Author's Note:

x0clairedelunex0 takes co-writing honors in this sequel to the fan fiction It's Real This Time and so I also want to take my brother from another mother blud-fang for getting my train of thought started..

Part one

Claudia had follow Isabella ever since she learned that her daughter was in town and kept tabs on her. Paid hotel managers or anyone with the littlest of information and so as she was watching from afar again, Isabella disappeared.

"You know if you want o get to know me, stop lurking…." Isabella said and Claudia turned around very sharply. Claudia knew what she wanted to say but not how she wanted to say it and so she played the stupid card. "Who are you?" Claudia asked and Isabella took a look at her then said, "Really mom? Really? I know you are my mother…." Isabella said as plain as day and Claudia walked to her with intentions of….