Greetings. This is my third Fanfic, My first story I wrote and posted is going to be cancelled soon, and I just don't have the idea of where the story is going anymore. As for my second story, it's still on fanfiction almost finished.

This story is based on the Max Remy series written by Deborah Abela. The time is 8 years after "The Final Curtain", at which certain things have changed.

Full Summary:

8 years after her last mission, Max Remy has grown up. On the day of her 21st Birthday she receives a long awaited call. Now an old enemy emerges, bent on revenge. It's up to Max, Linden and Toby to put a stop to it. But at what cost?

So here it is. Enjoy.


8 years.

It has been 8 years since my last mission. 8 years since seeing either Toby or Linden.

Over the years I finished school, went to university and moved out of home. I still remember the day; mum was crying her eyes out. She was even worse than when Linden and I had to board a plane disguised as exchange students. My mum was crying then too.

It took a week to organise my new apartment. I work at an office building as a manager. Boring!

I miss the missions, I miss the places I would travel to and I miss the chance to spend a whole mission with my closest friend; Linden. Of course, Toby joined us on several missions, including my last one, but mostly it was just Linden and I.

I'm no longer the tom-boyish girl that I was 8 years ago. I wear dresses, skirts and wear makeup. I even grew out my hair.

I still kept my communicator. It just hasn't rung in 8 years.

It's my mum's second attempt at getting remarried; the first attempt ended when Mr. Blue kidnapped her right in front of the alter.

It's to the same guy; Aidan. Let's just hope nothing goes wrong this time round.

Everyone is said to be coming; Ben, Eleanor, Toby (I could not believe that) and Linden. I wonder how they're all change over the holidays. After my 13th birthday party in Mindawarra I never went back there. I was just too busy to visit. Now after 8 years I finally get to see all of them again.

Linden and his dad are supposed to arrive at any moment. They're suppose to stay overnight before the wedding. I never admitted this to anyone but I was overly excited to see both of them again.

Ding dong.

That's them, it has to be.

I race downstairs in time to see mum open the front door. By the look on mum's face, it wasn't who I thought it was. She slowly backs up into the house, making sure not to lose eye contact with whoever is at the front door.

"Mum? Who's at the door?" Mum turn to face me with a look of horror on her face.

"Max run! Just get out of here!" The person at the door moves forward into view. It's Kenneth! Syphon's right hand man. And he's holding a gun to my mother's head.

"Now why would she run Ms. Remy? She knows who I am and you are in danger. If I know Max like I know her, she won't be running anytime soon.

Kenneth was right. My mum was in trouble and it was up to me to save her.

"Alright Kenneth you got me. Now what do you want?"

Kenneth laughed menacingly. "It's not what I want. It's what Syphon's wants. And he wants you to suffer."

When he finished his little rant, he cocked the gun close to my mother's temple and pulled the trigger.

It all happened in slow motion. Kenneth shooting my mother, letting her fall to the ground and exiting the house.

I reached mum when Kenneth left. My mind couldn't comprehend that she was gone. On the day before her wedding.

It was only then did I see an envelope that Kenneth must have dropped on the way out. On purpose I think. Inside was a DVD with the label "Play Me". Syphon has a sick sense of humour.

Debating with myself, I ended up playing the DVD. In the beginning the screen was that of an empty, large, leather chair. Suddenly I see Syphon take a seat in the large chair. He has this smirk on his face that has scum written all over it. He's enjoying it! He actually is proud about his plan to make me suffer. That jerk!

"Hello Maxine. We meet again. So by now if all goes to plan, which I know it will, your mother is dead somewhere inside your house. After seeing this you also find out another loved one you hold dear will also be gone."

Who is talking about?! Linden? Toby? The Spyforce crew? Dad and his family? Ben and Eleanor? Who?!

"I so look forward to our next get together. Next time it will be face to face. I am certain of it. So until next time, bye bye Maxine."

So that is my first chapter. Enjoyed it? Yes or no? Should I continue? Its all up to you.

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