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Lady Catherine sniffed as she read the letter just delivered to her by the footman. So, Fitzwilliam now had an heir. Folding the parchment crisply once again, she placed it on the table beside her. At least that woman had seen it appropriate to name the boy for his father. The less references to her nephew's wife, the better. The room was dark, the fire flickering only so very little in the cold room, generated very little heat as the stern woman put her spectacles off to the side and sat alone.

Colonel Fitzwilliam slid from his horse and removed his small hat. Nodding in the direction of three acrobats passing by, he clasped the reins of his mount and led it to the stable, a task in itself. Shorner taken care of, he made for his room at the camp. He was almost to his room when the roustabout dashed up with a letter in his hand. "Letter for you sir," the young boy said breathlessly. "And the Top Hat wants to see you when you're done." Dismissing the boy with a nod, he opened the letter up. Reading its contents he laughed out loud. "What would you know," he chuckled to himself. "His cuz had it in him after all."

The news of the birth of the Darcy hair had made its way to the table at Longbourn via the morning post. Claude Bennett was only mildly interested as his wife snatched the letter from the tray and ripped it open. He took a sip of his drink as she read its contents with great gusto to her three remaining daughters. He didn't have the heart to tell her he already knew. Although, on second thoughts…

The air positively crackled around Mrs Bennet when she stepped into the assembly rooms. Her eyes quickly scanned over all those present as she decided which would be the most appropriate to divulge her news to. "Mrs Lucas!" she finally decided, swiftly shortening the distance between them and clasping the other woman's arm without warning. "Did you hear?" She gave her friend no time to reply as she continued. "Why, it almost feels like another grandchild of my own you know," she gushed. "Seeing as I took Mrs Darcy under my wing when she arrived and all."

Lydia Bennet swung on the large swing outside the house, bored of the same old, same old day to day life. Maybe she needed a baby too? That would make life a little more entertaining! She wasn't alone for long as Mary walked stiffly from the house and took a seat on the bench under the tree. "Say Mary," exclaimed Lydia excitedly. "What glorious news of a baby! I would so wish myself in her position, minus marrying that Darcy bit though." The bespectacled girl sniffed. "I really have no opinion on the matter, only to say that our Miss Price has done the job expected of her." Lydia rolled her eyes.

The news of the Darcy heir was the main topic of conversation at the Shepparton Ball that evening. Caroline Bingley had received the news with a slight degree of interest, nodding her head in the correct manner that she had been taught from birth before quickly extracting herself from each conversation. The only Darcy thoughts she had was that it was because of him she was in this rather tiresome position. Flipping open her fan, her eyes scanned the room before resting on her target. Now was an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: Carlton Crowley would suit her purposes just fine. He wasn't much of a looker, but his sister Emma was.

Georgiana Darcy sat in the morning room at Pemberley, intent on her work. Her dear brother and sister had finally been able to give her the name of her nephew and she had gotten to work instantly. It had been somewhat amusing to see them debating the topic for hours. Before this year gone, she didn't think that any person could have stood up to her brother and emerged victorious. Certainly, he listened to her, but she knew he still saw her as a child. Finishing of the T, she snipped the thread and began on the next letter. Thankfully they had chosen the shorter name for everyday use.

Diana Price opened her flimsy door, puffing her last cigarette as she stepped out. Intent on getting more fags, she shut the door, twisting the knob firmly and took a step. When something crunched beneath her feet, she looked down. When the wind picked up and threatened to blow it away, she stomped on it. Bending down, she retrieved the paper and realised it was a newspaper cut out. Her eyes skimmed over the words with very little interest and she was ready to scrunch it up before she spotted something. A birth announcement.

DARCY (nee Price):

Fitz and Amanda are thrilled to

announce the safe arrival of


on 19 September at 5:52am.

Baby boy is 9lb 2oz and all

is well. I'm fine Mum.

George Wickham stood up from his desk. Holding the paper in his hand, he made his way over to the window. The delightful Mrs Darcy had written to him to announce the arrival of her son. Darcy's son too, he remembered. The paper was still in his hand as he dropped his arm and looked out the window. Nodding slowly, his mind was already processing the repercussions. Smiling wryly at the choice of middle name, he turned away.

If only they knew...