Part Seven

As Claudia enter Sonny's mansion, he welcomed her back and Claudia told him about Isabella. Sonny was shocked to say the least and said they could never be. It was then Carly emerged from upstairs and Claudia saw that wouldn't be a problem. As she left, she went over to the father of her daughter. As Alexis emerged, Gabriel came down.

Gabriel gave Claudia a hug… "You did a great job with her." Claudia said and Gabriel responded, "I don't need to know what happened. I want you to stay and get to know your daughter." Claudia assured him that's her plan but in the back of mind there was more….

It was a passionate night, the night where Anthony was going to kill his daughter. It was Jason and Claudia as she talked about how absurd that moment was. Jason cracked a smiled and Claudia was amazed. So as they spent a couple of minutes together they had very passionate sex but it wasn't about it, it was about what they wanted and how they would so alike. Jason was never the type to ripped of clothes then just fuck you but Claudia was and so they had to find a common ground. So Claudia was half-naked first and made sure that Jason was the same. No condom and so they both breath easy when Claudia was late a little bit and it came up negative. Jason and Claudia had a good time together but she wasn't Sam. Sam was unavailable in plain sight but otherwise was bored to tears with Lucky, it was like he was another guy and nothing like what he grew like with his father. Sam was jealous that Claudia was sitting shotgun.

When Claudia found out about the whole plot. Claudia thought that her marrying Sonny was best and what got to Jason was another woman who was perfect for him was with Sonny. The bastard who took Carly away from him in a round bout way….That asshole! So Claudia and Jason stop what they would doing with a lot of objection and after one last night that was it. Sam came back into the picture when they would hunting for Jerry…Claudia always wanted this to end as soon as possible to get back with Jason but it was too late. However, things would different and then there was Gabriel….

Isabella saw Michael and Kristina it was a very touchy reunion as Kristina gave Cyrus a surprise with his presence. As they would all get ready for College, Isabella got a call from Claudia and she left the group for a second….

"Have you thought about what you want to do?" Isabella asked and Claudia looked at Gabriel and remember being with Jason…"Right now….I want to get to know you…"

As Sam was looking at the home pregnancy test, it was her usual to see if her dreams could come true. Sam then found she was pregnant.