Toothless looked up, his ears twitching. His gaze focused on his rider sitting beside him, wondering what strange noise the human was making now.


Hiccup sucked in a deep lungful of air and held it, trying to evade the curious stare of his dragon whose expression would only make all the air come bursting back out in a laugh. Toothless nudged his arm once, then again when Hiccup tried to swat him away.

Finally Hiccup exhaled and turned to his dragon, scratching behind his ears in apology.

"It's normal, Toothless," he said. "This happens sometimes to humans."

A moment after his finished his sentence another hiccup burst out of him. Toothless regarded him and then sucked in a lungful of air himself.

Hiccup laughed. "No, no, buddy. Holding your breath makes them go away." Another hiccup escaped as if to refute the claim. He laughed again. "Well, supposedly."

Toothless frowned at him and inhaled deeply again, puffing out his chest. He shifted his shoulders and hunkered down a bit. A strange noise began to emanate from his throat and stomach.

It sounded almost likeā€¦

"No, Toothless," Hiccup tried to draw his attention, no longer focused on suppressing his hiccups. "Hiccups are not the same as-"

A small ball of fire shot out of Toothless' open mouth and exploded a few feet from both of them.

Hiccup pointlessly ran his hands over his hair, absolutely convinced that it was all now facing the wrong direction and hoped that at least he didn't have smudges on his face.

"Well," he thought to himself. "At least I don't have hiccups anymore."