Ginny sighed as she leant against her new wheelie suitcase that contained nothing, as she waited for Richard to come back from the front desk. It was about five-thirty in the morning, leaning her head back against the wall and closing her eyes. The smell that the airport had was a comforting mix of disinfectant and new clothes, Ginny decided that she like it.

Dozing off for a moment she heard Richard and Keith's footsteps echoing in the otherwise silent airport. She peeked through an eyelid and saw them come Keith raking his hair back haphazardly, blearily sipping from his coffee while Richard looking at his watch worriedly.

"I got you the aisle seat like you asked but are you sure you don't want to get a first class seat?" Richard said. Keith oblivious to the fact that Ginny was pretending to sleep started to poke her.

"No, no it's fine."Ginny said, giving up the pretence of slumber and giving Keith a stare with her remaining energy as he grinned cheekily back.

"Your flight's boarding in about twenty minutes so you better go now." Richard told her as he helped her up. "Your parents know what time you'll be back at and I told the receptionist that you're travelling alone."

"Ok" Richard continued as Ginny felt a wave of affection for the English man and stepped forward hugged Richard, who stood awkwardly before closing his arms around her.

"Thank you Ginny." He said into the top of her head. She didn't reply, just hugged him slightly tighter. "Ok, well have a good flight, Keith I'll be waiting for you in the cab, ok?" As Richard walked away Ginny felt suddenly awkward.

Keith played with is empty coffee cup and after a few estimations, he squinted up one of his eyes and tossed he cup into the bin, surprisingly it made it in.

"So, your going aren't you?" She said as the realisation of the lameness of the words hit her. "I mean when I say that, I'm going. You're not going of course otherwise you'd be leaving." Her embarrassing stream of words halted as Keith slowly hooked his fingers under her chin and tilted her face up to his.

"Do you think we'll stay together?" The words jumped out of her mouth before she could censor them. It was probably due to his eyes.

"Ginny, you are the weirdest, kick ass, bravest chick I know." Keith said as he stared back solemnly into her face.

"Is weird a good thing?" she asked before their lips met softly.

Memory is a strange thing, most memories fade with time becoming more flimsy and delicate until you wake up one morning and think it was dream. The kiss was not one of this type of memory, it was the type of memory where you can remember the taste of coffee left on her lips, the way he smelt slightly of mint and leather. How his fingers caught in her hair but most of all the way he laughed afterwards and answered her question.

"Weird is the greatest thing you could be. This isn't goodbye Ginny Blackstone, this isn't the end. It's The Beginning. And I know I will see you soon." He said flippantly before loping to the exit, only looking back once to see if Ginny was still watching. She was.

As Ginny sat in her cramped seat in economy she smiled, touching her lips slightly and silently agreed with Keith. Yes, it was The Beginning and it looked bright.

A/N One shot, my first for this book. I really didn't know whether Keith would say 'chick', but chick was alot better then either babe, woman etc. Also I kinda forgot what color eyes he had and this type of writing (3rd person) is new to me, I kinda like 1st person better. All rights go to Maureen Johnson (who is much better at writing then me, which explains why she's published). REVIEW!!!!!!