ONE: Green Eyed Monster

Johanna's POV

I could see her lean her face close to the boy after Finnick went flirting with her, her face turned bright with humor, her eyes alight with the laughter on her lips. When he climbed up the chariot she took his arms and straightened his crown, all while looking for Haymitch and their stylists. It seems she's used to doing that by herself. Taking care of the boy with the blonde hair and that striking blue eyes, that, even though his whole costume is set to make him look deadly, remains eerily serene and calm. Good.

I saw her hand reach out to grip his as they paraded us around and around the Capitol. I saw her face compose and I saw her ready to give her life to make the boy whose hand she held live. I remember Haymitch coming into my room yesterday. He asks me to protect the boy if we all wanted her to push through with the rebellion. He said to keep the boy alive to make her the mockingjay. Or else, she would never form an alliance. If we let the boy die, Haymitch says, Katniss Everdeen will be on the hunt for our blood and bone. Not caring if she dies as well.

I hadn't believed it. It was impossible to tell you the truth, very impossible that Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire will ever give up her life for a baker's son. But it was true, I believed it the first time she looked at me as if she wanted to rip my skin off. That was when I stripped my clothes down and talked to her precious Peeta Mellark, the light from his costume bouncing off my naked breasts. I believed it still when I stripped down and oiled myself for a wrestling match with Peeta.

I could still remember her face. Angry, flustered, confused as I grappled naked with her star crossed lover. She went directly to shoot arrows, man was she angry. She hit everything thrown at her. She only calmed when Peeta sauntered over to her and hold her hand. She may probably not remember it, but she glared at me then, daring me to come closer to her Peeta. Of course, since I love my skin, I did not dare. Because when the girl on fire get over come by a green eyed monster called jealousy, you seriously have to back off Peeta Mellark. Seriously.