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The Green Eyed Monster

Abby stared into her computer as she thought about the girls that she saw Tim flirt in her presence. The only one that she didn't mind was Ruby who had came to DC to help with the investigation. She kind of liked her. She was jealous of their easy flirtation and didn't even want to cover it up. She was so angry with the ICE princess who had smashed the bug that was planted and had to put together. She did not like her at all.

She at first didn't like Ziva because not only did she take Kate's place, but also Tim thought that Ziva's sunglasses were cool. She was so jealous of Ziva then, but now that she knows her she wasn't jealous at all of her now. Now she liked her.

She hated that Timmy wasn't hers anymore. She really wanted to like the women that he talked about with her, but she found that she was a little jealous of his stories. She wondered if they would ever have the chance to be a couple again.

She still loved him and wanted to be once again a part of his life. She walked out of the lab and jabbed the button to call the elevator that would take her into the bullpen. She walked into the elevator and pushed another button. When the door closed she talked to herself. "You can do this." She tried to talk herself into what she was about to do.

When the doors opened she was surprised to see her Timmy standing there in front of the doors. She smiled at him and was surprised when he stepped inside beside her.