well ive had a few ideas for a while and im gonna start making them, again, but you know how it goes, school, work, alot of other things i really dont care about are getting in my way, so dont expect an update everyday. please reveiw and try to give me more ideas

Choices and Results

Chapter one

Some say that I'm a demon.

"KILL HIM!" A Civilian yelled from the group charging A helpless boy.

Other dont even care

The boy backed into the Alley scared of what might happen next.

They dont realize how right they are to fear me

The child suddenly smirked and red chakra swirled around him in a snake like manner, as if protecting him.

My name?

The Tentacles of chakra slashed at the civilians killing a few of them.

I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

As the last of the bodies fell the child started crying. The bodies looked like they had fought each other instead of a child.

But I'm more commonly know as.......

The Sandiame approached the boy and sighed. This was the third time this month.

The Kyuubi No Kitsune

The Truth behind the Mask

Chapter 1: The Mask Falls

As Naruto woke up from his deep sleep he heard voices downstairs. He checked and noticed they were Samurai hired to be assassins, even gennin could take most Samurai out without trouble. The problem was they had Tsunami as a hostage, if they didnt he could have killed them in seconds, but now he had to come up with a plan while still seeming like the child he was suposed to be.

Naruto immediatly recalled the Shadow clone jutsu, his Mask's signature jutsu. He created one and order it to hide in the river. He himself hid in the river as well. He wasn't stupid but he was far from a guiness. That damned Minato had made this body disable his ability to control his mind and chakra, but he could control his chakra if he was in too much danger, appearently Minato still thought of him as his son. He wasnt stupid, in fact if he could concentrate he'd be smarter than anyone alive or dead.

The Samurai came onto the small bridge dragging Tsunami along tied up, they looked rather ridiculous. Naruto sprung his trap and jumped up from the water, roundhouse kicking them both in the temples, killing them, but making it seem they were knocked out. Naruto untied Tsunami and ran off to the bridge, not noticing the single sharingan eye watching him through a pumpkin mask.

"Naruto help out Sasuke" Kakashi ordered. He felt like Naruto was a useless person, but still cared for him, after all he was better than Sakura, who did not have any skills at all. He considered taking Naruto as an apprentice, since Sasuke didnt know about morals, and Sakura was just a lousy fangirl, but the council had denied him.

Naruto smirked, his first tail was almost free, he could feel it. While he was an all powerful demon and immortal, this body he was in was not, meaning hed have to go back to hell and wait a long time to make another physical body. Naruto had made small bonds with Sasuke, and had vowed to protect him, unfortunately he never went back on his word.

Sasuke was in a lot of pain right now, this girl had hit his nerves perfectly, making him experience too much pain to fight. His only hope was Naruto, so he thought he was naturally screwed, but he didnt know what was lurking under Naruto's mask. Suddenly he felt fire, hotter fire than anything he had ever seen. He also felt unimaginable power, more than even Kakashi and Zabuza had emitted before, making him want to kill himself to get it over with, but this time there was no one to stop him.

Naruto suddenly screamed in pain. He had regained his first tail! His freedom was closer than he thought.

'oh shit... the seal's destroyed?...no its just weakened slightly.... might turn out to be a good thing' Kakashi though summoning his dogs. He had to end this fast otherwise his teammates might die. Suddenly the dome of Mirrors Sasuke was in burst open, with alot of blood spewing out of it. Then he saw something he had not seen in a long time. His student Naruto now looked much more mature, infact he looked as old as Kakashi himself, but something strange was happening with him. He had a tail of chakra and his ears seemed slightly pointed, but the weirdest thing was his hair was now darker, closer to orange than yellow.