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"Is there a problem, Roxas?"

"..D...did you say 300!?"

Vexen Glacies, our entrepreneurship teacher, blinked at me in confusion, and coughed.

"I do believe so. Now, if you please, return to your seat."


Yeah, the stuttering fool's me. Some may ask, why would suddenly shout out the number 300 like that? No, I'm not talking about the over-the-top movie that's sparked countless parodies and remixes, but the actual number itself. It could have been 300 cookies, but unfortunately, that was not so.

How about we rewind for a bit? To a time when the world was still right, when the song of silence filled my mind, when life was a radiant beam of happiness that had finally shone upon me, and when misfortune was nowhere to be seen. When I was invigorated with the power and energy of youth, and when I was content with everything around me.

Five minutes ago

I was sitting in my desk, listening to my Ipod as usual. I had already adjusted it to shuffle, and as I listened to my favourite heavy metal band (which is Tenacious D, by the way), I couldn't help but smile. There was only a month until Summer break. Two months off meant two months of doing absolutely nothing. Although most prefer to get out, I'm more of a gamer, like my friends. If we were gonna meet up, it would be at a gathering point for party quests. I'm labelled as a geek at school, but because of my high grades and natural physique, people don't bother me.

As I was about to play a mini air guitar, my teach, Mr. Dewbed, strode in. I quickly yanked the headphones out of my ears and shoved them into my pocket. Taking out my notebook, I proceeded to scribble a bunch of stick people with machine guns and chainsaws.

Mr. Dewbed, coughed once, then twice, and on the third time, I looked up and into his disapproving glare. I gave him a weak smile and slowly closed my notebook. Nodding, he turned around and walked to the front of the classroom.

Mr. Dewbed picked up a red marker and started writing the words "End of the Year Project" on the white board. When I saw those words, my heart sunk, and the euphoria that resided inside me died a horrible death. Satisfied, he dropped the marker and turned towards us. In an overly audible voice, he spoke.

"I believe that everyone is looking forward to the break?"

I believe that everyone is looking forward to the break? What do you think, numbskull!?

A few nodded in response, and the man continued.

"Well, school's not over yet, so you're still in my domain. So, as a parting gift, I will present to you your final assignment." He exclaimed with a flick of his wrist and an exaggerated gesture at the board.

By that time, I wanted to show him a certain hand gesture of my own.

"You are to make a survey."

Alright, that's reasonable. Can't be too hard to ask people questions.

"A survey that will demand feedback from people. You will pretend to be the head of a company that manufactures and sells a certain product, like Coca-Cola, and you will survey others to see how to improve it. Once that is done, you make the final plan based on the survey and on the knowledge that you have accumulated this past year in this course. I, along with other accomplished businessmen, shall judge it.

The girl beside me raised her hand up.

"You mean that we have to make a plan in which it will benefit the company?"

"Exactly. So not only do you have to do research on the existing company, you have to make a decision and see if your plan will grab more customers."

I guess this would be fun, if you had actually paid attention to the course. I was only in this class so I could fill up my schedule.

"How many people do we need to survey?"

That single question brought everything crashing down.

"Oh, I'd say a minimum of three hundred."

Total silence. After about a minute, I raised my hand up.

"When's this due again, sir?"

"In five days."

And so, my epic journey begins. Five days full of feverish planning and typing, five days crammed with running around downtown, desperately searching for 300 different people to take the survey. Now that you understand the situation, let's zoom forward.


Welcome to my life.

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