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Ahhh....and just when I thought my troubles were over, Sora just had to pop my bubble of comfort. Did you think that the survey was the last of my worries? I did. And yet, I'm now in a pile of doo-doo. How did this happen? Well, it went something along the lines of this...

One Day Ago...

I was lying on my veranda on the second floor of my house, sipping a glass of lemonade, and enjoying the beautiful day...whilst I was blowing heads off on Halo Reach.

...What? It's a good game. Anyways, my hiatus from academic labor was brought to a sudden stop when Sora's hand appeared on the railing. For a second, I thought that the spartan that I had just sniped had somehow teleported onto my balcony. Unfortunately, it was Sora.

Damn. I really wanted an autograph, or at least his helmet. And also, I'm on the SECOND FLOOR. Why do people love climbing up walls? Sure, Spiderman's allowed to, but this isn't the Big Apple, and Sora's not a superhero. He's only a superidiot.

"Sora, there's a very useful invention these days. It's called a door. I suggest you use it next time."

"Huh? But this nice man in a black suit taught me how to politely enter somebody's property. Isn't climbing the only way to go?"

Well, that would explain why he's doing such a random thing.

"Coz, you don't climb up people's houses."

"But I've seen people do it in movies."


Sora gave me a smile and scratched his head nervously. Suddenly, he perked up, as if he remembered something.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you!"


"Roxas, we're going to summer school!"


Ohana means family. Nobody gets left behind. Luckily, this cheesy Disney saying makes no reference to throttling your dearest cousin and launching him into the exosphere. But of course, I wouldn't do that...yet.

"Are you pulling my leg? It's SUMMER. Y'know, the time for RELAXATION."

"Really? I thought you enjoyed studying, what with your great marks and all."


"Well, you also have short hair, so you must have very good work ethic!"

Is he even trying...?

"What does that have to do with school?"

"I dunno, but I need you there man."

Oh, so that's what this is about. I gave him a contemptuous look and folded my arms.

"Let me guess, you failed a course because you were too busy hitting a ball with a wooden stick, and now you have to make it up. And since you suck at anything related to learning, you want me to come along so you can leech the answers off of me. Am I right, or am I right?"

Being infinitely smarter than your relative has its upsides.

"Wow....how did you know?"

"It's not that hard to figure you out, and even though I feel your pain, I'm not going to take more classes."

"Sorry dude, but I've already signed both of us up for the class."


"Don't worry, English lit will be fun, I tell you!"

I threw my Xbox 360 controller at his face, and he proceeded to grab an iced cappuccino and hurl it towards me.

"WHAT THE F-" Where'd this come from!

The Next Day (Present Day)

So here I am, sitting in my desk and silently thinking up ways to assassinate the bumbling bozo beside me. Look at him, humming a theme song from some cartoon nobody cares about. Doesn't he understand what we're about to do? I could be beating down others online right now instead of suffering in this musty old classroom! This is officially the worst summer ever.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

I look up with a small scowl, but unintentionally gawk as I see a blond-haired girl standing in front of me. My pupils dilate, and my hands get clammy. I didn't even know that these things were humanly possible.

Well, now I know.


"Um...all the seats are taken, so do you mind if I sit here?"

"N-no, not at all!"

"Great!" She gives me a dazzling smile and gracefully sits down to my right.

I lean over to Sora, who's now tapping a beat on the desk with his fingers. I really have to thank him for this. Guess I'll kill him later.

"I love you man."

He freezes in mid-beat, and gives me a weird look.

"I don't swing that way, Rox."

Scratch that. I'll kill him now.

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