he tried to move. It felt hard to breath. Finally, he got himself up. It was that moment when he heard Sasuke's scream. Sasuke was on the ground, staring in horror at Itachi. Itachi had his back to Haru, so he couldn't' see what was going on. Sasuke collapsed.

"SASUKE!" He tried to reach him, but found his way blocked. He was yanked up and held against the wall. No matter how he tried to struggle, he couldn't get loose. He kicked with a sharp heel and hit Itachi's shoulder. The first hint of emotion that Itachi had shown that whole night flickered across his face. He couldn't tell what it was, and frankly he was rather busy trying to get away to care. The first slam against wall hurt, but the second hurt more.

"Really, cousin, do you want to make it harder?" Haru replied with an attempt to kick at his face, but Itachi was having none of that. Haru didn't see what he did, but he felt it. Fires of agony erupted in both arms. He cried out, tears falling to mix with the blood. Finally, mostly because it hurt too much, he stopped struggling.

"Why?" It was almost too quiet to hear.

"To test my strength." With that, Haru accidentally met the red eyes and it was over.


They were in the hospital for a week. During their whole stay, both boys were very quiet. They hardly made any noise at all, except when they awoke to find each other in different rooms. The cry that arose then made the medic-nins quickly put them in the same room. But for that one instance, they made no other noise. They nodded slightly to the medic-nins' questions but said nothing. They didn't talk together, but they did sit next to each other. The medic-nin that became their regular caretaker guessed that they were drawing strength from each other. They moved very little, only to take care of business and to sleep. They were not allowed to sleep in the same bed, else they would of.

The Hokage when he came by was very saddened by the change in both boys. They had lost something. It was by their eyes. Their eyes were emotionless and dark, looking out of the window seemingly at nothing. Haru before had had a glint of mischief and playfulness about him, well as far as Uchihas go, and Sasuke had been a kind and gentle boy. Now, they showed no emotion except to each other. He didn't really blame them, though.


Time went by, and they got better. If either of them had been alone, it would have been disaster. But they had each other, and that was what was needed. Sasuke would of become an avenger if Haru hadn't stepped in. He had reminded him to not think about the new missing-nin they had thought they had known. Haru was a blessing to Sasuke. Haru was younger than him by a few months, and he clung to that. Soon, he trained not for revenge but to protect Haru. In fact, he got annoying and clingy and Haru did not hesitant to tell him that.

Haru trained for much the same reason. He had been told that his parents had been killed as a baby, and even had been told about his supposedly dead twin killed at the same time. That had been what was told to the Evans, who in turn told his grandmother. The Evans had passed away soon after arriving in Konoha. He did not know that the Potters were in fact alive and searching for him. He had resolved to protect those he had left, and not to follow revenge.

They grew, trained, and learned. The months passed by fast. They remained in the Uchiha Clan grounds, even with the memories. They shared an apartment, and even a room for the first ten months. Nightmares for both were fairy common and they found it easier to be in the same room. It calmed the dreams a bit.

Both were at the top of the class at the Academy, with Sasuke leading by a very small margin. In their training, they strived to outdo the other much like they had done before. It was a competition that both took to with everything they had. There were things that each was best at, even though they worked hard at any weakness. Haru had slightly better at Taijutsu, but Sasuke better aim (only slightly better though). Both of them spent hours pouring over the Clan Library. They memorized scrolls and books like it was water. They wanted to best advantage they had to get better.

Sasuke grew to accept Haru's theory that there was something majorly wrong with the fan girls. The number of fan girls that each had seemed to double by the day, and it was getting really annoying for both boys. They actually devised escape plans to keep from being trampled or ripped to pieces. Or in the very least, escape with their clothes on. There had been a few instances; one in particular, that they almost had their clothes ripped right off them. Even superior ninja skills seemed to do nothing, or at least keep them just barely ahead.

So, when it was time for team assignments, both were desperately praying to NOT be put on teams with a fan girl on it.


Please, please, please, please, please, please, Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Please, please, please, please, please, please, Please, please, please, please, please, please Please, please, please, please, please, please Please, please, please, please, please, please Please, please, please, please, please, please, Please, please, please, please, please, please Please, please, please, please, please, please Please, please, please, please, please, please God…please not put me on Sakura's or Ino's team….please….or…any other fan girl….please….if you love me just this once please not put me with a fan girl……

Please, please, please, please, please, please, Please, please, please, please, please, please Please, please, please, please, please, please Please, please, please, please, please, please

"Since there is one extra person graduating this year, there will be a four-man team this year. Team Seven is Haru Uchiha," Haru perked up to listen intently, "Sasuke Uchiha…" the two Uchiha boys exchanged relieved glances. They were on the same team. "….Naruto Uzumaki and…." Haru and Sasuke prayed again silently. Not a fan girl please, "…Sakura Haruno."

Two heads came down at the same town in misery, hitting the tables with a thump. Why Sakura, God? Why? Do you hate us that much? While the boys were wallowing in misery, Iruka glanced at them sympathetic. He felt for them, he really did. He was glad he didn't have to put up with the fan girls, and had seen the effects of it in the classroom. He sometimes had had to break up cat fights among the girls and drag the girls away from the horrified Uchiha brothers. He was glad he wouldn't have to deal with it anymore though. He was sure that the two boys, along with their teammates, would pass their Jounin-sensei's test. He just had to put up with all the failed fan girls, who would be bemoaning not being with their idols. He hated to put them with a fan girl, one of the worst in fact, but he had to divide up the teams to cover strengths and weaknesses.

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