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Story time!

I poked my head around the corner, muffling my laugh behind my hand—My mother had been providing a steady stream of food for Ichirou, who was busy stuffing his face. He had leftovers from our dinner last night smeared all over his cheeks.

"Piggy-san…" I glanced down at Jirou-kun, who had wrapped his tiny fingers around my sleeve. "Piggy-san, Uru broke the table."

"How did sh—Never mind, I don't want to know. Go to your brother, I'll take care of it."

"Ah, oniisan." Jirou-kun trotted into the living room and I walked back to the kitchen.

"I'm sorry!" Uru said, hanging her head. There was a hand-shaped dent on the edge of the table. "I tripped and grabbed the table to catch myself—I'll pay for it!"

"Calm down, this table's old anyway. My parents won't mind." She didn't seem to cheer up.

"I'll finish up lunch—Ichirou is here, go talk to him." Uru grinned and bounded into the living room.

I dished up lunch for everyone and brought it to the living room. Everyone had gathered on the couch, my mom prattling on about—I wasn't sure… something to do with a poodle and a rollercoaster.


I took a seat next to Jirou-kun, who had started to talk to Ichirou about making candles.

"Ah," Ichirou suddenly said, "I remember why I came here."

"You didn't come to pick up Jirou-kun?" I said.

Ichirou shook his head, taking another bite of his food. After swallowing, he said, "I want to make candles too."

"M'kay, so—here's some wax. And you just put a little bit on the bottom to hold the new wick." I handed Ichirou the little candle. "It might drip, so be careful."

Ichirou nodded, carefully letting the wax fall on the bottom. I handed him the new wick and he stuck it on.

"Good! Now—" I reached out to take the candle from him before the wax could drip—but it was too late. "Oh, here." I squeezed past him and found my little first-aid kit. When I had first learned how to make candles, my fingers had been covered with tiny burns.

"There," I said, once I finished tending to his burn. "What kind of fragrance do you want for it?"

"Water lily."

Ichirou was a fast learner and soon he didn't even need my help after I explained what to do. I kept out of his way as much as I could in my tiny studio.

Ichirou's candle turned out well and he barely even made a mess. After I cut the wick to size, I started to clean up. To my surprise, Ichirou began to help as well.

"You don't have to clean up—I do this all the time." I said.

"'S okay," Ichirou said.

"Thanks." Ichirou nodded and we continued to clean.

"Your dad taught you to make candles?"

"Mhmm, when I was little. It's funny, because I really didn't want to learn at first—but then just spending time with him was fun. I wasn't a patient child—I'd rather play outside than make candles."

Ichirou still had a straight face on—but something in his expression looked more wistful now. I decided not to ask, though. I wasn't going to bring up something painful. I turned away and started wiping down the table.

"My dad couldn't really spend a lot of time with me. He's a doctor—so he was always working. And when he wasn't working, he was usually sick." I jumped—I hadn't expected him to answer.

"But I bet he really enjoyed the time he could spend with you." I said. "Well, cleanup's done. Let's go." Without thinking, I grabbed Ichirou's hand and tugged him out.

He didn't seem to mind.

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