Minutes, hours, days, they all blurred together. Time didn't exist in this place. I was somewhat glad that I wasn't affected too much being cut off from the sky. Especially when Barros came. Because he was uncomfortable, he always quick with what he had to do.

If Androcles came, then I would be lectured and he would try to break the barrier of my mind. He would always leave in a foul mood.

If Barros came, the spiked haired angel, I could expect a lot of physical pain. He was a healer, but he had learned how to use this gift to cause people pain.

I writhed on the floor with him looming over me. "This makes up for your escape." He sneered.

"Barros!" Androcles shouted.

The pain stopped and I breathed deeply. I grabbed the edge of the cot and pulled myself up. My limbs shook violently. Androcles walked in and Barros bowed his head to him. He looked at me. He smiled. He turned to let two angels walked in and they were dragging/carrying an unconscious, blonde angel with black wings.

"Aidan." I couldn't stop myself from saying his name. I stepped aside as they tossed him on the cot.

"Come on Barros." Androcles said.

The other angels followed him out and shut the door behind them. I found that the symbols on the door kept me from using my powers to blast the door into a million splinters. I doubted I could any way.

I turned to Aidan. I walked over and touched his arm. "Aidan?"

He moaned and clutched his head. He saw me. His face brightened. "Latia!" He took my face in his hands. "You're all right."

I rolled my eyes. "Sure, being stuck in this prison is being all right."

He chuckled and kissed my forehead. I jerked back and glared at him. "How did they capture you?"

"I was looking for you." He said. "I stopped by your house and got ambushed."

"Do know a way to get out?" I asked.

He looked uncomfortable. "I…can't focus." He looked at me strangely. "Why aren't you affected by being underground?"

I shrugged. "I'm not sure. Maybe because I've lived on Earth for so long, it doesn't affect me."

He sat up and patted the spot next to him on the cot. I sat beside him.

"Why would they put us together?" I asked him. "Wouldn't us being together bring our chances of escape up?"

"Doubt it." He said. His voice was tight like it was difficult for him to speak. "I could blast that door apart, but being underground is screwing up my focus. Being underground doesn't affect you, but you don't have the knowledge or endurance probably to blast the door down."

"So, we trapped." I felt my heart fall.

His arms and wings wrapped around me and he pulled me into my lap. "I'm fine with being trapped with you." He put his lips in my hair and kissed my temple.

"Great." I muttered. "Are you sure you don't want us to escape because you're enjoying being trapped with me too much?"

"Maybe." There was a smile in his voice.

I sighed. I wasn't going to admit this to him, ever, but I felt safe with him. He cupped the side of my face with his hand and his thumb traced over my cheekbone.

I had to get him out of here. They would hurt him to break me. He was the only thing I cared about. If he wasn't there, then I would never join them. They probably knew that. I would never join them because they murdered my parents. That memory was scarred into my brain tissue. It would never go away.

"They brought me to help break you, didn't they?" Aidan asked.

"I think so. I would never join them any other way because they murdered my parents." I said.

"Don't give in." He whispered. "No matter what they do to me, you cannot fall."

"Why do they want me so badly?"

He chuckled. "You are kidding right? You are a daughter of darkness and light. You probably have powers no other angel has."

"What use are they if I can't control it?"

"They'll be more than happy to teach you." He muttered darkly.

I shivered. "We need to escape."

"I need a nap first." He mumbled against my neck. His head had slid down to the curve of my neck. I could feel him kissing my neck.

"Stop molesting me you pervert." I mumbled, trying to untangle myself from his embraces.

"I'm not molesting." He mumbled. He yawned. "Yet." He fell back onto the cot with me still in his arms. He snuggled in my hair and snored softly.

I sighed. "So much for my rescuing prince." I curled against him and fell asleep.


I felt someone shake my shoulder roughly. I blinked and saw Aidan sitting up. He seemed very tense. I realized that the door was opening. I sat up. Aidan pushed me behind him.

The door opened and three angels walked in the prison.

"You're coming with us, boy."

Aidan snorted. "I do have the mark. I'm not a boy you fallen bastards."

One of them didn't like his answer and threw what looked like an emerald colored lightening bolt at his chest. He slammed back into me and rammed me into the wall. My head made an unpleasant smack sound. My eyes watered. I gasped in his ear when his butt landing in my stomach drove the air from my body.

He put a hand on my hip like he was reassuring himself that I wasn't a pancake on the wall.

"Now. You don't want to be around when Barros starts talking to your girlfriend." He smiled demonic like.

I touched his shoulder. "Just go." I whispered.

He glanced back at me before getting up and walking up to the fallen. One started walking down the hall with the other walking behind him. Barros turned to me and smiled. I expected him to grow fangs, claws, and horns right then and there.

I gritted my teeth at the sharp pain spreading across my body. It was just as bad, if not worse, when he pulled Androcles from my soul.

"You're weak you know." He told me. "Why not give in? You'll suffer less this way."

I spat at him. He raised his eyebrows and the pain increased.

"You are an insult to your parents." He hissed. "How could someone like you be a spawn of theirs?"

Anger began boiling in my veins. I wanted to kick him in the groin and laugh over his writhing form.

"Their sacrifice was in vain. They protected a spineless thing that had no chance against us any way."

I snapped. White-blue lightening gathered around me. He took a step back, releasing the hold the pain had on me. When he did that the lightening split the air between us and slammed him into the wall. He slumped the ground, unconscious.

I propelled myself off the cot and into the hall. The overconfident penis breath head had left the door wide opened. I ran down the halls. It felt like I was sending out sonic vibrations through the earth or something was leading me to the exit.

"Find her!"

I heard it all around me and it made the walls shake.

Two angels appeared at the end of the hall and spotted me.

"Found her!"

I spotted two pillars near the end of the halls. I pointed at them and concentrated. The bases cracked and I drew my hands together. The pillars slid from the bases and crumbled in front of the angels, blocking them from me.

I turned left down a corridor and began running. Darkness tried to close in around me, but I pushed it back with a burst of pure white light. My powers felt very out of control. But I couldn't pause to try and gain back control. That would take time, and I didn't have that.

I ran into a large open, domed room with glass replacing the domed roof so I could see the blood red skies. Where was I?

A burst of energy shot past me and made my hair stand on end. I turned and saw Barros behind me, looking very angry.

I ran to the side out of his range and someone stepped in front of me. They grabbed my wrists and I immediately felt them in my mind. The barrier had dropped because of my out of control powers.

I surrounded my memories and soul with a thick, spiked barrier. There was a flash of light and I saw their face.

My heart sank and my stomach clenched. The barrier flickered before collapsing. It was Aidan. They didn't capture him, he came willingly to help break me. He was part of the fallen.

I pulled against his hold, but my body was weakening. I pushed against his intruding mind with all my might, but he was a lot stronger. I kept fighting, trying to protect my mind from being taking over.


Aidan shoved into her mind and began shutting down her mind into unconscious. She sunk down to one knee. He kept a firm hold on her wrists. Every now and then he could feel her mentally stabbing at his attack.

Androcles, Barros, and Donahue ran in.

"Give me a few more seconds." He said. "She's still fighting."

"Quickly Aidan." Androcles ordered.

He gave a small nod and focused back on the girl. He wrapped his conscious around hers and dragged her into unconsciousness.

Before she gave in she stabbed him with one thought that made him flinch. "Traitor!"

Her body went limp and she sunk to the floor. Aidan kept a firm hold on her wrists.

"Well done Barros." Aidan spat at him.

"How is this my fault, Aidan?" Barros spat.

"You left the door wide open." He said.

"I didn't expect her to fight back." He spat.

He felt Androcles' cold eyes on him. He turned and looked at him.

"You shouldn't be so arrogant." Androcles said as he took a menacing step towards Barros. Barros took a step back. "You almost let her escape!" Shadowy tendrils curled around him and were reaching toward Barros.

"You want me to take her back?" Aidan asked. Androcles glanced at the boy and girl. "She's still fighting subconsciously. She'll wake-up soon."

"Yes. You will take over now." He said. "I will only check on your progress. No one is to question what you are doing and no one will interfere."

"Thank you." He glared at Barros before lifting the girl into his arms and walking back to her prison.

Androcles turned to Barros.

"My Lord." He said. "Please, no."

Aidan could hear Barros screaming as he walked back down into the prison hole. He stopped. Being underground didn't bother her. She knew the way out from the hole now. He turned and began walking some up some stairs.

He spotted a Regulator. "Hey!"

The zombie like creature looked at him.

"There are chains in Latia's prison under the cot. Bring it to my room."

The Regulator nodded and shifted into a shadow.

Aidan kicked his door open and walked over to the large, canopy bed. He set her down on top of the bedspread and sensed the Regulator's return. He turned and the creature handed him large iron manacle and chain with symbols etched into the metal.

"You can leave now." He told it.

The Regulator vanished.

Aidan clasped the manacle around one of her wrists. He stuck the base right in the wall near the bed. The chain vibrated and glowed. Latia stirred and moaned like she was in pain.

The chain glowed gold before it vanished. The chain wouldn't let her out of the room. She didn't know how to break it or had the concentration to break.

"Don't get overconfident or you'll end up like Barros." He reminded himself.

Latia curled up into a ball. She mumbled and it sounded like: "Why Aidan?"