Thanks, Hanzou.

but i am sorry to inform you i must discontinue this story, i realize i took out most of the reason for it... and im not creative enough to make not only an entire plot, but new characters, places, missions, powers, and battles, if anyone wishes to adopt, go ahead, but please tell me

another reason i cant write this anymore is i lost inspiration, but gained it in a new idea... yeah i know and i hate abandoning it but with all this shit gone wrong its hard not to. Do not worry, soon i will make a new fic that i certianly WILL NOT abandon, trust me on that, and hopefully afterwards ill see more of these types of fics soon, but until then i say bye, and trust me i had to do this for many reasons, 1. sasuke is the main character now and without him the show would be boring, as much as i hate to admit it, 2. Naruto being kyuubi would mean he would have too much knowledge, and i do not know about you but i certianly dont have a demons knowledge, 3. without gaara the exams fall apart, 4. with gaara scared of him, he wont fight him so no bonding, 5. naruto is too powerful even for me, 6. ive lost interest in this, and it would be very hard to continue something ive lost interest in, 7. with naruto being kyuubi he wont be as nice, so all those people he helped selflessly he wouldnt, hence the later alliance against akatsuki would never be able to commence, and with all that said my plans for this fice fall apart, but new inspiration arises