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I haven't been back to Mindawarra since my last mission and they held my 13th birthday party. Even though I knew there was no need for it I still felt nervous about seeing them again after what happened.

How am I supposed to face my mother's only sister with the fact that I stood by and watch one of my enemies killed her? How can I even look at her? Does she know or do I have to tell her myself? CAN I tell her myself?

The smell and sound of the farmland brought me back to myself. When I looked around both Linden and Toby were calling for me and were giving me looks of concern.

"Max? Hey, are you okay?" Linden was the first that I heard.

My answer didn't give much reassurance. "Yeah, I'm okay. Don't worry about me."

I knew neither of them believed me so I moved towards the farm house so they had no choice but to drop the matter and follow my inside.

Before I even make it to the veranda the front door opens revealing Ben. I can see his eyes are red brimmed showing that he has been recently crying. I had to look away in absolute shame.

He took one look at me and only said two words. "She's inside."

Without needing any other permission I slipped passed him and entered the house I once came to call my second home. I made my way through the house to the only room I was absolutely certain she would be in…

The kitchen.

As I entered the room she was at the table with her hands to her face and her elbows on the table. Her shoulders were shaking which told me she was still clearly upset about this.

I placed a hand on her shoulder to gain her attention. She jumped then moved to look at me. Her facial expressions went from shock to recognition then to anger. The last expression was something I have never seen before on Eleanor. It was understandable but it was still a shock to see it on her face.

With sudden force she pushes me into the wall behind me. Looking straight into my eyes the only thing she says is… "Why?"

She kept repeating the same word, each time getting louder and more desperate. Also her grip on me got tighter and tighter with each word. Eventually she was screaming the same word and was holding me so tight it was hurting. By that time I noticed Ben, Linden and Toby trying to remove Eleanor from me.

Without realising it silent tears were pouring down my face and I was repeating "I don't know" over and over again in desperation.

When Ben finally was able to remove Eleanor from me I was so exhausted I slid to the floor putting myself in the foetal position rocking back and forth still repeating the same three words over and over again.

Eventually I started hearing Linden's voice. As it became clearer I realised Linden had a hold of me and was trying to calm me down. Toby was in front of me trying to do the same thing. As my senses became clear I noticed Eleanor had returned to her senses and was trying to get past Ben to get to me.

I said the only thing I needed to do. "It's okay Ben. Let Eleanor come to me."

After a moment of hesitation Ben let go of Eleanor. Linden and Toby were still on either side of me as if in case they leave me Eleanor might attack again.

To give them reassurance both myself and Eleanor allowed them to stay where they were. Eleanor slowly made her way towards me as to further reassure the others that she wasn't going to have another breakdown.

Kneeling down to my level Eleanor gave me to once over to be sure I was listening to what she had to say.

"Max honey…I'm so sorry for snapping at you. I had no right to do that to you. I know you were there when it happened and I know it wasn't your fault. Please forgive me?"

I raised my hand and placed it on her cheek. "It's okay Eleanor. She was your sister after all. Of course you would act like that. And like you said I was there, I should have done something. I should have protected her and all I did was stand by and watch."

Silence followed my statement. All of them were looking at me with different expressions on their faces.

Toby's was of shock and disbelieve.

Ben's was of concern and questioning.

Eleanor's was of understanding.

But Linden's facial expression was of sympathy and regret. I didn't understand the reasoning behind his expressions. What was going through his head when I made that statement?

Eleanor brought my attention back to her by placing her hand to the side of my face and got me to turn back to her.

"Honey…It's not your fault. You couldn't do anything to stop him. If you want to believe something, believe in the fact that Toby and Linden will help you get the bastard that did this to her and your father." Seeing my questioning face she quickly responded. "Before you ask, Spyforce told me about your father as well. They also mentioned that all of you were the top agents on this case."

She looked to Toby and Linden. "You two make sure you get that son-of-a-bitch for what he did to my sister. Also take care of my only niece. Be sure that if you don't I will find you. Got it?"

Both boys nodded in agreement. I was too shocked to respond.

Eleanor turned back to Ben and with a silent agreement turned back to us.

Ben was the first to speak. "Alright, since you guys came here first that means you need afew gadgets to complete this important task. Toby, you come out back with me. Eleanor, you and Linden stay here to get Max back on her feet. It doesn't seem like she will be getting up any time soon."

Once Toby leaves with Ben to receive the gadgets, Eleanor and Linden sit by me Linden holding my right hand and Eleanor holding my left. It takes me a while before I realise Linden is trying to get me to respond.

"Max? Max, hey can you hear me?"

"Y-y-yeah Linden, I can hear you. Sorry I spaced out just now. I'm okay. Once Syphon is either dead or behind bars I'll be back my true self again."

I have to believe that what I'm telling them is the truth. Because if its not then I will lose everything I believe in and eventually I will lose myself.

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